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70 Ideas for the Perfect Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

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The holidays are a great time for family, friends, and lots of good food. It’s also the time for Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas! If you’re looking for some creative ideas on how to let your loved ones know that you’re expecting, look no further.

In this blog post, we will discuss 70 fun and festive ways to announce your pregnancy at Christmas.

Fun Ideas for a Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

I hope you can find a pregnancy announcement idea that you love from this extensive list. We have broken them up into a few categories:

  1. Photo pregnancy announcement ideas
  2. Video announcements (virtual)
  3. Gift ideas
  4. Punny ideas (photos, video, or in person)
  5. Ideas for each unique family member
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Photo Op Ideas for Christmas Baby Announcement

These days, there are tons of great ideas for creating the perfect photo.

Photo ideas that include the expecting parents:

  • Have “Santa” (your partner) hold a positive pregnancy test with you
  • Wear Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts that say “Baby’s First Christmas”
  • Take pregnancy photos in front of the Christmas tree
  • Use holiday-themed props in your announcement photo (Christmas lights, garland, etc.)

For creative ideas that just include the expecting mother:

  • Drape a string of pearls around your neck with a sign that says “coming soon”
  • Wrap a present around your stomach
  • Hold a holiday-themed ultrasound photo
  • Write a Christmas message in the snow and stand near it
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For creative photos without any people:

  • Use holiday-themed props (Christmas lights, garland, etc.) with a positive pregnancy test or ultrasound
  • Take a picture of your Christmas tree with a baby’s first Christmas ornament
  • Put presents under the tree with a note that says “Baby’s First Christmas”
  • Get a chalkboard or felt board and create a special Christmas message

Overall, a photo Christmas pregnancy announcement can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. What’s most important is the message behind it! Plus, you can just throw it in the mail for a fun surprise.

Video Announcements (Virtual)

If you’re not able to be with your friends or family in person this holiday season, a video announcement is the next best thing. You can get creative with props and backgrounds, or keep it simple with a heartfelt message.

Here are a few video holiday pregnancy announcement ideas to get you started:

  • Record yourself opening presents and say that the best present of all is the baby you’re expecting
  • Read a Christmas storybook and announce at the end that you’re going to have a baby
  • Make a holiday-themed parody of a popular song (for example, “All I Want for Christmas is You” could be changed to “All I Want for Christmas is Two”)
  • Create a virtual gingerbread house and announce that your family is expanding by one
  • Think of creative ways to drop hints during a conversation and see if anyone catches on
  • Answer the call wearing a shirt that says you’re expecting!
  • Exaggerate a bunch of pregnancy-related complaints and ironically state you don’t know what the issue is (see how long it takes them to realize)

If you can’t reveal the news on a live call, you can also try recording a Christmas pregnancy announcement. Here are some more ideas:

  • A fun stop-motion video with different Christmas-themed items
  • A cute video of your kids singing a Christmas carol with the announcement at the end
  • A parody of a popular Christmas movie or song
  • A video montage of family and friends wishing you well for the upcoming baby
  • A simple but heartwarming video of you and your partner sharing your news
  • A fun video of you and your partner opening up presents that reveal the news
  • Your Christmas pregnancy announcement doesn’t have to be over-the-top or extravagant- sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best.

Once again, no matter how you choose to announce your pregnancy, the most important thing is that you do it in a way that feels right for you. Whether it’s a simple photo or a festive video, the holidays are the most wonderful time to let your loved ones know that a new baby is on the way!

Gift Ideas for a Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

If you want to get really creative, you can incorporate your Christmas pregnancy announcements into a special gift!

christmas gift in the hands
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Here are a few fun gift ideas for a Christmas pregnancy announcement:

  • Give a onesie as a present with the message “Can’t wait to meet you!”
  • Fill a mason jar with candy and attach a note that says “We have some sweet news!”
  • Make some baby or holiday-themed cookies with the due date or a coming soon message
  • Give a mug that says “World’s Best Grandma/Grandpa” (or insert any other designation- aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.)
  • Get a custom-made puzzle with your announcement photo
  • Give a frame with the ultrasound photo and the message “Guess who’s coming soon!”
  • Gift a baby book with a note that says “Can’t wait to read this with you!”
  • Get custom-made labels for wine that include a pregnancy announcement to share with your loved ones
  • Give a Santa hat with baby’s arrival date
  • Order specially made Christmas pregnancy announcement ornaments (balls, wood carved, photo frames, etc.) that announce the arrival of baby in the new year
  • Add a special touch to any type of gift with an engraving- this can be a photo, piece of jewelry, fishing gear, whatever!

