How to Have a Productive Day

How to Have a Productive Day as a Mom

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Moms often feel that they have no time for anything, and that they can’t get anything done. I know some days I feel like my days are spent juggling a hundred different responsibilities- only having enough time and sanity to do the bear minimum and survive the day until it’s bed time, ha.

Can anyone else related? If you’re here- I’m sure you can and it’s totally normal mama. While some days just get inevitably crazy, I have good news- there is a better way!

Today, we dive deep into some simple hacks for how to have a productive day as a mom. Being productive day might seem like a unicorn in a sea of mom  haze- but I promise it is possible!  

Your schedule as a mom may indeed be unpredictable because of the kids, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t feel more productive or feel accomplished.

I’m excited to share with you a few tips on how to have a productive day as a mom, so you can also start to optimize your days to be more productive and organized. I hope you will see that these tips can help you a lot!

1. Focus on what is important


One of the biggest mistakes that we moms make is that we get lost in the many duties. We want everything to be done. But sometimes it is simply not possible- and trying to will results in complete exhaustion. 

Therefore, you should always focus on what’s most important a top priority each day. On those particularly busy days, it’s important to note which tasks truly need to be done “first thing” to make sure they don’t get forgotten. You can even make a to-do list and try to prioritize what you should accomplish first, and what are those things that can wait or can be deleted.

You should also sort the tasks by difficulty. Which are the tasks that will require your full attention, and which are those that can be easily done even if the children are interrupting you?

Those duties that need to be done in quiet or with paying too much attention, try to accomplish them in the morning before the kids get up, keep them for nap time, or after the they go to sleep at night.

I’ll admit this was a hard thing to do for me at first – and I’m sure many moms can relate. I felt ALL the things I wanted to get done were highly important. It took some real grace and soul searching to let go and realize that it’s okay if some things don’t get done and aren’t perfect.  Now I chose my ONE thing (or things) that I focus on each day, which is super helpful. 


2. Find out when you are the most productive

As a mom, there are some periods during the day when you can be more productive than at other times. These periods can be the quiet moments before your kids get up in the morning, when they are napping, or the few hours after bedtime when the children are sleeping. You should take advantage of these hours because this is when you can accomplish a lot of things when you are able to actually stay focused.

Since all of us have different lives and habits, you will need to find out for yourself when you are the most productive. If you are a morning person, try to get the maximum out of your mornings. You can even get up earlier than usual.

If you prefer to get things done in the evening, then do that. You know what works the most for you.


3. Introduce quiet time

How to Have a Productive Day

If you are a stay at home mom with kids who nap in the afternoon, you may consider yourself lucky. But if you have a toddler who can’t or doesn’t want to nap, you may need some tips on how to have a productive day.

I believe that “quiet time” is one of greatest inventions for moms. 🙂 It can be very useful if you would like to get a little calmness during the day. The only thing you have to do is to offer some specific activities or toys (for example puzzles, stamper kit, coloring book, etc.) for your little one, and ask her/him to play quietly during the “quiet time”. So you can quickly finish what you have to do.

This method can also work well if you have more than one child, and some of them are napping while the others don’t. Moreover, quiet time can save your sanity as well if you are a working mom, and you still have to do some things after work at home or work from home.

For example, my daughter loves to sit right next to me with her coloring book or her “computer” (a leap frog ‘tablet’ that teaches her the alphabet and numbers) while I get these articles done 😉 


4. Create a well-planned schedule and use time-blocking

Without any doubt, creating a schedule can be one of the keys to being productive. I know that organizing your day is not easy as your plans can change at any moment because of the kids. But having a general outline, even if it needs to be a bit flexible, can help significantly. 

A well-planned schedule and the ability to think in time blocks can help you to finish your chores, work, and other tasks on time- so you can find time for other activities or relax (what?! I know- it’s possible and necessary mama!).

