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50 Fun and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas You’ll Love

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Once you get a positive pregnancy test, it’s time to wait for the answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries. You’ll likely wonder what your child’s personality will be like and what their future might hold. Your only clue appears when your OB-GYN asks if you want to know if your baby is a boy or a girl.

Your baby’s biological sex is the first thing you learn about them. It’s an exciting moment that many parents want to celebrate with their favorite people because it makes everything feel real. Check out these gender reveal ideas to figure out what your future party might look like and how you can make it happen.

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Tips for Planning a Gender Reveal Party

Use these tips to plan a gender reveal party with ease. It shouldn’t be a stressful experience, so these steps will make it a dreamy experience.

1. Find a Gender Reveal Theme You Love

When someone wants to plan a birthday party, they pick a theme to tie their decor, snacks, and activities together. Gender reveal ideas could be anything from a color palette to a time period, like a 90s-themed birthday.

You’ll want to browse gender-reveal ideas for the same reason. Your gender reveal theme makes choosing minor details easy, like baby-themed games and decor.

2. Give Everyone Advanced Notice

Gender reveals happen anywhere between the five-month and eight-month mark. It’s essential to decide if you want to know your child’s sex and throw a gender reveal party so your planning can begin in your first trimester. Your guests will need advanced notice anyway, as they may have to reserve time in their calendars during busy periods.

3. Make Your Guests Comfortable

No matter how cool of a gender reveal idea you choose, parties are no fun if your gender reveal party guests are miserable. Keep them comfortable with enough seating in areas where you’ll eat or play party games. You should also create a basic menu that caters to everyone’s dietary needs.

Ask for their allergies on RSVP cards and note if anyone has health conditions, like pregnancies. You can provide alcohol-free drinks to avoid passively peer pressuring anyone to imbibe when they don’t want to (including the mama-to-be). Even small amounts of alcohol can cause bone defects and other adverse health effects for fetuses.

50 Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

When you’re ready to check out gender reveal ideas, start with this list. You’ll find diverse options, from creative gender-reveal ideas to fun and unique gender-reveal ideas.

1. Create a Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun gender reveal idea. Indulge your inner detective with a gender reveal scavenger hunt. Print cards with riddles for your guests to solve and place the corresponding clues around your party venue. When they reach the last clue, it can reveal the gender with colors or text.

2. Host a Group Vote

For a low-key gender reveal idea, pass around strips of decorative paper and pens while chatting over snacks and beverages. Everyone can write which sex they’re predicting for your baby and place them in a jar. Tally the results to confirm the correct sex and award prizes to the winners.

3.  Hit a Piñata

You might want baby gender reveal ideas that surprise you, too. Ask your doctor for the gender in a sealed envelope and hand it to someone you trust. They can order a piñata with pink or blue confetti in it.

Add this idea to your to-do list and get newborn essentials like onesie sleepers to prep for your baby and your party. A shop will need time to prepare your piñata as ordered.

4. Pop a Balloon

It’s easy to fill a giant balloon with blue or pink confetti that matches your baby’s gender. You can do it yourself to surprise your guests or ask someone to do it for you. You’ll get great photos of the confetti exploding and make fun memories at your party with this fun gender reveal idea.

5. Drizzle Syrup on Snow Cones

Summer is the perfect time for snow cones at a gender reveal party. Ask someone to fill bottles with pink or blue syrup. As long as you can’t see through the containers, everyone will cheer when it’s time to drizzle the syrup over the crushed ice in decorative cone cups.

6. Slice a Cake

Sometimes the most traditional party themes are what people want for baby gender reveal ideas, like a gender reveal cake. You can always ask a bakery or friend to make a cake that reveals your baby’s gender. For this simple gender reveal idea, the cake flavor could hide under white icing or it could contain candies that fall out when you remove the first slice.

7. Release Balloons

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Use the giant package that held your baby’s new crib and request that someone tapes balloons inside. When you open the box at your party, the pink or blue balloons will rise from it while tape or a weight holds their strings down (don’t let them fly into the air and pollute local areas).

8. Smash Some Cupcakes

Cupcake gender reveal parties can happen in a few different ways with the following gender reveal ideas. You might bite into cupcakes with your partner or loved ones and reveal the pink or blue cake inside. Some couples also smash cupcakes into each other’s faces to find the cake color inside.

