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130 Charming Greek Names and Their Timeless Meanings

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Greek names, where each name carries a unique meaning and a story rooted in history and mythology.

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides 130 Greek names for baby boys and girls, as well as gender-neutral options, with their unique meanings and origins.
  • The perfect name should reflect interpretation, pronunciation, cultural implications and family heritage.
  • Discover timeless Greek names to find the one that resonates best with you!

50 Greek Names for Baby Girls

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Greek baby girl names have become popular due to their unique interpretations and historical context. Many of these names have roots in ancient Greece, used in honor of deities, heroes, and virtues. The cultural implications often represent characteristics like strength, vulnerability, peace, wisdom, beauty, and beyond, making them a beautiful reflection of Greek culture.

Baby girls christened with names of Greek goddesses and mythical entities acquire the virtues and narratives of their namesakes. For example, a girl named Athena would bear the wisdom and bravery synonymous with the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. Similarly, a girl named Penelope would reflect the loyalty and patience akin to Odysseus’s wife in Homer’s epic, The Odyssey.

Looking for the perfect Greek baby name for your little one? Here are some popular traditional Greek names for baby girls, along with their meanings:

  1. Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind”
  2. Chloe, meaning “blooming”
  3. Sophia, meaning “wisdom”
  4. Iris, meaning “rainbow”
  5. Athena, meaning “goddess of wisdom and warfare”
  6. Ariadne, meaning “most holy”
  7. Penelope, meaning “weaver”
  8. Daphne, meaning “laurel tree”
  9. Demetra, meaning “goddess of agriculture”
  10. Rhea, meaning “flowing stream”

These names, among others, have been handed down over generations and continue to be admired in the modern era. These more popular options often have roots in more than one culture. Their enduring Greek interpretations and historical origins make them an excellent choice for your cherished daughter:

  1. Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”
  2. Catherine, meaning “pure”
  3. Victoria, meaning “victory”
  4. Eleanor, meaning “bright, shining one”
  5. Margaret, meaning “pearl”
  6. Charlotte, meaning “free man”
  7. Mary, meaning “wished-for child”
  8. Anne, meaning “grace”
  9. Isabella, meaning “pledged to God”
  10. Sophia, meaning “wisdom”

30 Additional Greek Names for Baby Girls

Greek names for baby girls are rich in history and meaning, offering a variety of choices for your little one. Here are 30 additional Greek names for baby girls, along with their meanings:

  1. Anastasia, meaning “resurrection”
  2. Callista, meaning “most beautiful”
  3. Evangeline, meaning “bearer of good news”
  4. Helena, meaning “light”
  5. Kassandra, meaning “she who entangles men”
  6. Lyra, meaning “lyre”
  7. Melina, meaning “honey”
  8. Nefeli, meaning “cloud”
  9. Olympia, meaning “from Olympus”
  10. Phaedra, meaning “bright”
  11. Selene, meaning “moon”
  12. Thalia, meaning “to blossom”
  13. Xanthe, meaning “yellow” or “fair hair”
  14. Zoe, meaning “life”
  15. Althea, meaning “healing”
  16. Charis, meaning “grace”
  17. Despina, meaning “lady”
  18. Eirene, meaning “peace”
  19. Kalliope, meaning “beautiful voice”
  20. Leda, meaning “woman”
  21. Myrto, meaning “myrtle”
  22. Nika, meaning “victory”
  23. Ourania, meaning “heavenly”
  24. Psyche, meaning “soul”
  25. Sappho, meaning “sapphire”
  26. Theodora, meaning “gift of God”
  27. Xena, meaning “guest, stranger”
  28. Zephyra, meaning “west wind”
  29. Aglaia, meaning “splendor, beauty”
  30. Chara, meaning “joy, delight”

These names, coupled with their unique interpretations and historical origins, offer a wealth of options for your cherished daughter.