If you don’t know how to plan your day, luckily, there are many pre-made schedules and morning/evening routines especially for stay-at-home moms and working moms that can help you to create yours.

A popular technique is called the Pomodoro technique. Set a timer for 20-25 minutes off undistracted time (this means no distractions from social media, television, etc.) to work on an important task. Take a break and then repeat as many times as needed. Many entrepreneurs swear by this technique for getting more done in 20 minutes than they normally do all day! 

While planning your day, make sure that your morning routine sets you up for being productive.

Also, pay attention to getting adequate and quality sleep each night, so you can wake up refreshed and have enough energy to make things done. You’ll be amazing at what you can get done, in less time, when you are feeling well rested each day. Once you’re awake- don’t forget to nourish your body and mind with a healthy breakfast- its very helpful too 😉 


5. Multitasking

How to Have a Productive Day

Sometimes we have no choice but to turn to multi-tasking as moms. This is a great superpower for women (anyone else’s husband the worst at this? ha) as long as it isn’t abused. 

Multitasking can be great because with a little planning you can get more things done at the same time. But multitasking is not for everyone because it requires more attention from you, and the chance of making mistakes is also higher in the case of doing more tasks simultaneously.

Although, if you feel you can do it, you can increase your productivity significantly. Ultimately, it depends on the tasks you are trying to complete and how complex they are. Ironically, more complex to-dos might take twice as long and be of lower quality if you are trying to do too much at once. 

Just a few examples of multitasking:

  • listen to an audiobook or podcast while doing simple chores (ironing, cleaning, washing the dishes, etc.) or running errands,
  • write an email, or do something else on your list while the kids are coloring or painting,
  • clean the sink while you are washing your hands,
  • clean while you are waiting for the food to be cooked (this one has ben HUGE for me!)


6. Ask for help

Maybe the last tip on how to have a productive day as a mom will surprise you – yet I’d argue it’s one of the most important. It is so crucial to know that you don’t have to do it all yourself. It is not ALL your responsibility. 

Many of us tend to get stuck in perfectionist tendencies that leave us with the mindset that it’s easier to do it all ourselves- but learning to delegate is so important for quality of life! (And to realize that there is more than way to do something- AND it doesn’t have to be perfect)

You have a family and together you are a team. Therefore, they can also help you. Never hesitate to ask for help and don’t wait until you get so exhausted that you can barely stand on your feet!

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to do everything, especially in one day. Your health is more important than a perfectly clean home!

If you decide on asking for the help from your family members, you should know that there are many house chores that your kids can also do if they are old enough. You should only show them, and teach them how to do it. For example, your children could help you with dusting, vacuum-cleaning, or cleaning their rooms.

If your kids are too young for these chores, you can still teach them to put away the toys after they have finished playing.

I know some mom’s are hesitant to this, but in a recent conversation I had with another mom – we talked about how showing our kids that self-care is a top priority we are doing them a favor for their own development. Plus, learning life skills like cooking and cleaning are also essential for them becoming productive adults someday 😉 

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How to Have a Productive Day

Also, your husband can help you with a few duties, for example, he could do the dishes or take out the garbage. Or sometimes he could prepare dinner for the family. OR more- I am thankful to have a husband that manages all the household chores with me equally (although sometimes I have to ask – but usually not!)


Feeling overwhelmed with all your home tasks? I feel you mama. That’s why I highly recommend a crash course in home organization and family routines with a Home Life Bundle by Hilary Erickson with Pulling Curls. She is a mom of three, labor and delivery nurse, and passionate about organization hacks. Her course is all about practical tips that you can start today. 

I know that it is difficult to feel productive as a mom because sometimes it seems impossible to reach the end of our to-do list. But I would like to reassure you that you are doing great and if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can achieve even more. Life as a mom can be busy but should also be enjoyed, right?! 🙂 

Did you find our productivity tips useful? What tips were you already using? What tips do you want to start incorporating into your daily routine?

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