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34 Timeless Baby Girl Names You’ve Forgotten About

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Timeless baby girl names that you may have forgotten about but should be on your shortlist – especially if you’re looking to give your baby a classic girl’s name. Because using a timeless name that isn’t extremely popular never goes out of style, you know what I mean?

These classic girl names feel almost hidden. They don’t make the top 100 baby girl names but when you see them you’re reminded at how feminine and pretty the names are.

I have to admit I love researching and picking baby names in general and there’s something special about timeless baby girl names that make me happy.

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The baby girl names that have made this list are timeless, classic, elegant, and will suit your baby girl while carrying her through to being an adult.

(That’s pretty important!) Some of these timeless names are so beautiful, it’s hard to believe they aren’t more popular!

Choosing one of these timeless baby girl names will check the boxes if you’re looking for something that’s not too popular but you also don’t want to tip the scales and be overly unique with your baby girl’s name.

Timeless and Classic Baby Girl Names


The meaning of this classic baby girl’s name is “worthy of love” or “deserving to be loved”. Amanda reigned in the top 5 baby girl names in the ’80s and I can see why. Amanda is a strong but classically sweet baby girl’s name.

And, since it’s been 40ish years or so since the name Amanda was popular, you have a good chance that no one in your baby girl’s class will have the same name.


Breanna means “strong” which is just perfect for this time in our history, you know what I mean? Breanna is the feminine form of Brian; the spelling is the American version of Brianna.

This classic baby girl’s name is timeless and now I know why – who wouldn’t want to use a baby girl name that means strong, virtuous, and noble?

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Brielle is a French baby name that means “God is my strength”. Looks like this timeless baby girl name is gaining steam – it just broke into the top 100 in 2019 (and we’re not far into the year yet!).


This Irish name means “strength, vigor, power, and virtue”. With a meaning like that, what parent wouldn’t want to give the name to their newborn baby girl?

This timeless baby name was pretty popular in the ’70s but hasn’t been overly popular in recent years which makes it a unique classic baby girl name!


Love the name Evelyn but don’t like how popular it’s become? You should consider the name Carolyn which is actually an Italian baby name meaning “strong”.

(I’m beginning to see why the names on this baby girl list are classic – giving your girl a strong name NEVER goes out of style!)


There is a lot of mixed opinion about what origin Catherine comes from. I’ve seen it referenced as Irish, French, and Greek. Either way, Catherine is a stylish baby girl name that is timelessly classic.

It’s a great choice if you like the names Charlotte and Elizabeth but aren’t keen on giving your baby girl a more popular name.


Chelsea is an English name and has a playful flair to it. The girl’s name is a great choice over popular names such as Olivia and Emma because it has the same kind of appeal without being overly used.

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Christina is an English name and means “follower of Christ”. The girl’s name had some popularity in the ’70s and ’80s but never became one of the top names even in those decades.

This timeless baby girl’s name is always in fashion.


This baby girl name has gained some momentum in popularity over the last two decades but it still hasn’t broken into the top 100.

If you’re looking for a sweet and classic baby girl name this might be a good choice, especially if you like the names, Sophia and Emma.


An often overlooked classic baby girl name, Ellen is a form of Eleanor and means “light”. It’s an old classic baby name and a beautiful alternative to the more popular Ella.


This Welsh baby girl’s name is a classic name that I’m sure you’ve forgotten about! A great alternative to the more popular Hazel, Harper, and Olivia.


If you usually love unique baby girl names why not consider the classic name Heidi? The name means noble and kind and just might be uncommon enough to satisfy your desire for a name, not many little girls have.

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If you happen to love Christmas, this classic baby girl’s name might just be a good choice for your baby girl. Holly also works if you’re looking for a nature-inspired name.


The name Jessica means “God sees”. Jessica is a timeless baby girl name that never seems to go out of style.

While it is not currently in the top 100, it has always remained on the radar.


Jocelyn is an English baby girl’s name and means “playful”. This classic baby girl name has never become overly popular making it a safe but beautiful choice for your baby.

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Julia is a French baby name and means “youthful”. Soft, feminine, classic, and sophisticated – Julia will not disappoint – moderately popular but not overused.

Okay – this is the only timeless baby girl name to make this list AND be on the top 100 – but honestly it’s too beautiful not to mention.


Kendra is an English baby girl name and means “knowledge”. This timeless name is a good pick if you want to steer clear of the more popular Kennedy, Avery or Emma.


Laura is one of those names that will always remain on the classic baby girl name lists.

It’s never been trendy but it’s always had a romantic and feminine appeal – that might make Laura the perfect choice for a timeless and classic baby girl name.


Didn’t love Laura? What about the classic Lauren? Lauren is gaining a bit of steam but still remains out of the top 100 baby girl names.


Lindsey is a classic baby girl’s name that has Scottish origins. Choosing this name is a great substitute for the more popular names Natalie, Emily or Emma.


If you’re truly looking for timeless baby girl names, then Marilyn should make your shortlist. Iconic Marilyn Monroe made this name a hit but it never became overly trendy – which makes it a more unique choice over Evelyn, Madeline or Olivia.


Megan is a name that means “strong and able” making it a great choice for a modern baby girl. Megan is a classic and timeless baby girl name that hasn’t been overly popular in recent years.

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Melissa is a Greek name that means “bee”. Classic and timeless Melissa is a great choice if you love the names Sophia and Isabella but aren’t keen on their popularity.

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Nicole is a Greek name that means “victory of the people”. Nicole has always been a classic name that remains timeless but not too popular. A great alternative to the more popular Charlotte, Emily or Chloe.


Love the names Harper, Peyton, or Riley? Then why not consider the classic name Paige?

It’s playful and a great timeless baby girl name that will carry your daughter into her adult years with flair.


Rachel is one of those timeless baby girl names that can easily get overlooked when you’re researching the perfect name.

It became somewhat popular in the ’70s and ’80s but wasn’t overly trendy.


Didn’t love the idea of naming your baby girl Rachel? Then how about the classic name Rebecca? This timeless baby girl’s name is attractive and fashionable without being too trendy.


Sabrina is an English name meaning “legendary princess” – so it may just be perfect for your newborn princess. Sabrina makes an excellent choice over the more popular Sophia or Stella.


Sarah is one of those classically elegant baby girl names that just never goes out of style. The name peaked in popularity in the ’80s but still remains a classic choice that will always be stylish and girly.


Serena is one classy and feminine name! It’s definitely one of those timeless baby girl names that are left off of many shortlists but it shouldn’t be!

Serena means “calm” which is a great way to start your baby girl’s life.


Pretty and feminine, Susan means “lily”. If you love nature-inspired names, Susan could prove to be a unique take on naming your baby girl after your favorite flower.

Susan was popular decades ago but not enough to be overused.


Vanessa is a Greek baby girls name meaning “butterfly”. The classic baby girl name Vanessa could be a good substitute to the more popular Ava, Sophia or Olivia.


Rounding out the list of timeless baby girl names is Veronica. Veronica might be a classic name but it’s far from boring.

Perhaps Veronica is a good alternative to Victoria or Violet? There you have it!

34 timeless baby girl names you’ve probably forgotten about. Yes, most of these you’ve seen before but they probably don’t come to mind when you sit down to write your baby name list.

Keep these classic choices in mind when you’re talking to your spouse about names for your baby girl. Remember you don’t have to go overboard to give your daughter a unique name that isn’t popular! 🙂

What did you think of the names? Which ones do you love? Which ones had YOU forgotten about? Any classic baby girl names you didn’t care for?

Comment and share below!

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