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9 Easy Morning Routine Ideas for Moms

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Hey mama! Are you thinking of starting a morning routine? Or know that changing your morning routine could help the whole flow of your day? 

If you’re like me, the first time the idea of a morning routine was brought up- it resulted in a very large eye roll. 🙂

I was 3 months pregnant and annoyed that my husband didn’t understand that sleep was my top priority- ha. 

Since that time, I’ve come to realize just how powerful a morning routine is. I’ll admit I didn’t adopt one until my daughter was about 3 months old- but when I did it made life so much easier and made me much less of a grouch- wish is a win-win in my book!

Let’s dive into some morning routine ideas that every mama can get started with today! 

Why a morning routine?

You may have noticed a lot of hype lately around morning routines… yet it’s nothing new! It’s a magical time of day to build a routine that people have been practicing for centuries.

In fact, a large percentage of the elite and wealthy all have this trait in common. So- there must be something to it right? 🙂 

So why are morning routines so great?  Well the science behind it is fairly simple. When we get up and start our mornings with intention it is a total game changer.

How many of us roll out of bed after hitting the snooze button 5 times, only to run around like a crazy person trying to get ourselves and everyone else dressed and ready for the day. It is the normal for many of us and it starts our day in total stress mode.

Then, since the day starts in stress mode it can feel hard to get back on track and the whole day can end up feeling like a big old mess.  This was my familiar routine for 30+ years… and when I finally broke free of it I wondered how I ever survived in such a stressful mode every. single. morning.

There’s a better way! If you need some inspiration, I highly recommend the book The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod. It was the book that finally motivated me to change my mornings. 

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But I’m a mom!

I know what you’re thinking, moms don’t have time for a morning routine. Or you might categorize yourself as a night owl (after all- isn’t the nighttime when moms can finally get things done?). 

Well mama, if you aren’t a morning person, the best part is that your morning routine can literally be 5 minutes and it can still provide a ton of benefits. 

If you’re still not convinced, you can start by adding some of these morning routine tips to any part of your day- and it will still be awesome!

The truth is, that of all the people that would benefit from a morning routine (which is pretty much everyone)- moms can benefit the most by far! A quiet moment for yourself in the morning can help you feel significantly more prepared for what the day will bring you.

Trust me- mama! Try one (or all!) of these morning tips and you will gain the upper edge on whatever each day as a mom throws at you.

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Ways to get started with a morning routine

As I already mentioned, starting a morning routine should feel easy. In fact, the easier you make it when you get started, the more likely you will be to keep up with it. Then, with time as you gain some of the great benefits you’ll find you want to add a little more time. At some point, with enough consistency, it will simply be an automatic habit that helps you feel your best each and every day!

If you’re feeling resistant to a morning routine (like I was for a long time!)- take a moment to check in with your beliefs about the morning and shed some awareness on why you are feeling so hesitant. Need tips to make it feel easier to get up earlier without feeling tired? See our full article here.

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9 Morning Routine Ideas

Here are some easy ways to start a morning routine with just 5 minutes a day (no cold shower required in these-ha!).  Choose what resonates with you best, experiment and eventually strive for adding all of the ones that you think can benefit your mornings and life!

1. Spend a few minutes out in the fresh air. 

Getting outside for a moment in the morning while taking a few deep breaths can help you start the day in a calm frame of mind and think about the day ahead. There’s even some cool science that the certain smells in nature can boost your feel good hormones. Bonus points for getting some sunshine in too- although it will probably depend on what time you get up and what time of year it is.

2. Take 10 deep breaths.

Deep breathing is amazing for the nervous system and helps keep your body (such as hormones) balanced and out of chronic stress mode. This helps immensely with getting ready for the day.

Deep breathing is like a massage for your nerves. Take a moment to breath and appreciate your body’s abilities in the morning or throughout the day. 

3. Read something for 5 minutes.

Continual learning and brain stimulation is essential for feeling energized. Many moms get the feeling that their lives are stuck on repeat everyday- this a great way to alleviate some of that feeling.

Grab a favorite book, open up an article on your tablet you’ve been wanting to read, or browse through a magazine. No matter what you choose- make it a goal for it to be something educational that you’re interested in.

4. Stretch for 5 minutes.

Take a moment to loosen up after a night of rest- even it it’s just five minutes. Stretching feels good and is a great way to warm up for the day. Want to do more? The mornings are a great time to sneak in a workout. Try a 10 minute HIIT workout or yoga workout.

5. Grab a journal.

Open to a blank page in a notebook or jump on your laptop and start writing. You can write freely or have a topic in mind.

Some of my favorite structured journal topics are gratitude, reviewing the month or week, or creating a to-do list. They all can help your thoughts feel less scattered throughout the day while you’re keeping track of all the things. 🙂 After journaling, moving forward with your day with some clarity is amazing!

