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12 Petty Reasons People Have Broken Up Over

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Love is a complex and mysterious force that, at times, prompts individuals to make surprising decisions, including ending relationships for the most astonishing and absurd reasons.

On a popular online forum, users shared their most unbelievable stories of breakups. From seemingly trivial issues to downright shocking, here are some of the most ridiculous reasons people have given for ending their relationships.

1. You don’t like bacon

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For most couples, differences in dietary choices are only a minor issue. However, for some individuals, it can become an inconquerable obstacle.

For example, one person couldn’t accept that their partner didn’t like bacon, so they broke up with them: “I like bacon. You don’t like bacon. We’re done.”

2. I have exams coming up

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One person says that his partner ended their relationship because she was too busy with her upcoming exams. The irony of the situation is that her exams started only 3 months after the breakup, and a few weeks later, she’s already found another boyfriend.

3. I love you, but we have to break up

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“I love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you. We have to break up, if it’s really meant to be then we will end up together again like they do in the movies.”

Umm, okay.

4. You spend too much time with your dying father

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One woman had clearly had enough of her partner spending a lot of time with his dying father. So much so that it served as a valid reason for her to end their relationship.

Crazy, isn’t it?

5. I don’t think I should date anyone

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Not wanting to date anyone for a while is one of the most common reasons for a breakup. However, separating just to proceed to have 3 different partners in the same year seems to be going too far.

Unfortunately, this is what happened to one user who was given the following reason by his partner when putting an end to their relationship: “It’s senior year, I just don’t think I should date anyone. I need to be myself and be independent for a little while.”

6. You are not white enough

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One woman says that after she met her boyfriend’s parents, she was told, “My dad doesn’t approve [our relationship] because you’re not white enough.”

Since she is part Italian, understandably, this hurtful comment left her feeling confused and uncertain about their future together.

7. I love you, but l can’t lose you

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“I love you and I won’t be able to bear it if I lose you so before that happens let’s break up.”

Wait, what?

8. I fly solo

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One user writes that once she was dating a guy who told her “Tyler plane flies solo” when breaking up with her.

Indeed, her boyfriend’s name was Tyler, but why does he compare himself to a plane? It’s hilarious? And mostly strange.

9. Your soul is not developed enough

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How would you react if someone told you, “Your soul is not developed enough to be loved”?

We would undoubtedly be left speechless!

10. I can’t date a white guy

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Skin color seems to be a huge issue for many couples and their families.

One woman was told, “If my parents find out I am with a white guy, they might send a hit squad for us.” Looks like he literally dodged a bullet by parting ways.

11. You distract me from God

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While it’s true that many individuals put their religion above everything, some people use it as an excuse to break things off. For example, one guy told his girlfriend that she distracts him from God, so they need to end the relationship. Ironically, 3 weeks later, he had a new girlfriend.

12. You turned me gay

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One person left their partner after making this announcement: “You turned me gay.” Whether they just wanted to be rude or it was a real coming out, this is a terrible closing sentence in both cases.


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