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50 Greek Names for Baby Boys

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Greek names for baby boys draw their influence from mythology, history, and culture, making them a fitting choice for your little champion. These names often have a unique Greek form that sets them apart from other names. For example, Kostas means “steadfast”, and Andreas signifies “man” and is associated with courage and power.

Some names also have a strong connection to Greek mythology and even to a Greek god. Here are a few examples:

  1. Ajax, a mythological Trojan war hero from Homer’s Iliad
  2. Apollo, the god of prophecy, medicine, music, art, law, beauty, and wisdom
  3. Orion, which means “rising in the sky,” derived from the Greek phrase “ὄριον”
  4. Leon, meaning “lion,” has the same meaning in Greek as it does in English
  5. Perseus, meaning “destroyer”
  6. Hermes, associated with the Greek messenger god
  7. Atlas, named after the Titan who held up the sky
  8. Icarus, meaning “follower”, associated with the myth of Daedalus and Icarus
  9. Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire for humanity
  10. Odysseus, named after the hero of Homer’s Odyssey
  11. Ares, the Greek god of war
  12. Hades, the Greek god of the underworld
  13. Eros, the Greek god of love
  14. Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and metalworking

Other popular Greek names for baby boys with their meanings include:

  1. Achilles, meaning “pain”
  2. Dimitrios, meaning “Earth-lover” and “follower of Demeter”
  3. Adonis, meaning “very good looking or handsome”
  4. Georgios, derived from Greek words meaning “farmer” and “earth worker”. Its origin reflects a connection with the land and nature.
  5. Nikos, meaning “victory of the people”
  6. Christos, meaning “bearer of Christ”
  7. Panos, meaning “all holy”
  8. Stavros, meaning “cross”
  9. Vasilis, meaning “royal, kingly”
  10. Yannis, meaning “God is gracious”
  11. Kostis, meaning “constant, steadfast”
  12. Leonidas, meaning “son of the lion”
  13. Miltos, meaning “red earth”
  14. Nikitas, meaning “unconquerable”
  15. Orestis, meaning “mountaineer”
  16. Petros, meaning “stone, rock”
  17. Spyros, meaning “spirit”
  18. Thanos, short form of Athanasios, meaning “immortal”
  19. Vangelis, short form of Evangelos, meaning “bearer of good news”
  20. Zisis, meaning “life”
  21. Agis, meaning “leader”
  22. Babis, a variant of Robert, meaning “bright fame”
  23. Charalampos, meaning “shine with joy”
  24. Dionysios, named after the Greek god of wine and festivity
  25. Efthimis, meaning “good mood”
  26. Giorgos, variant of Georgios, meaning “farmer”
  27. Haris, meaning “grace”
  28. Ilias, Greek form of Elijah, meaning “Yahweh is God”
  29. Kiriakos, meaning “of the lord”
  30. Lefteris, meaning “free”
  31. Minas, meaning “moon”
  32. Nestor, named after the wise king of Pylos in the Iliad
  33. Othon, meaning “wealthy”
  34. Pavlos, Greek form of Paul, meaning “small”
  35. Sotiris, meaning “savior”
  36. Themis, named after the Greek titan of law and order

These baby boy names convey a sense of strength and significance, making them an admirable choice for your baby boy.

30 Gender Neutral Greek Names

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Gender-neutral Greek names offer flexibility and suitability for any child, irrespective of their gender. Some examples of gender-neutral Greek names include:

  1. Alex, a short form of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind”
  2. Artemis, named after the Greek goddess of the hunt and wilderness
  3. Dion, a short form of Dionysius, named after the Greek god of wine and festivity
  4. Kai, a name of multiple origins, in Greek it means “earth”
  5. Nico, a short form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people”
  6. Phoenix, named after the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes
  7. Sage, in Greek it means “wisdom”
  8. Theo, a short form of Theodore, meaning “gift of God”
  9. Clio, which means “famous” or “glory,” derived from the Greek word “Kleos”
  10. Chloe, meaning “grass” or “small green shoot of a plant”
  11. Kyrie, which denotes “Lord”
  12. Calix, meaning “very handsome” or “chalice,” derived from the Greek word “kallos”
  13. Paris, meaning “the lover”
  14. Echo, which holds the same connotation in Greek as it does in English
  15. Memphis, signifying “enduring and beautiful”
  16. Alexi, which means “defender”
  17. Angel, meaning “messenger”
  18. Dorian, derived from the Greek region of Doris
  19. Eris, named after the Greek goddess of discord
  20. Ira, in Greek it means “peace”
  21. Kelsey, meaning “from the ship’s island”
  22. Leslie, meaning “from the grey fortress”
  23. Morgan, in Greek it means “sea-born”
  24. Reese, meaning “ardour”
  25. Riley, meaning “valiant”
  26. Robin, meaning “bright fame”
  27. Sydney, meaning “wide island”
  28. Taylor, in Greek it means “tailor”
  29. Terry, meaning “people’s ruler”
  30. Tory, meaning “winner, conqueror”

These names, coupled with other gender-neutral alternatives, offer adaptability and allure for your child, irrespective of their gender.

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The Art of Choosing the Perfect Greek Name

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When selecting the ideal Greek name for your child, take into account factors like interpretation, pronunciation, and cultural implications. Greek names present a multitude of options, incorporating those derived from ancient mythology as well as those favored by English speakers and Greeks. Many of these choices are modern Greek names. These names possess a wealth of history and mythology embedded in their melodic intonations.

Considerations when choosing a baby name include:

  • Meaning and origin: Consider the meaning and origin of the name you are choosing for your baby. This can add a special significance to the name and make it more meaningful.
  • Pronunciation: Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and not too complicated. You don’t want your child to have trouble with their own name.
  • Spelling: Consider how the name is spelled and if it might be confusing or difficult for your child or others to spell or write.
  • Popularity: Think about how common or unique the name is. If you prefer a more unique name, make sure it doesn’t become too popular in the future.
  • Cultural significance: Consider if the name has any cultural significance or if it aligns with your family’s cultural background.
  • Sibling names: If you have other children, think about how the new baby’s name will fit in with their siblings’ names.
  • Nicknames: Consider potential nicknames that can be derived from the chosen name and if they are something you would be comfortable with.
  • Initials: Be mindful of what initials will be formed from the first, middle, and last names combined, as it could potentially spell out unintended words or acronyms.
  • Future associations: Think about potential associations with the chosen name in relation to current or future popular culture references.
  • Length of name: Keep in mind that longer names can sometimes be difficult for children to learn how to write and spell correctly at a young age.
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, choose a name that you and your partner both love and feel a personal connection to, as this will be your child’s name for the rest of their life.

Greek Names Are a Great Option

Greek names offer a beautiful and meaningful way to honor your child and pay tribute to the rich history and mythology of ancient Greece. With a vast array of choices for girls, boys, and gender-neutral names, there is a perfect Greek name waiting to be discovered for your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular Greek names for baby girls?

Popular Greek names for baby girls include Alexandra, Chloe, Sophia, Iris, Athena, Ariadne, Penelope, Daphne, Demetra, and Rhea.

What are some popular Greek names for baby boys?

Popular Greek names for baby boys include Achilles, Dimitrios, Adonis, Georgios, Nikos, Christos, Kostas, Andreas, Ajax, and Apollo.

What are some gender-neutral Greek names?

Atalanta, Kassia, Timon, Xan, Clio, Chloe, Tinos, Dion, Kyrie, Calix, Paris, Echo, and Memphis are some popular gender-neutral Greek names.

How can I choose the perfect Greek name for my child?

When selecting the perfect Greek name for your child, consider the meaning, pronunciation, cultural significance, and any relevant family heritage and values.

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