These are just a few Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas- use your imagination and come up with something special that your loved ones will cherish. No matter how you choose to do it, announcing your pregnancy during the holidays is a great way to spread some extra cheer!

Punny Ideas (Photos, Video, or In Person)

For the expecting parents who love a good pun, there are plenty of ways to incorporate humor into your announcement.

Here are a few pregnancy announcement ideas with a festive twist:

  • “We’re getting a little nutty this Christmas!” (peanuts as Christmas gift)
  • “We can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy!” (baby news in a bundt pan)
  • “Wrap yourself around this news…” (cute wrapping paper around your belly)
  • “We’re elated to announce that we’re expanding by two feet!” (footprints)
  • “Looks like someone’s going to have a jolly Christmas!” (baby onesie in a Santa hat)
  • “Having a baby is the best present we could ask for!”
  • “We hope your holiday season is as bright as our future!” (photo of parents holding up a sonogram)
  • “We’re going to need a bigger sleigh!” (photo of parents with their current kids in a sleigh)
  • “We wanted to give you the gift of family this holiday season!” (photo or video of parents with their current kids opening presents that say “baby” on them)
  • “The stork is coming early this year!” (photo of parents with a baby blanket and baby shoes)
  • “We’re excited to add a new member to our clan!” (photo of parents with their current kids in kilts or tartan)
  • “Baby makes three!” (photo of parents with the ultrasound photo)
  • “Our family is growing by leaps and bounds!” (photo of parents with their current kids jumping in the air with signs that say baby)
  • “We’re not the only ones late this year” (a photo of a shocked naughty elf on the shelf with a pregnancy test)
  • “Bun in the oven” (a photo of a baby doll in an oven with the door closed)
  • “We wanted to give you something special this year, so we’re giving you…us!” (photo or video of parents with their current kids holding up signs that say “baby”)
  • “Coming soon…” (photo of parents with an ultrasound photo or a baby blanket)
  • “We’re going to need a bigger tree this year!” (photo of parents with their current kids holding up a mini Christmas tree)
  • “Santa left us an extra special present this year!” (photo of parents or their whole family holding up signs that say “baby”)
  • “No more silent nights for us.” (photo of parents with their sonogram)

The list goes on… there are so many cute ways to share your happy Christmas baby announcement with friends and family.

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Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: By Family Member

No matter if this is your first sweet baby or your fifth, the big news can be shared uniquely with each of your friends and near and extended family and be a fun surprise.

Let’s break these Christmas pregnancy announcement gift ideas down by family members:

Holiday pregnancy announcement gifts for the grandparents-to-be:

  • A festive mug with the words “grandma” or “grandpa” and the baby’s due date
  • A special ornament for the tree that can be brought out each year
  • A sweet book like, Love You Forever or On the Night You Were Born to read to the new grandbaby
  • A Christmas Card stating “grandma” or “grandpa” can do the magic as well.

Christmas pregnancy announcement gifts for brothers and sisters:

girl with a birthday present happy
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  • A “big brother” or “big sister” shirt
  • A book like, I’m a Big Brother or The New Baby at Your House to help prepare them for the new arrival (a great gift for toddlers)
  • Tickets to a special event (a movie, the circus, etc.) just for the two of you to enjoy together before the baby comes
  • Share your news on Christmas Eve with a gift from baby

Christmas pregnancy announcement gifts for aunts and uncles:

  • A “coolest aunt” or “favorite uncle” mug with the baby’s due date
  • An Amazon or iTunes gift card to buy baby books, music, or movies
  • A cute baby onesie that says “I (heart) my aunt” or “I (heart) my uncle”
  • A lovely Christmas card can do the trick as well.

Christmas pregnancy announcement gifts for dear friends:

  • Gift a festive mug with the baby’s due date on Christmas Morning
  • A beautiful frame to display the ultrasound picture or your announcement picture
  • Gift cards for a spa day or dinner out with you before the baby arrives
  • Tag your favorite people on social media if you decide to make a public announcement that “I’m pregnant”

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The Holidays are Perfect for Sharing Happy News

There you have it. I hope these ideas have inspired you to get creative 🙂

What are your favorite pregnancy announcement ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

And, if you’re looking for more ways to announce your big news, check out these fun Ideas for How to Announce Your Pregnancy.

Wishing you a very merry (and stress-free) holiday season! Happy Holidays!

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