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Do You Know Your Birth Month Flowers? A Fun Way to Celebrate Birthdays

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You might know your birthstone or your zodiac sign. You might even have a few pieces of jewelry with your stone or secretly browse your horoscope in a monthly magazine. But did you know people have birth flowers?

It’s fun to learn the birth month flowers associated with each month of the year. Knowing your own birth month flower, as well as those for members of your family or friends, can make a special occasion (like the birth of a baby in a certain month) even more meaningful.

This article will review the 12 birth month flowers and what their meanings are. That way, the next time you attend a birthday or baby shower or sent congratulations to a new mom- you can be extra thoughtful with the flowers you choose to send.

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1. January Birth Month Flowers: Carnation and Snowdrop

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Carnations are most commonly associated with the month of January. They come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, yellow, and white. Snowdrops are white flowers that resemble a bell.

There are different interpretations of these flowers. The primary one for carnations is love. Since Snowdrops are white, they are often associated with purity and are known for blooming in the early spring (frost flowers). Since both flowers only bloom for a short amount of time, they are also a reminder of living in the moment.

2. February Birth Month Flowers: Violet and Primrose

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February’s birth flower is traditionally the violet. It symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty, which helps explain why it’s such a popular flower for Valentine’s Day (outside of the rose). These edible flowers are also fun to add to a cook or birthday cupcake.

The primrose is another February birth month flower that represents youth and innocence.

3. March Birth Month Flower: Daffodil

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The daffodil is the traditional March birth flower. A bright yellow flower symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, and joy- perfect for the promise of approaching spring. Plus, it’s one of the edible flowers on this list if you want to make a nice tea.

4. April Brith Month Flowers: Sweet Pea and Daisy

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April’s birth month flower, Sweet Pea, is renowned for its charming beauty, while Daisy represents pure joy and bliss. Both flowers boast an exquisite scent, making them perfect additions to any bouquet or fragrance as a springtime flower.

5. May Birth Month Flowers: Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley

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Inhabiting May’s birth month is the fragrant and symbolic combination of Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley. These blossoms serve as a reminder of innocence and purity, delivering an unmistakable sweet scent that gives peace to those who find them. It is also said that these flowers bring good luck wherever they are found!

6. June Birth Month Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle

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June’s birth month blooms, the Rose and Honeysuckle, convey both love and appreciation. These beautiful flowers come in numerous colors that carry meaningful symbolism. For example, red Roses signify blissful pleasure, passion, and love; white Roses stand for innocence and purity; yellow Roses express joyous friendship, while Pink Roses typify gratitude.

7. July Birth Month Flowers: Water Lily and Larkspur

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The month of July is associated with the dreamy Water Lily and the beautiful purple hued bloom of Larkspur, two flowers that are known for their gracefulness. Additionally, Water Lilies have an impressive capacity to blossom in both fresh and saltwater environments- demonstrating their resentfulness.

8. August Birth Month Flower(s): Gladiolus and Poppy

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August birth flowers include the colorful Gladiolus and Poppy flowers. These regal blossoms encapsulate strength and character, while their diverse hues make them perfect for any bouquet or arrangement.

9. September Birth Month Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

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In September, Aster and Morning Glory are two stunning birth flowers representing love and tolerance. These vibrant blooms draw in bees and butterflies to any garden, making them a valuable addition to your outdoor space!

10. October Birth Month Flower: Marigold

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October is associated with the Marigold, a vibrant and resilient flower that symbolizes loyalty and devotion. This hardy orange-hued birth flower also boasts powerful pest-deterring properties – making it an ideal choice for those looking to protect their gardens!

A less common October birth flower is the Cosmos. This twinkling flower is also associated with October and represents happiness, peace, and harmony.

11. November Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum

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The Chrysanthemum, the November birth flower, is a representation of joy and longevity. Its vibrant colors bring an air of delight while its extended bloom ensures that it remains in full glory for many days to come – no wonder these birth month flowers are such popular picks for decorations!

12. December Birth Month Flowers: Holly and Narcissus

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The beautiful holly plant is the flower of December, an iconic symbol of peace and goodwill. With its distinctively sharp leaves, it’s no wonder why this festive plant has become a beloved holiday decoration in many households.

The Narcissus is also associated with December. These birth flowers symbolize hope and bear a message of optimism. Its white bell-shaped flowers, often with a yellow center, bring forth a mesmerizing fragrance that can easily energize any space!

Why is There More than One Flower for Each Month?

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Having a choice of different beautiful flowers for each birth month offers more flexibility when it comes to creating beautiful bouquets.

Show Someone You Care with Their Birth Flower

The next time you want to bring a thoughtful bouquet for someone’s birthday, bring their official birth flower (or a blend).

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