9. Paint Your Bump

If you know your baby’s sex, paint your bump pink or blue. You can create any design you like and reveal it after a countdown at your party. Make it an extra cute and creative gender reveal idea by painting handprints, bows, or baby shoes.

10. Scoop Ice Cream

Reveal your child’s gender with strawberry or cotton candy ice cream. You can scoop it into unmarked pint containers and hand it to your guests. Everyone will open the containers simultaneously to enjoy a sweet treat and an even sweeter surprise.

You could hire an ice cream truck if you have a bigger budget for the gender reveal party. The owners could open the truck’s window and reveal the menu or pre-scooped ice cream cups to celebrate your baby.

11. Start a Water Balloon Fight

Anyone can dye water and use it to fill white or neutral-colored balloons. Ask your guests to wear white shirts and shorts they don’t mind getting dirty. As the balloons explode on everyone, you’ll watch blue or pink water splash on your clothes. This is definitely one of the most unique gender reveal ideas on the list!

12. Blow Bubbles

Bubbles are another cute gender reveal idea. Dyed soap will transform into bubbles as you blow into wands. Ask others to join you to create a pink or blue bubble storm, especially if you have older kids who want to participate.

13. Dance to a Special Song

Songwriters often write their lyrics about a daughter or son. Ask someone to pick a song that matches your baby’s gender and play it at your party. You can have a first-dance moment with your partner while it plays or dance with your loved ones for a unique gender reveal idea.

14. Spray Silly String

Order silly string in neutral-color containers and have a gender reveal silly string war. The string itself will be blue or pink. On the count of three, everyone at your party can spray each other to discover your baby’s gender.

Remember to buy extra cans in case a few are defunct. It’s good to practice this parenting hack so you can handle any situation later on, like stocking a change of clothes in your car in case your child gets muddy at the park.

15. Reveal a Framed Photo

Print a picture of you and your partner or family and ask someone to put it in a frame that matches your baby’s gender. They can hide it under a baby blanket and lift it away to reveal the baby’s sex at your party. You can also use specific gender reveal picture ideas, such as the couple dressed in a blue or pink, holding an object, etc. 

16. Stick Handprints on Your Shirt

You can also stick tiny handprints on your shirt with gender-matching paint and help from someone with small hands. Ask your older child, a neighbor’s kid, or a niece or nephew to make the craft possible and keep the gender a secret until you show everyone your shirt at your baby gender reveal party.

17. Explode a Volcano

This is definitely one of the cool gender reveal ideas in the list. Indulge your inner scientist by making an exploding volcano. You only need a bottle and clay to make the base before mixing food coloring and vinegar.

Pour the mixture into the bottle and wait until everyone’s ready at your party. You can drop baking soda into the volcano to watch a blue or pink explosion.

18. Solve a Crossword Puzzle

Free online generators can create crossword puzzles with the words of your choice for a gender reveal party. Generate one that uses the words “boy” and “girl.” Your baby’s gender can appear once or twice more than the wrong gender.

Everyone should count how many words they found after finishing your puzzle. Tally the results and reveal the correct gender for a fun puzzle party.

19. Dye Your Hair

Anyone who loves wearing new hair colors can dye their hair and hide it under a hat at their gender reveal party. While the dye settles in your hair, you can continue your evening routine, like sipping a beverage to reduce your acid reflux or starting your nightly skincare routine.

Pull off a hat whenever you’re ready for the reveal with all of your loved ones. If you’re worried about the chemical ingredients, talk with your doctor. The American Pregnancy Association recommends waiting until the second trimester for hair treatments but deems them safe.

20. Crack Fortune Cookies

It’s easy to order custom fortune cookies, so place an order with your baby’s gender inside each one for a tasty gender reveal idea. You can throw a Chinese food party or host everyone at a local restaurant and open the cookies together. This theme takes care of gender reveal food ideas and creativity all at once. 

21. Open Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls are lovely pieces of decor that look great in nurseries. You can take one apart at your party to reveal your baby’s gender with the miniature doll hidden inside. You’ll always remember the moment when you see the nesting doll on a nursery shelf.

22. Toss Some Tennis Balls

A friend or family member could get bags of tennis balls in the color of your baby’s gender. Ask your guests to bring their dogs for a pup-themed gender reveal party in your living room or backyard.

