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10 Embarrassing Birth Moments That’ll Make You Laugh Until You Cry

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Childbirth can be a rewarding yet stressful and difficult process. The physical pain, the emotional roller coaster, and the overwhelming amount of decisions that need to be made – it’s no wonder many parents find themselves in embarrassing situations during labor and delivery!

From unexpected sounds to funny drug-induced comments, here are some of the most awkward birth moments moms share on a hilarious Reddit thread.

1. Too Relaxed During the Epidural

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Many moms have reported embarrassing gas-related stories after getting an epidural. This is likely due to a mix of loss of sensation and relaxation.

One mom reports being rolled to her side during a contraction to get the epidural to spread correctly and promptly passed gas. She apologized, but the nurses were likely used to it.

2. Mama is Feeling Great

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When a mom in labor finally gets some pain relief via epidural or pain medication, it can elicit some pretty good feelings. All women respond differently to medication; some can have a pretty hilarious response.

One mom reports that she felt great after getting some pain medication when her epidural didn’t work. She says her mother-in-law walked in right as her drugs were kicking in. So when asked how she was feeling, she responded, “I’m really f**king high right now.” This elicited a bout of laughter from her husband and his mom.

3. Passing Wind on the Assisting Nurse

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Passing gas while breathing through contractions and pushing is normal, whether you have an epidural or not.

One mom reports letting out gas for a long period of time. Since she’d had an epidural, she couldn’t feel it but could hear it- and was mortified that a nurse was between her legs and situating a pillow simultaneously. All the mom could do was giggle.

4. Am I Hallucinating?

mom laboring on a ball
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Whether from drugs or complete exhaustion, some women may feel delirious.

One mom reports that she was in labor for 5 days and hallucinated a cheerleader standing behind her doctor. This cheerleader was making her mad; the laboring mom started yelling at the cheerleader and telling her to shut up before she dropkicks her. The nurse that was holding the mom’s leg thought the mom was yelling at her, and the mom was mortified.

5. Changing Rooms While Crowning

mom pushing, pregnant, in labor
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In some hospitals, it’s common to labor in a triage room until it’s time to push and deliver the baby in a separate room. This can lead to hiccups when babies come quicker than expected.

One mom who was expecting twins needed to be moved to the OR (operating room) for delivery- just in case. To her surprise, she began pushing the triage room and had to be wheeled down the hall when a baby was already coming out.

6. I Didn’t Even Poop!

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Defecating during labor is a common fear. Yet, it’s also a pretty common occurrence when pushing, and the baby is moving around.

One mom remembers that when she finally has her baby on her chest, she proudly commented that she didn’t even go number 2 on herself. To her surprise, the two midwives began to giggle quietly- because she had a lot.

7. Please Get Everyone Out of the Room

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After giving birth, it can be hard to control bodily functions while the body finally gets to rest.

One mom proudly made it through labor without any embarrassing moments, only to end up with a bad case of diarrhea. She says 8 adults were in her room when she noticed diarrhea everywhere. She couldn’t move because of her recent epidural, so she covered herself with a sheet and asked her husband to quickly remove everyone from the room before the smell got too bad.

8. Is She High?

mom in labor
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Some moms say pretty hilarious things when drugged up for pain relief.

One mom was on diamorphine and telling everyone in the delivery room that the bowl of pasta she would see looked amazing (there was no bowl of pasta). She went on to tell her nurses about the sand she sometimes found in her pockets even though she hadn’t been to the beach.

9. Is He Supposed to Look Like That?

woman c-section with baby and dad
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Babies tend to look a bit squished and shocked when they are suddenly removed from the womb and brought into “real” life.

One mom says that during her c-section, her husband began happily crying when the baby came. All she could manage to say was, “he’s all gray!” making the anesthesiologist laugh.

10. Is that a Placenta?

baby feet
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When the baby finally comes, there’s still a little more work to be done to push out the placenta. But it is usually pretty easy compared to a baby! Some moms are intrigued by it and want to see it, and others don’t want to have anything to do with it.

One mom was convinced it looked like a sausage and commented, “the sausages are just shooting out,” when she delivered the placenta. This made her mom laugh hysterically at her.

Read more hilarious responses on the Reddit thread here.

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