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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for the Whole Family

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If you are looking for pregnancy announcement ideas, most likely you just found out that you are pregnant. Congratulations mama, before you know it you will give birth to a beautiful girl or a boy!

I’m sure that you are super excited to share the news with your family and your friends as soon as possible. I totally understand it! But first, it can be fun to think about some unique ways to tell them. This way, you can make this event more memorable for your loved ones.

Today, I will help you decide on when to announce your pregnancy, and I will also show you a few cute and funny pregnancy announcement ideas.

When you should announce the pregnancy

pregnancy test

Usually, most women wait until the second trimester to announce that they are expecting a baby (around 12-14 weeks into the pregnancy). This is because by then the ultrasound will confirm that everything is okay with the baby and the risk of miscarriage is also significantly lower.

It is up to you when you would like to share the news with your loved ones and colleagues. But it is always better to be careful and wait until the end of the first trimester.

However, some pregnant women wait even more with the pregnancy reveal, until 20 weeks so they can announce the sex of the baby as well (maybe they’re waiting for the holidays to announce or another gathering). While others tells everyone right away- there’s no right or wrong way!


A few useful tips to share the news

Before we jump right into the pregnancy announcement ideas, there are a few tips regarding the announcement you may find helpful:

  • You can tell the news to your partner as soon as you find out you are pregnant. They should be the first person you announce your pregnancy to.
  • Tell your loved ones first. Your family members would be disappointed (probably) if they get to know the news from a friend or colleague who is not as close to you- of course this depends on your family dynamic though too
  • Don’t announce it if you are not ready yet. Your friends may find it strange that you are not drinking alcohol anymore, or you have nausea in the morning but it doesn’t mean that you need to disclose your pregnancy. You will tell them when you feel the right time has come.


Pregnancy announcement ideas for your partner

pregnancy announcement ideas

Are you ready for those creative ideas? Then let’s see them.

Mommy – Daddy T-shirts

The Mommy and Daddy T-shirts are classic ideas and never get old. All you have to do is to order a T-shirt for you with the text “Promoted to Mommy est. 2021” and for your partner with “Promoted to Daddy est. 2021” (or 2022). Or it can be a simple shirt that says “Mom” and “Dad” too. When the T-shirts arrive, place the Daddy version on your boyfriend’s or husband’s side of the bed. Then, as soon as he takes a look at it and reads the text, walk inside the room wearing the Mommy T-shirt. He will be surprised! Then you can wear them together to your next family get together or during the maternity photo shoot too! 

You are going to be a Dad mug

Does your partner drink a big cup of coffee or tea every morning? Then why not leave a secret message for him in the mug? Some creative mugs have a text at the bottom saying “You are going to be a Dad”. Such a simple yet fun idea! You can use this for any coffee lovers in your life that you want to share you news with too- it’s especially a big hit with grandparents. 

Mommy-to-be wine label

The next idea is wine labels. Order a customized wine label that is saying “Drink this for me, I’m a Mommy-to-be. We are having a baby!” Then, when you are having dinner with your partner, hand over a bottle of wine with this label and ask him to open the bottle. He will be in shock when he reads the label!

Big sister – Big brother T-shirts

If you already have kids, you can simply dress your children in “Big sister” and “Big bro” T-shirts.

Just imagine the face of your partner when he comes home after work and he sees the kids in these clothes. Such a nice way to announce that the little sister or little brother is coming soon!


Announcement ideas for your parents

Pregnancy announcement ideas

We are having a baby spoon

If you can deliver the good news to your parents in person, it’s a lovely way to do that by using customized spoons. First, order some “We are having a baby” spoons and ask your parents to come over to your home for dinner. Then, instead of the regular spoons, place these special spoons on the table and wait until they realize what is written on them.

Send a scratch-off card

In the case your parents are living far away or you can’t visit them because of the pandemic, you can still send them a lovely scratch-off card. It is one of the simplest ways to tell them that they will be grandparents!

Customized wine label

A customized wine label is a great idea for future grandparents as well. You can easily make your own at home or you can order one from the internet.

My favorite is the label with the text “Pairs well with becoming grandparents. A sweet baby is on the way!”. Your parents’ reaction will be priceless when they read the text!

Grandma and Grandpa T-shirts

Another great way to announce a pregnancy is to give Grandma and Grandpa T-shirts to your parents. If you can’t give them in person, simply send them by post. They will appreciate the gifts and your efforts!


Announcement ideas for other family members, friends, and colleagues

pregnancy announcement ideas

Because of social distancing these days (although restrictions are loosening daily here in the U.S.), it may be a little complicated to share the good news with other family members, friends, and some of your colleagues. If you can meet them, you can choose from the following ideas:

  • Wear a T-shirt with the announcement
  • Give an auntie T-shirt to your best friend
  • Surprise them with a quail egg that contains a secret message “We have a baby on the way”.
  • Bake a cake and write on it “We are having a baby”

However, if you can’t visit them, you can still send them a creative pregnancy announcement card, make a video call, or send them a lovely photo in a private message (for example, about you wearing a Mommy-to-be T-shirt, or a photo with the pregnancy announcement and the baby’s due date).

Ideas for pregnancy photo announcements (for social media, text, email, or even printing and mailing) are also endless and can be very clever. 


Hopefully, by now you are inspired enough to design your pregnancy announcement. But keep in mind that you should not stress about it too much. It can be super simple as well! Your loved ones will be happy for the news regardless of the way you choose to tell them that you are expecting a baby. We always kept our announcements super low key for this reason- because the news was the most exciting part of course! 🙂 

Did you like our pregnancy announcement ideas? Which one is your favorite? What announcements have you used? Let me know in the comments!

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