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15 Popular Baby Names from the 60s

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While the ’60s was a time of revolution and unforgettable music, naming a baby was still an easy feat Back in the ’60s. It was pretty much like choosing from a menu with just three options: traditional, religious, or what was hit on television at that time.

Parents would stick to a simpler list of names that wouldn’t make Grandma or the neighbors raise an eyebrow. You didn’t have to scroll endlessly online or worry about whether the Instagram username was already taken.

If a name was cool for other kids, it was cool for your kid, too. However, modern parents are ditching the classic names for ones that are all about uniqueness and standing out.

But the charm of the classic 60s hasn’t faded yet. These names got the vibe and still turn heads. So, whether you are looking for cool baby name ideas or feeling nostalgic, here are 15 names from the 1960s that are still totally awesome today. 

1. Michael

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Micheal comes from Hebrew origins, and it means “Who is like God”

The name that never seems to go out of style. Michael has consistently ranked at the top of the charts for decades. The name was popular because of the pop king Michael Jackson, and it represented the archangel Michael, which means it was all about being brave and strong.

No wonder it was the top baby name in the ’60s. It’s one of those classic names that just works for everyone, no matter where you’re from or your personality. It’s popular because of its profound meaning. Plus, it’s easy to pronounce in different languages and cultures.

2. Susan

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Susan means “Lily.” It is one of those names that just makes you think of someone kind and down-to-earth, isn’t it? That might be why it was so popular in the ’60s.

Just like lily flowers, which seem fragile but thrive in unfavorable conditions, the name Susan also indicates strength on the inside, even if you don’t notice it immediately. Big-time celebrities like Susan Sarandon have helped keep the name cool and relevant, showing it’s a choice for strong, talented women. 

In the ’60s, you could hear this name everywhere—in classrooms, playgrounds, parks, you name it. These days, it might not be the chart-topper it once was, but its charm and rich history still make it a hit for everyone. 

3. David

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David means “Beloved.” This name has always had a unique spot among names, managing to be both classic and modern at once. It’s a name that’s linked with courage and leadership over the years, thanks to the biblical David who took down Goliath. 

Back in the ’60s, David was the guy everyone wanted to hang out with or be friends with. No surprise that parents still love the name. Moreover, with icons like David Bowie and David Attenborough, the name has just enough star quality to be considered cool for any era. 

4. James

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James is derived from Jacob, and can have various meanings including “supplanter” and “one who follows”.

This name has always been a go-to for boys, loved through generations for its classic vibe. It’s super versatile, too—you can go with Jim and Jamie for some casual feels.

In the sixties, James was the craze, and loads of kids got that name. It’s got this traditional, solid feel to it, yet it’s flexible enough for any nickname, making it a favorite pick for parents who want a bit of everything. 

5. Mary

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Mary means “Beloved” or “Wished-for-child.” One of the most famous and oldest names, Mary, was a common choice for baby girls in the 1960s. At that time, Mary was everywhere, just like peace signs and Beatles albums.

It was a name that made you feel at home, even with everything changing so fast. And still, it somehow manages to stay cool without changing its vibe. Plus, it’s got Mary Poppins in its corner, bringing that touch of magic and a bit of cheekiness that shows that being “old school” can still rock.

6. Robert

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Robert means “Bright Fame.” 

This name has been rocked by kings and leaders throughout history. It became popular in the sixties when everyone wanted to break free from the norm and do something great. Speaking of Bob, Bob Dylan was a total legend of the sixties; his music and lyrics just nailed what that time was all about.

And guess what? Every Robert you meet probably has a cool nickname – Rob, Robbie, or maybe even Bob for a friendly vibe.

7. Deborah

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Originating from Hebrew, Deborah means “Bee.” Reminding us of bees buzzing around, busy and efficient- the name is all about strength, steadfastness, and hard work. 

Deborah might seem a bit old-school, but it’s been quite the hit in the US since the 1800s. It’s one of those classic names with cute nicknames and goes well with almost any middle name. Deb, Debs, Debby, and Debbie stand out as cool alternatives for those who want short and stylish variants.

From 1950 to 1970, Deborah ranked among the most favored names for baby girls, peaking among the top 10 in the 1950s before experiencing a decline in popularity. 

