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23 Ridiculous Baby Names That Parents Name Their Kids

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Choosing a name for a newborn is a weighty responsibility for new parents, as it profoundly influences a child’s identity. Yet, what unfolds when the selected name proves undeniably cringe-worthy?

In their quest to deviate from tradition, some parents venture into realms that elicit bewilderment, leaving others perplexed and scratching their heads. Why are parents choosing such bizarre names for their children? Theories about the shift from collectivism to individualistic societies and a wish to express uniqueness are commonly cited.

A popular online forum thread shares names people can’t believe are real, answering the question, “What baby name immediately makes you lose all respect for the parents and why?”

1. Nick Cannon’s Kids

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Nick Cannon is known for his brood of children with different moms. He currently has 12 children with 6 different mothers. Less well-known is that Cannon’s kids have some unusual names.

These include Moroccan, Monroe, Golden Sagon, Rise Messiah, Powerful Queen, Zion Mixolydian, Zillion Heir, Beautiful Zeppelin, Legendary Love, Onyx Ice Cole, and Zen. Leaving some people scratching their heads.

2. Bar Names

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Another trend that has taken hold in recent years is giving children names after alcoholic beverages. Some people find this admittedly cringeworthy and a tad trashy—no matter how “cute” the name sounds.

These include names like Chardonnay, Hennessy, Jack Daniels, and Tequila.

3. Getting “Cute” with Spelling

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Someone in the online forum shares that Joaux (Joe) is their personal favorite.

Anytime people try to spell a name in a crazy way, eyebrows start to raise. While some may see it as unique, others find it confusing and unnecessary. While it is unique, these kids (and eventual adults) will find themselves constantly correcting people on the spelling and pronunciation of their names.

Other names in this category include Jaxsyn, Makynzlee, and Airwrecka (Erica).

4. Cryptic Code Names

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Some parents choose to give their children names that are difficult for others to decipher. For example, Elon Musk’s son X Æ A-12. While it may hold some special meaning for the parents, the child is ultimately left with a name that is almost impossible for others to pronounce or spell.

An online user shares their story of meeting a child named Xizteighn. When asked how it was pronounced, the mom said, “Like the number.” Apparently, she meant the number “16.”

A number for a name is weird enough; making it cryptic is a bit over the top.

5. Why the X’s?

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Another trend that has emerged is the excessive use of the letter X in names. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the letter, it poses a challenge for others when trying to spell or pronounce the name- especially when it’s used as a placeholder rather than adding any meaning to the name.

Some examples include Jaxton, Xander, Maxxon, and Lexxi.

6. But It Rhymes!

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Naming kids first names that rhyme with their last names may seem like a cute idea at the time, but it can come across as cringeworthy to others. Plus, it could lead to teasing or awkwardness for the child as they age.

Some examples shared by online users include Taylor Schaylor and Lily Milly. An online user shares she once met two kids named Jerry and Mary Derryberry.

7. Is That a Spelling Mistake?

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Some parents just seem to make spelling mistakes when naming their children. While it may be unintentional (or not), it can make others question the level of thought about choosing a name for their child.

Examples shared in the community included Krysteffer, Jezikka, and Payshince.

8. A Run on Sentence

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A user once met someone named “Youandi.” It stands for “you and I.” This is a strange name that doesn’t seem to have much thought behind it, and it’s difficult for others to understand at first glance.

This individual likely spends a lot of time explaining their name to others.

9. Double Whammy

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What’s worse than a tongue-twisting rhyme? How about the same first and last name?

Examples include Robert Roberts, William Williams, and Thomas Thompson. These names will definitely elicit a double-take from anyone who hears them.

10. Pun Intended?

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Some parents may want to be clever and give their children a name with a pun. However, this can sometimes backfire and come across as corny or cringeworthy.

Examples shared online include Justin Time, Jack Pot, Rocky Rhodes, and Candy Cane. While these names may seem amusing initially, they could lead to teasing or embarrassment for the child as they grow older.

