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21 Hilariously Memorable Parenting Moments- All While Keeping a Straight Face

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When your child displays inappropriate behavior, it’s crucial to avoid actions that might inadvertently reinforce it. Children, in their unfiltered nature, occasionally stray from societal norms while retaining their endearing authenticity. Their cute missteps can be so enchanting that you might feel tempted to applaud their antics with a friendly high-five.

On an online platform, parents shared things their kids did that they weren’t allowed to laugh at or be proud of (but secretly were).

1. When Did Cussing Become So Cute?

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A curse word from a kid punches you in the gut when you first hear it. Sometimes though, it comes out so unpremeditated that you can’t help but hide your smile. One online user’s neice said, “I f****g love dogs!.”

When her Mom screamed murder, she edited her phrase to, “I freaking love dogs.”

Another kid whining about his day at school tells his mom, ” … the kids at school just annoyed me. they keep f****g around”

He quickly added, “Don’t tell Dad.”

Don’t be fooled; they know when they’re wrong.

2. Self-imposed Time-out

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Cleanliness is not something many three-year-olds love to do. One even found a way out of it. His mother shares online, “My 3-year-old put himself in time out at daycare because he figured out if he was in time out, he didn’t need to help clean up.”

He’s going places, that one.

3. When They Give You a Taste of Your On Medicine

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An exasperated mother gives her baby her last warning, and the five-year-old retorts, “Mom, I’m going, calm your t*ts.”

Guess where she heard that from? Mommy dearest. Dad had to walk out and laugh in the safety of Mom’s absence.

4. Grandpa is a Rooster

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A child wasn’t amused when he witnessed a rooster cheat on his chicken girlfriend. “Just like grandpa John!” He exclaimed.

Grandpa John’s marriage had broken due to his infidelity.

Bad Grandpa John.

5. How are Girls Made Again?

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After a grossly incorrect biology lesson, a four-year-old boy was overheard passing on the message to an older lady.

“You did something bad, so now you have a vgna.” 

He had been misadvised by his teenage brother.

6. When the Fight Has to Produce Tears

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When a boy hit his brother with a soft toy and didn’t cry, he went all Thor on him.

He hit him with a harder toy and declared, “You’re crying now!”

The woman had to call her mother later to laugh about it.

7. A Stinky Gas Attack

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What do you do if you want to blast a stinky one on Daddy’s face? Trick him to check your nappy.

A user narrates this smelly experience with his daughter. He asked, “Did you do that to trick daddy?” She answered, “yeah!”

She was two! Belt up, Daddy.

8. Threat Neutralized

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A little girl dealing with a bully said, “”I wasn’t fighting. I was just neutralizing the threat.”

Revenge is best served with a little creativity.

Another user narrating her experience shared, “My daughter responded to a bully on the school bus taking her cookies by putting snow in one of their boots and a rotten orange in the other.”

Turning the other cheek shouldn’t always be applied when it comes to bullies.

9. Smarter than Dad, Almost as Smart as Mom

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It’s wise not to argue with a toddler. As one five-year-old told his dad in an argument, “I’m smarter than you dad!”

He added, “I’m almost as smart as Mom!”

If he knows THAT, he really is smart.

10. What Do You Do with Delinquent Parents?

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If little boys get time-outs, why don’t misbehaving dads get one? One boy tried it and told his dad, “”Dada! Your behavior is unacceptable!” while trying to push him into a room.

“It took everything I had not to laugh.” He adds

11. A Little Smart Mouth

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A user shared, “After a day of disrespect and s***y behavior, I told my tween daughter she was on thin ice.

Her response was, “I’m a good swimmer.”

Oh boy, is it illegal to swallow kids whole?

12. You’re Not Old, You’re a Zombie

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Seeing a wizened lady, a toddler shouted, “Zombie! Mamma, that’s a zombie!”

There’s a perfect time for the earth to open up and swallow someone. This qualifies.

13. Quick Editing Cuss Phrases

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A user mentions catching a toddler absentmindedly, saying, “F***! It’s raining!”

When asked to repeat her words, she says, “I love you!”

This one is a politician in the making. She was being misquoted.

14. So, What if Santa is Blue?

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A girl who kept drawing a blue Santa got an earful from her unimpressed teacher. She drew a red Santa angrily, saying, “Pffff! I know how to do a red santa too!”

Her mother’s ribs needed repair from the laughing.

15. Fart-powered Cars, Anyone?

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An online user who’s an older sibling shares his brother’s terrific invention for a class project: A car that can turn your farts into gas. His teacher wasn’t impressed, he called in the parents, who couldn’t keep a straight face!

The question is, how many beans would we need to eat to keep this car running?

16. Putting Good Memory into Bad Use

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A user says, “My brother once memorized his friend’s gift card number (14-16 digits) so he could get a membership for an online game.”

The older sibling was pretty impressed.

17. When They Finally Get the Spelling Right?

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A user contributes, “My three-year-old wrote Poop! On both of my couches. Can’t say I wasn’t proud. Had to pretend to be pi**ed. He could spell!”

That’s called keeping the eyes on the goal.

18. I Can’t Even Read

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A user shares a story of a 5 year old girl that gets caught red handed pulling the fire alarm because she was bored (because of the ink that the alarm squirts). After being reprimanded, her hilarious and sassy response is, “Gimmie a break — you know I can’t read!” Well played little one.

19. What’s an Adult Word?

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A mom writes, “Mine did this: “Mom, is ‘sh’ a grownup word? Because I was just about to say ‘sh’ but then I remembered I’m not supposed to say grownup words, but I can’t remember if ‘sh’ is a grownup word, so I need to ask you because if I am not supposed to say ‘sh’ I might get in trouble—“

I cut her off, because I am sure she would have found a way to keep swearing all afternoon if I let her.”

20. Darn Cat!

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A man shares, “My parents and grandparents like to tell the story of my sister’s first phrase, “That godda*n cat!” My grandpa swore like a sailor, and said that very often (whenever our cat misbehaved). One day, my sister saw the cat start to climb a shelf, and she yelled it out at the top of her lungs. My grandpa was the only one who ended up being scolded.”

21. Mommy Isn’t Following the Rules

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What happens when a child rats you out or points out your errors? Holding in laughter. A mom shares, “I got in the car with my 5 year old last week, and he randomly blurted out “Mommy doesn’t slow down and prepare to stop for yellow lights. On purpose!””


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