8. John

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The meaning of John is “God is Gracious.”

This name has been a go-to for parents worldwide for ages, probably because of its ultimate classic feel—strong, reliable, and even a bit royal (think of all the kings and famous people named John throughout history). 

John was an incredibly popular name in the sixties, from the kid next door to the Beatles’ very own John Lennon, who added to its popularity factor.

Nowadays, the name is not as common as it used to be. Yet, John still rocks the charts as one of the top 10 boy names that starts with J. Its charm lies in its strong history and the fact that everyone knows it. It shows that some names just have that timeless appeal no matter what’s in fashion.

9. Linda

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Of Spanish origin, Linda means “pretty” but comes from the Medieval Latin term “soft.”

Linda was one of the most popular names in the 20th century. It all started with Jack Lawrence’s hit song “Linda” in 1946. He wrote it for his friend’s daughter; everyone loved it. Suddenly, from 1947 to 1952, Linda was the top name for baby girls in the U.S. 

Back then, naming your kid Linda was like saying they were the symbol of elegance and charm. And now, even though trends have shifted, people still love this name. 

10. Richard

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Meaning “Brave Power” or “Strong Leader.” Richard is a name that exudes authority and respect. In the sixties, it was the popular choice of parents who wanted their boys to stand out and lead the way.

So, why is this name still a hit? It might be because its strong meaning indicates strength, power, and leadership. Many notable historical figures have had this name, keeping it alive. One such inspiration was Richard the Lionheart, England’s King from 1189 to 1199, who was renowned for his extraordinary bravery and strong leadership.

11. Patricia

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Patricia comes from Latin and means “noble” and “patrician.” This name took the 1960s by storm. Parents loved how it sounded both classy and gentle. 

The name is the female version of Patrick. Despite its ancient roots, you won’t find Patricia in the Bible, which shows it’s made its mark outside of religious texts. Its charm took off after Queen Victoria named her granddaughter Patricia in 1886. That move made Patricia popular in the UK and the US, keeping it in the spotlight through the 1960s. 

12. William

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William means “Desire to protect.”

In the 60s, William was super popular among parents. The name symbolizes strength and reliability, which everyone needed during those times of big social changes.

William’s charm hasn’t worn off over the years; it’s still a favorite name even now. It is due to its links to historical figures and kings, giving it a vibe of reputation and timelessness. Thanks to these factors, William has maintained its unshakable status, making it a preferred choice for parents looking for a strong, stable, and classic-elegant name.

13. Cynthia

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Cynthia is a Greek word for “Moon.” Cynthia first became popular in the US in the 19th century and became a favorite name for girls by the mid-20th century. 

It hit the top 100 names list by 1945 and was all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s, landing in the top 10. Even though its popularity dropped slightly after the ’60s, Cynthia was still pretty popular, staying in the top 100 until 1994. The name still hasn’t lost its popularity till now. 

The name Cynthia has a lovely history. Many influential women have carried it, especially from the mid-1900s onwards. Many of them have been actresses and sportswomen, proving the name’s vibe of strength and determination. Additionally, it’s a perfect match with its mythological background, linked to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon, who was also known as Cynthia.

14. Jeffrey

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Jeffrey means “Peaceful Traveler” or “God’s Peace.” This meaning reflects the chill and peaceful vibe usually associated with people named Jeffrey. Plus, these people are adventurous and keen on discovering new things in life.

Jeffrey has been a popular name for baby boys in the US for decades, ranking in the top 100 in the 1950s and 1960s. 

So, if you’re thinking about naming your little guy Jeffrey, just know you’ll pick a calm and bold name, classic yet fun. Go for it now; the name is stuck around for a good reason.

15. Karen

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Karen means “Pure.” Coming from Danish roots, “Karen” is a simple but impactful name that’s been loved by many over time. In the ’60s, it represented strong-willed and determined people and continuously topped the charts until recently. 

Today, social media meme culture has made Karen the queen of complaints and entitlement, resulting in a significant drop in popularity. However, Karens know their name has a history of toughness, elegance, and courage. 

Social media trends come and go, but Karens can stand tall, rocking their true selves. 

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