Whenever you’re ready, a friend could dump a kiddie pool filled with the pink or blue tennis balls. The dogs will go crazy while everyone cheers.

23. Open an Armoire

If you plan to have an armoire in your baby’s nursery, move it into your living room or yard for your gender reveal party. People can fill the rack with blue or pink baby clothes and watch as you open the doors to discover your future child’s gender.

24. Hire a Fireworks Expert

Research local or nearby fireworks companies to see if they can light fireworks in a park. You can enjoy a sunset party with grilled food before the professionals light blue or pink fireworks. You’ll get great pictures and stay safe while having the gender reveal party of your dreams.

25. Dance Under Confetti

You could sit in a special chair or dance with your partner while your favorite song plays during your party. Ask someone to activate an electric confetti popper over your head to shower you with blue or pink confetti that matches your baby’s sex.

Dancing is another way to get your cardio in while you’re pregnant. You can enjoy some gentle moves to maintain your strength and remain ready for a walking routine that supports your post-partum fitness goals.

26. Tour Your Home

Have friends and family decorate the inside of your home with party decor matching the baby’s gender while you’re out of town or running errands. When you arrive home, your gender reveal party guests will wait for you and cheer when you step inside. Don’t forget to record the moment to save the sweet memory of the baby gender reveal party on video.

27. Open a Shoe Box

If you’re one of the many people who love shoes, celebrate your baby’s gender reveal with a shoe box. For this simple gender reveal idea, someone who knows the gender can buy a pair of blue or pink shoes and place them in an unmarked or decorated shoe box. You’ll discover the gender after opening the box and gain a cute pair of shoes for your baby.

28. Enjoy a Dessert Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are having a moment, so take advantage of their popularity at your gender reveal party. Your guests could bring out one or more charcuterie boards with gender-themed desserts like pretzels dipped in pink chocolate, strawberries drizzled with blue chocolate, or other blue or pink candies.

29. Hit a Golf Ball

If you love golf, order a golf ball with powder that matches your baby’s gender. You could hit the golf ball in your backyard or on a local green and watch the powder float in the air. It’s a great option if you want the gender to be a surprise or if you want to surprise your family.

30. Open an Umbrella

Host a beautiful party inspired by spring rain showers by ordering a big clear umbrella. Someone can dump dyed water over you so pink or blue water drips off the edges. Make the umbrella extra big if you pose with your partner or older kids who want to be part of the baby gender reveal.

31. Order a Custom Name Balloon

When you already know which names you love for your future child, tell whoever is helping you plan your gender reveal party. Pick one name for a girl and one for a boy, then ask them to order the name that matches the gender in the sealed envelope from your doctor’s office. A restaurant manager will help them decorate a private room with the balloon name and other decorations so the gender reveal happens when you walk into the room.

32. Throw Darts Together

For a unique gender reveal idea, fill small balloons with blue or pink paint and arrange them on a plywood board in your backyard. You can throw darts to pop the balloons and reveal your child’s gender as the paint splashes across the grass. Ask your partner or a loved one to join you for extra fun.

33. Put a Spin on a Gallette des Rois

Someone can make a no-bake pie and put a tiny blue or pink baby inside it. Hunt for the plastic baby with your mouth while your hands are behind your back. You can do it yourself, with your partner or alongside your guests at the party. It’s bound to be messy but fun!

34. Try a Blindfolded Taste Test

A loved one can bring your favorite dessert for your gender reveal taste test party. With a blindfold covering your eyes, bite into a cookie, cupcake or another dessert dyed to your baby’s gender. You’ll have to guess the color or flavor before removing the blindfold and discovering the answer.

35. Shoot an Arrow

Archery fans might want to shoot an arrow at a paint-filled balloon on a plywood board. It’s the perfect blend of sport and fun. You could also fire an arrow at another breakable object, like a vase of flowers with dyed water or a tank of water.

36. Aim Your Super Soakers

Your happiest memories might include super-soaker water fights with your best friends. Invite them to your party and have them fill the soakers with strawberry or blueberry juice. When everyone starts laughing and spraying each other, you’ll quickly learn your baby’s gender. If you don’t want to get sticky while learning the baby’s sex, try dyed water instead. 

