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A Glimpse Into Life in Small Town: 12 People Share The Pros and Cons

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In recent times, there appears to be a notable migration trend towards regions traditionally characterized as rural. The motivations behind this movement are diverse, frequently hinging on factors such as a reduced cost of living, less stringent regulations, and the allure of increased space and personal freedom. Within the rural communities of America, residents engage in candid conversations about the authentic experiences of living in these idyllic settings.

1. Peace and Quiet

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Someone writes, “Quiet. You have to be willing to sacrifice certain things like major concerts or seeing movies on opening night but other than that there is less hustle and bustle.”

For some people, such as introverts, this sounds like heaven. For anyone that likes to be out and about, this can quickly feel like a nightmare.

2. Simple Pleasures

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Another writes, “The nearest city of any real size is about a 100 miles away. I can see the stars at night. I can walk across town in 45 minutes. There are deer living in my yard.” A few people admit they haven’t seen the stars in months or years, making this sounds like a dream. Wildlife watching is also fun, as long as you realize it’ll likely result in them eating your yard plants.

3. The Hassle of Attending Events

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Someone brings up a good point: “I’ve lived in cities and I’ve lived in rural areas. I prefer driving for 20 minutes to having to make plans months in advance that includes getting tickets and arranging for overnight accommodations and planning for the return trip.”

Another rural person disagrees, saying they always made an adventure out of the drive and returned home at the end without the need for accommodation.

4. It’s All a Matter of Perspective

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Living rurally might be more fun, depending on your age too. Someone points out, “Sucks being a kid because you can’t go anywhere, awesome being an adult that doesn’t want to go anywhere.” Kids can be pretty resourceful and imaginative, so this probably depends on the exact location.

5. Be Ready to Drive

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Another points out the obvious, “Hope you like driving.” If you need a large haul of groceries or want to see a doctor (and much more), there are often many long drives to the next big town.

6. Space and Freedom

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One person shares, “I love it. Peaceful, safe, more free.” This likely depends on the location but is a reason some people choose to move more rural. It can feel more like the “good old days,” where kids can safely roam free.

7. Drug Problems

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Another rural person points out that the country does not have rainbows and sunshine. He says that a lot of rural areas have drug problems, such as meth.

8. Small Town Drama

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Small towns are known for their drama since everyone seems to know everyone (and their personal business). Someone writes, “It’s paradoxically peaceful yet more dramatic. Yes there is a greater level of trust among all of you, but since there’s nothing going on, people have to stir things up to entertain themselves.”

9. Closeness to Nature

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“Lived in the suburbs, lived in the city, and lived in the country. I’d pick country any day. Nothing beats being surrounded by nature and the quietness of it all as well,” shares a woman.

10. Kindness

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Another interesting point: “I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, moved to a bigger city about 10 years ago. Things I miss the most are how nice people are to each other. Where I’m from, you always waved to passing cars, always knew the names of the cashier at the grocery store, saw basically the entire population at church on Sunday, and never had to worry about someone robbing/mugging/breaking into your stuff.”

11. Small Town Culture

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Another rural liver points out that living in a small town tends to lead to small-town thinking- which is a good or bad thing depending on who you are.

“I grew up in rural America. Small town, everyone was in everyone else’s business and there was no accountability for many people. In hindsight very limited thinking (think of The Village), and racism, misogyny, bigotry and all forms of hate and intolerance were accepted, taught, and the norm.

Hey, but the houses and land are cheaper and I guess some people feel safe since most people are exactly like them and that equates to safety for some people.”

12. Lower Cost of Living

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Many people are quick to cite that housing and land are cheap in rural areas. You can get a large plot of land for building, gardening, farming- whatever floats your boat. Or square footage at an amazing deal compared to overpriced cities. However, the cost of groceries, gas, and more might go up, so it’s an important thing to consider.


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