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11 Big Families Share Why They Loving Having 4 or More Kids

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Large families are often associated with lively noise, bustling activity, an array of bunk beds, and perhaps a minivan resembling a mini-train. Although this may not seem like a recipe for serenity at first glance, many individuals within these expansive households cherish and uphold their unique lifestyle. They share heartwarming stories that illuminate the distinctive charm and inherent virtues of their large family dynamics.

Here’s why some people choose to have [or ended up with] large families.

1. Making A Difference

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Most older kids in the system don’t get matched with families as easily as the younger ones and one dad gave two kids a new lease on life by adding them to his family. He already had three kids.

His daughter says, “My parents had 3 of us back to back, and dad got a vasectomy. 10 years later, they were in a good spot financially, and we had extra space in the house, so they decided to adopt two sisters, ages 5 and 4. My dad was adopted as an older kid, so they wanted to make a difference in the lives of a couple of “older” kids too.”

2. 6 boys and A Lot Of Potatoes

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While no gender is better than another, some parents love a mix of both girls and boys. The universe has a sense of humor; one family had four boys, and they tried for a girl one “last time.” They got twin boys.

An online user shares, “They were all built like brick s**t houses too, so I asked him what a meal [in a family] like that looks like? He giggled and said, “We got fed a lot of potatoes.””

Everyone loves potatoes.

3. When All Weapons Against Babies Fail

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Contraception can fail you, and you end up with a large family because that’s what’s in the cards for you.

An online conversation contributor says, “I had a coworker with 7. The first one was a pill failure baby. The second was planned because they might as well have two and be done. The third was a c*nd*m fail baby, conceived 3 months later on Valentine’s Day. The fourth is an IUD baby. The fifth was a depo-shot baby. The sixth and seventh are vasectomy babies (twins).” Wow, those kids were meant to be, and those parents are fertile.

4. Super Dad

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Some large families happen because some parents don’t want to take care of their babies, so others step in and do it for them.

One user says, “My wife and I have 2 kids together. My sister has 2 kids. She decided she’d rather not take care of them. So I’ve had them for the last 10 years. I’ve been raising 4 kids for the last 10 years, even tho I only have 2 with my wife. Happy Father’s Day, all you fellow Dad’s.”

5. Accidental Adoption

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Sometimes, a man has too large a heart and keeps adopting babies because they need a home. One man kept taking in kids and then got his own biological twins. Now he’s parenting 8, and there’s still room for more.

One of his kids says, “I was a kid who entered the transfer portal. The dude I call dad is my uncle, he took me permanently when I was a teenager, though he was always a big part of my life because I was just too much and he was the only one who could cope with me. Then he also accidentally adopted one of my bro/cousin’s friend[s] because he was a foster kid who was destined to age out of foster care, and he just pretty much fell into becoming part of our family over time, so my dad and his wife were all “well, now we’re adopting you aren’t we.” So that made 6. Then my dad’s wife got pregnant, and they were all “so that’s twins.”” Go, parents.

6. His, Hers, Theirs, Ours

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Sometimes, babies come from unusual places.

A user says, “My husband had a son when I met him. I had a daughter. We lived happily together as a family of 4 for 9 years. Then my brother and his girlfriend had a baby. We took in the baby and I somehow got pregnant. We have his, hers, not ours, and now ours on the way.”

7. Double Blessings Twice

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Giving up on the dream of having biological kids too soon is sometimes a blessing in disguise. [Although this shouldn’t always be the reason people adopt. It’s great to adopt even when you CAN have your own biological kids.]

A user narrates, “Someone I know (let’s call her Cindy) was unable to conceive, so she and her husband decided to adopt. Turned out the woman who wanted to give her child up for adoption was pregnant with twins. Cindy and her husband were thrilled! Not long after that, Cindy found out she was pregnant, too! The best part: also twins! So in the course of 11 months, they became parents to 4 adorable baby girls. 

8. Organised Chaos

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How does a family end up with 12 siblings? This is how.

“I don’t have kids personally, but I am one of 12 siblings. 10 boys and 2 girls. Ages range from 10-43. As to why? We were a foster/adoptive home for over 20 years and unfortunately, the system is flawed and a lot of parents don’t always meet the requirements to have their children placed back under their care. The goal is always reunification with biological family but sometimes there are no valid placement options or extended family members willing to be their guardians. Every child my parents took in we treated as family and when the state exhausted their options of reunification, we decided we weren’t going to let them get put into the state-run group homes to get lost in the system and we happily chose to adopt and make them officially family. It was organized chaos our entire lives but none of us would have had it any other way.”

9. Blessings Come In Threes

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It’s surprising how we think we think we know what we want when it comes to kids, and many families have ended up with many kids when just aiming for one.

“My former coworker. She only wanted 2. So after baby 1, she and her husband went to make baby 2. They ended up with baby 2, 3, and 4. Yep, naturally conceived triplets. Husband got a vasectomy after that.” A user says.

10. No More Trying

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Sometimes you get more than you bargained for when trying for a certain gender. One family ended up with 7.

One user says, “I know someone who had naturally conceived triplet boys, they went to try for the girl and ended up with quadruplets… they were all boys as well. Needless to say, they did not try again for a girl …”

11. Give The Heart What It Wants

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There are people who naturally want big families, and their prayers get answered spectacularly.

One online user shares, “My cousin had twins, then a singleton, then triplets, then another singleton. All naturally conceived. She was older when she started having kids (35 when she had the first two, and her last was born at 43), so her age may have had something to do with that. They’re religious and wanted a big family, so they’re happy about it.”

Happiness is all that matters.


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