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6. Have a gratitude practice.

This is my absolute favorite part of my morning and daily routine. I open my planner every morning when I get up and write down three things I’m feeling grateful for. At first I’ll admit this was hard but with time I’ve learned to recognize all the little things in my life that I am very grateful for. 

There’s a lot of ways to express gratitude. You can write them down, share them with your family, or simply take a moment to think about them- whatever works best for you. No matter which way you choose, make sure you take a moment to really feel those feeling of gratitude in your morning routine!

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7. Drink a full glass of water.

Taking a moment to re-hydrate your body in the morning helps put you in the mindset of self-care and health. Fill a glass of water the night before and place it near your sink or night stand (or anywhere else you’ll remember), make a point to drink it first thing in the morning.

Not a big fan of water? Try adding some lemon or other flavor that you enjoy. 

8. Mindfully eat your breakfast.

When it comes to breakfast, how often do we simply grab what’s convenient and shove it down on our way out the door? Taking time to enjoy our meals is great for our stress levels and helps us feel better connected to our eating habits. This makes it easier to avoid issues like overeating and comfort eating because we get satisfaction from the food that we choose to eat.

Sit down with your breakfast or a beverage of your choice in the morning and take a moment to really enjoy it. Savor the flavors and think about the ways it is nourishing your body. Connection to what we consume is huge for our health! 

9. Meditate.

No morning routine ideas guide would be complete without meditation. This can be as simple as a few deep breaths, be guided, or anything in between. Taking a moment to be still does wonders for our mental and physical health. Some people have a hard time sitting still and focusing- and these are the people that would benefit the most!

Just like anything worth doing, it takes time for the body and mind to get used to a new habit- so be patient and have grace with yourself. Having a a “calm mind” isn’t actually goal of meditation- what’s more important is being able to bring awareness to the thoughts that are going through your mind. 

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Bonus tips:

  1. Get your kids involved! Kids (and babies!) love routines and these are such great habits for them to learn at a young age! My daughter is already totally in sync with my morning routine at 2 years old and brings it to my attention if we miss a part of it 🙂
  2. Don’t worry about it being perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect morning routine. Motherhood isn’t perfect- if you miss a day or find 5 minutes is all you can manage in the long term- that’s okay!
  3. Find an accountability partner- want to maximize your morning routine? Get someone to join with you- whether it’s a family member or a friend you simply share your plan and goals with.
  4. Avoid those habits that lead you down the rabbit hole of stress right away in the morning. This usually includes social media, checking emails, and more. 

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What are you waiting for?

After over a year of having a morning routine, I can’t imagine life without it. In truth, I can’t recommend it enough.

When some weeks get busy and I miss my routine for a few days in a row, I can feel the way it affects my mental, physical, and emotional health. I tend to feel more sluggish and a lot more irritable.

For an example, here is my ideal morning routine for the past year:  

  • Wake up with my daughter and get her breakfast.
  • Open my planner and write down my 3+ things I’m grateful for.
  • Review my affirmations and take a moment to visualize and get a feel for how I want to manage my day.
  • Read for 5-10 minutes depending on when my daughter is done with breakfast.
  • Workout for 10-30 minutes. 
  • Start the day on the right foot!

There you have it. There are a lot of great reasons for starting a morning routine, so the real question is when will you get started? 🙂

Starting your day with intention sets you up for success. It will help your stress levels and allow you to feel less irritable and disorganized when it comes to work life, family life, and everything in between.

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What’s one morning routine tip that you can start adding today?

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  1. These are awesome suggestions. I do basically all of those but my biggest struggle is drinking water. I am trying to be better at. Also, I found that when I do drink water first thing in the morning, I am not hungry/thirsty until 3-4 hours after.

    Again, great article

    1. Hi Reeka, thanks for reading! Water is definitely a tough one. It’s the simplest and the hardest one to implement at the same time 🙂 I hope you’ve gained some inspiration! 🙂

  2. Hi JayDee, I love your post, and I love the idea of a morning routine. I have one, but still forget to implement it most days. But when I do start my day with my morning routine, the rest of my day goes by in a completely different way than it would if I didn’t! My morning routine is to read my affirmations, meditate, eat breakfast and practice yoga. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, this will help a lot of moms out there who need it!

    1. Hi Angie, thanks for the comment. I totally agree- when I don’t get in my normal routine the rest of the day feels off. I love hearing what other moms do for their routines- glad you’ve found something that works for you. Thanks for reading!

  3. I am so guilty of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning and check all social media!! I have been wanting to get a good morning routine for a while… you’ve just given me the perfect inspiration, thank you!

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for reading! Yes, visualization is such as powerful tool- as long as we don’t get too attached to an idea that is 😉 I love my gratitude journal too. So glad you found it helpful.

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