11. Cute or Lazy?

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Perhaps some parents get overwhelmed and choose the most obvious choice: Baby. While it may seem cute at first, it could lead to confusion and awkwardness as the child gets older.

Baby might be better preserved as a nick-name than a legal name.

12. Are You Sure That’s Right?

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Sometimes, it seems parents forget the true meaning of a word.

For example, a forum user shared that they once met a girl named Felonee. Are they setting up their future child for a life of crime? Hopefully not.

Other strange names like this may include body organs, diseases or conditions. A nurse shares that she had to convince a young mom not to name her girl “Urethra.”

13. Words Spelled Backward

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Nevaeah is a popular name that is “heaven” spelled backward. While it may seem unique, others may find it cringeworthy or difficult to pronounce.

Sometimes, trying too hard to make a name unique can lead to confusion and awkwardness for the child.

14. Inanimate Objects

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Some people have taken to naming their kids after inanimate objects, which may seem strange and even a bit dehumanizing.

Examples shared online include Apple, Air, Rainbow, and Ocean. A forum user shares that they once met someone named Reighfyl pronounced: “rifle.”

Next, it’ll be lamp, table, chair, etc.

15. Misspelled

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Certain letters have a distinct sound, and when they’re replaced with another letter, it can change the pronunciation of a name completely. Apparently, some parents skipped this part of their English lesson and went full steam ahead with their misspelled baby names.

For example, one online user shared they had a student named “Yeyson.” Apparently, the mom often got mad at people for mispronouncing her son’s name, which was apparently “Jason.” Since Y doesn’t make the “J” sound, it’s safe to say that this mom didn’t think this one through.

16. Popular Fictional Objects or Characters

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Some parents seem to be a bit too keen on popular fiction, naming their children after characters or objects from their favorite books, movies, or TV shows. While it may seem fun and unique at first, it could lead to teasing or confusion for the child as they grow older.

Examples shared online include Renesmee (Twilight), Daenerys (Game of Thrones), and Katniss (Hunger Games). While these names may seem cool to a die-hard fan, they could lead to awkwardness or even bullying for the child in real life. It’s important for parents to consider the long-term implications of their baby’s name choices.

17. After a Country or City

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Some parents choose to name their child after a country or city, usually because they have a personal connection to or love for the place. While this may seem like an exotic and unique choice, it could lead to mispronunciation or confusion for others.

Popular names include London, Paris, and Dallas, which are generally accepted as names. However, some parents have gone a step further and named their children after countries like India, Ireland, or even Russia. While these names may seem interesting, they could be difficult for others to pronounce or understand.

18. Royal Natured Names

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Names like Lord, King, Queen, Saint, or Prince can feel over the top to many people. While these names may seem powerful and regal, they could also come across as pretentious and self-absorbed.

Names are a reflection of an individual’s personality and identity, and it’s important for parents to consider the implications of their name choices on their child’s future.

19. Social Media Jargon

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In 2012, a couple from the United States named their baby boy “Hashtag Jameson.” This name was inspired by the popular hashtag symbol on social media platforms. While it may have been a creative and unique choice, it also garnered criticism and ridicule from others.

20. The Literal Alphabet

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How about Abcde for a name? This name is pronounced as “Ab-si-dee.”

In 2018, a child named Abcde gained attention when a Southwest Airlines employee posted a photo of the child’s boarding pass on social media, sparking a discussion about unique and unconventional baby names.

21. Numbers

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Naming a baby after a favorite number, such as Seven, is perplexing to many people, making them wonder if their kids are actually racehorses. While it may seem fun and quirky, it could also come across as odd or even silly to others.

22. Foreign Words

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When unfamiliar with a foreign language, a word can sound “pretty” without the parent understanding its true meaning.

For example, someone knows a “Malheureux.” They share that it may sound charming in English, but in French, it translates to “unhappy” or “unfortunate.”

23. Similar Names for Multiple Siblings

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Whether the names are cute or not, parents who name all of their children similar names can be super confused. For example, one family had a Naia, Kaia, and Maia.

This could lead to confusion and mix-ups, especially in school or social settings.


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