37. Swing a Baseball Bat

Many people reveal their child’s sex by swinging at a breakable baseball. Order one filled with blue or pink dust so it explodes on contact. You could host the party in your yard or on a public baseball field.

38. Perform a Song

Anyone who loves musical theater can perform their favorite song, play the guitar, or sing with their partner or friends. After your performance ends, everyone can toss pink or blue flower petals on your makeshift stage.

39. Go Backyard Bowling

Set up bowling pins in your backyard and use a ball to crack them open. You could even start a competition in your backyard and switch the regular pins for the breakable ones before your last frame. Blue or pink dust will float from the knocked-over pins and surprise everyone.

40. Reveal a Christmas Tree

If you’re hosting your gender reveal party during December, give it a Christmas theme. Your friends can decorate a small tree with pink or blue decorations and lights before hiding it behind a doorway or blanket. When you open your eyes on the count of three, you’ll see the gorgeous reveal that matches the season.

41. Host a Costume Party

Halloween parties are always a blast. Give your gender reveal event a Halloween vibe by revealing your baby’s gender to your guests in costume.

They can wear pink or blue costumes and wait for your arrival. The reveal happens when you walk into the room and see their creative clothing. If you are revealing to the party instead, then you can dress up as a couple in a creative color scheme. 

42. Turn on the Lights

Fairy lights lend a magical glow to any room. You could hang pink or blue lights around your party venue and wait until nightfall to turn them on. The surprise lighting will dazzle your guests and double as nursery decor if you want to move the fairy lights there afterward.

43. Open a Gift

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You can always open a gift that’s seasonally themed as well. Unwrap a gender-neutral box to find a pink Christmas ornament or a blue beach towel. You just have to give your doctor’s gender reveal envelope to a loved one and ask them to find a present that matches it.

44. Drop Bath Bombs Together

Mini bath bombs are available at most stores that sell bathroom supplies. Ask someone to find one that looks gender-neutral but fizzes pink or blue.

You can order one for each guest and drop them into bowls or cups of water simultaneously. The fizzing water will turn a color that matches your child’s gender.

45. Sip on Straws

Gender reveals are also fun with bendy straws. Order the kind that changes color as you drink cold beverages. You and your guests could drink from straws that turn pink or blue at any venue or themed party.

46. Light Sparklers Together

Some sparklers look like gray charcoal sticks but dazzle with pink or blue shimmering lights when lit. A loved one could order a box so you can burn it and discover your baby’s gender. Have someone snap photos as the sparkler lights so you get a scrapbook of incredible pictures.

47. Collect Gender Reveal Candles

Artists often sell gender reveal candles through their websites or small shops. Find a few to compare prices. When you light the candle, the wax will melt and show letter beads that spell your baby’s gender.

If you love a quick craft, you can also make candles at home with wax, essential oils and beads with letters. You could make candles to surprise your guests or ask a loved one to make one for you.

48. Get Grandma and Grandpa Involved

Guests often assume that the couple will reveal their baby’s gender. Create a surprise twist by asking the baby’s grandma and grandpa to do it instead. Everyone will think you’re about to open a sweater and reveal the gender on your shirt underneath, but the grandparents will do it to shock everyone.

Give them shirts privately at home or ask them to put them on while blindfolded. It depends if they want to be part of the surprise or know beforehand.

49. Do a Scratch-Off

It’s easy to order a custom scratch-off sheet with your baby’s gender underneath. Make it match your party’s theme and ask everyone to scratch off the top layer simultaneously. You could even make it a race to see who finds the gender first.

50. Knit With Your Friends

If you love to knit with your friends and family, ask them to bring their favorite needles to your party. They can pick from pink and blue yarn baskets before knitting blankets for the next hour. After the hour ends, someone can lift a finished blanket from a hidden basket and reveal the yarn beneath that matches your baby’s gender. 

You could also crochet if that’s your preferred craft. The point isn’t to finish the blankets, though you could keep any completed ones if you’d like. The point is to have fun with your favorite people doing the hobby you all love.

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Plan the Ultimate Gender Reveal Party

Consider these fun gender-reveal ideas as you plan your party. Whether you want to be part of the surprise or plan the surprise for your loved ones, everyone will have fun celebrating the baby you’re so close to meeting. And before you know it, you’re sweet baby will be here, so celebrate and enjoy the anticipation of this special time. 

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