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62 Unique Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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One of the best parts of finding out you’re pregnant is starting the hunt for the perfect unique baby name for your little girl.

The problem is, there are SO many great names out there and it can become difficult to narrow the list down.

You could follow the latest trends or you can seek out a unique name that stands out – there really is no correct answer.

The key is to make sure you love the name and any nicknames that might come about in the future. 

You don’t want to pick something so unique that your little girl may get made fun of. 

I always caution new moms about going uber unique too – keep in mind you’re naming someone who will be using this name for life.

My hope is that having the meanings along with the unique name ideas will help you make your choice or at least add some to your shortlist!

So, let’s jump in and look at some unique baby girl names with meanings.  

Unusual and Unique Baby Girl Names

Unique baby girl names with origin and meaning

Arla – English background meaning strong or strong woman. (love this!)

Poppy – Latin background meaning red flower.

Harper – an English name that means harp player.

Lila – Latin background meaning night, beauty, or dark beauty. In the end, you can count on this name meaning “beauty”.

Samantha – English and Hebrew origin – means God heard.

Lily – English background and means innocent, pure, and beauty. The lily flower.

Hope – An old English name that means a positive expectation or having hope. The virtue of hope.

Laura – Latin name that means the symbol of victory and strength.

Susan – derived from the Greek word meaning lotus flower.

Aria – means Lioness in Hebrew. It can also mean air or treasure, “of high value”.

Amber – an Arabic name that means Jewel.

Savannah – is of Spanish origin; it means treeless plain. 

Juniper – Latin background; that is a tree name.

Aurora – Latin background; meaning the Goddess of the Dawn.

Sage – Latin origin meaning wise.

Clara – Latin origin meaning light or clear.

Violet – Latin origin meaning purple or blue flower.

Ivy – English baby name meaning faithfulness.

Asher – The Hebrew meaning of Asher is “happy”.

Stella – Of Latin origin meaning “star”.

Nova – Latin origin; means “new”.

Tegan – the favorite or loved one. 

Rosaleen – beautiful little rose.

Sierra – this name has roots in the Spanish culture and is thought to mean strength and groundedness.

Layla – means light.

Sharon – Hebrew name meaning “a plain or flat area”.

Crystal – this is an English baby name that means “jewel” or “ice”.

Mara – Of Hebrew origin that means “bitter” but can also mean “strength”. 

Autumn – A feminine name derived from the Latin word autumnus that means “fall”; this name has been in the top 100 names in the US since the ’70s.

Sadie – Of Hebrew origin meaning “princess”.

Blair – Of Scottish Gaelic origin that is actually a surname. It means “plain”, “field” or “battlefield”.

Valentina – Of Latin origins meaning “healthy, strong”.

Summer – An English feminine given name that means “the warm season”. (Makes sense, haha!)

Haley – Is an old English name that means “hay” or “clearing”.

Giselle – Of French origin meaning “bright pledge”.

Vara – Of Hebrew origin and means “blessings”.

Harmony – Of Latin origin and means “concord”.

Naomi – of Hebrew origin and means “pleasantness”.

Hayden – Welsh name meaning “fire”.

Vivian – Of Latin origin meaning “life”.

Ella – Is the short form of Ellen or Elenor and means a beautiful fairy or light.

Greta – Of German origin meaning pearl.

Tia – Is a Greek name and means “goddess”.

Quinn – Is a Gaelic name meaning counsel.

Peyton – Is of Irish origin meaning patrician; noble.

Sheila – Of Latin origin meaning heavenly or of the heavens.

Alina – Is an old German name meaning “little and noble”.

Piper – Of English origin and was originally a surname that meant someone who played the pipes.

Sasha – Of Russian origin meaning to “defend men”.

Nelly – This is an English baby name meaning “shining light” or “most beautiful woman”.

Sienna – Of Italian roots meaning “delicate”.

Raquel – Is a Hebrew name meaning “innocent”.

Shayla – There are many origins to this baby girl name; the meaning is “question”.

Paige – Of English origin meaning “young servant”.

Brianna – Is a Celtic baby name meaning “strong”.

Julia – Of Latin origin meaning “youthful”.

Rosalind – There is a lot of history for how this name came to be but the meaning is “beautiful rose”.

Reagan – Of Irish origin and was commonly a surname and means “the king’s child”.

Jules – Of French origin and means “youthful”; it’s a unique baby girl’s name that is similar to Julia.

Everly – This Old English name means “from the boar meadow”.

Sabrina – Is a Latin baby name meaning “river”.

Audrey – Is an English baby girl’s name that means noble and strong.



Did you like this list of unique baby girl names with meanings?

Choosing a name for your baby should be fun and we hope you’re inspired by this list. 

Share with us – is there a name on this baby girl’s name list that stuck out to you?

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