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15 Entitled Tourists That Ruin Travel for Everyone

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Exploring as a tourist brings the joy of shared discovery; seldom are you alone in your adventures unless you wander far from the beaten path. Yet, there’s a flip side to tourism—some travelers, perhaps forgetting they’re not invisible, occasionally exhibit perplexing behavior. Have you ever observed a fellow tourist acting so strangely that you’ve entertained the idea of a gentle tap on the head to bring them back to awareness?

Here are some of the dumbest tourist actions ever recorded.

1. Yogis on a Plane

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Plane rides aren’t ideal for many people; there’s little fun about being stuck in a giant, speeding tube tens of thousand feet above the ground. A traveling couple was filmed practicing acro-yoga on a flight.

Imagine sitting next to them during turbulence?

2. Vandals in Egypt

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World treasures and museums are some of the most visited attractions in different parts of the world, and their sanctity is their attraction.

A Chinese teenager visiting Luxor Temple in Egypt decided to deface and add his signature to one of the oldest hieroglyphics in the temple.

If you can’t leave it as you found it, don’t go to see it.

3. The Perfect Selfie Seekers

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Selfies have become the opium of the masses, and some will go to great lengths for the perfect shot. These lengths, unfortunately, can sometimes be destructive and dangerous.

A tourist in Portugal destroyed a century-old statue in his quest for a perfect selfie. Other tourists ruined paintings worth hundreds of dollars for the same reason.

Now other tourists can’t make the memories.

4. Venice Skinny Dippers

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A boat ride through the Venice canals is on many people’s bucket lists. Imagine your wishes coming true, only to be met by the sight of other tourists skinny dipping in the murky (albeit scenic) waters.

In 2019, two Czechs jumped into the canal, much to the disgust of the other tourists. I bet we all have different to-do things on that Venice bucket list.

5. Chihuahua Stow-away

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A woman packed her Chihuahua in her checked bag, and when the airport security found it, she claimed the little dog got in without her knowledge.

Who knew Chihuahuas could zip bags from the inside unaided.

6. Pigeons in His Pants

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What does a tourist do when he needs to travel with restricted birds? Tie them to his pants.

That is exactly what one tourist did on his way to Australia, and he almost got away with it.

Like we need more animals in Australia.

7. RollerCoaster Ride Ruiners

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Selfie sticks aren’t allowed on a roller coaster because they’re long, and it’s a moving car ride sliding through the air with a bunch of people on it.

One tourist ruined the ride for other people when he pulled out a selfie stick mid-ride, and the ride had to be stopped for almost two hours.

8. Conveyor Belt Napper

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Getting drunk while on vacation seems like a fun idea until you can no longer control your urge to take a nap.

A Norwegian tourist, overcome by hangover and sleep, took a short nap on the conveyer belt. He was discovered later by stunned airport operators.

Not what they were expecting when they went to work that morning.

9. People Biters

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What’s a holiday without a good party? A British tourist, wanting to miss nothing on his trip to Spain, took a drug that apparently makes you want to bite other people.

He got his wish and was also arrested for it.

FYI, a human bite can be more dangerous than some animals’ bites because of the bacteria in the mouth.

10. Moai Ear’s Thief

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The Moai (large stone faces) were made in the Seventeenth century and have remained tourist attractions on Easter Island. One Finnish man needed a souvenir and plucked an ear off the human figures. That is not only destructive but also selfish.

11. Cruise Ship Diver

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There are many ways to gain fame, and acting stupid is one of them. A tourist had his entire crew kicked out of a cruise ship after diving 11 floors to the waters below. He’s lucky he didn’t break his neck.

12. The Drunken Anchor Dropper

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One intoxicated cruiser thought lowering the anchor with the cruise ship in motion would be smart.

Unfortunately, he ruined the trip for everyone else, as it was considered an emergency.

He should have just stayed home.

13. Petting Wild Animals

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Some tourists can’t be trusted in National Parks, especially where there are large wild animals in parks in states like Montana and Wyoming. Every year, without fail, there are stupid people trying to get close to Bison, Moose, Bears, and Lions that can kill them in an instant if they get spooked.

14. Anything for a Picture

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From climbing the Brooklyn bridge to climbing on priceless artifacts, some people take it too far and ruin it for future generation.

15. Mass Tourism

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Hoards of tourists can be an eyesore on a local area, especially when they don’t shoe any regard for local traditions or culture. Finding ways to support local shops, be respectful, and enhance the area you are visiting (with meaningful connections and more) is the way to go. Don’t be the stupid tourist!


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