maternity shoot ideas

Maternity Shoot Ideas

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful period in every mom’s life. However, sometimes it might also be very frustrating and uncomfortable to be pregnant (or for some moms- a lot of the time!). Being 7 months pregnant with our second baby right now, I am feeling all the feels that come with a growing belly in the middle of summer while chasing a toddler. Anyone else? 🙂 

But believe me, if you don’t already know, that it will all be worth it when you give birth to your baby and get to finally hold them. Am I right?! 🙂

So you should not miss capturing in photos the beauty (and okay… hardships) of expecting a baby. To take the best photos possible, all you need is some creative maternity shoot ideas. And don’t worry mama, I’ve got your covered! 

Today, I brought you a few pregnancy photoshoot ideas that you will love. Regardless of which trimester you are in, you will definitely find some concepts to try out.

17 amazing maternity shoot ideas

1. Use a letter board

You can easily add a playful element to your pregnancy photos by using a letter board. Letter boards are extremely trendy now on social media because people can share short, creative messages on them. And you could also do the same! Write some funny text about your pregnancy on the board and pose with it in your hand. Then, it’s also a great thing to have on hand for those newborn photos too! 

2. Ask your partner to be in the photo

pregnancy photo ideas

As your partner must be as excited as you about your baby’s arrival, the photo shoot can’t be complete without them. Take a few photos together to capture these lovely moments together.

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3. Silhouette

One of the best and simplest maternity picture ideas is a silhouette. To take a shoot of your silhouette, wear something comfortable that shows your belly and place your hand(s) on it. The photo can be simple black and white, or if you are looking for a more special view, go to the beach at sunset and shoot against the sunlight. It’s the perfect spot for a breath-taking silhouette photo!

4. Use floral elements

Using floral elements in maternity shoots is a classic idea that never goes out of fashion. You can add a wreath or several flowers to your hairstyle, or depending on the scene, you can set the atmosphere by sprinkling plenty of petals on the ground, bed, or bathtub.

5. Indulge in your hobby

pregnancy photoshoot ideas

If you love spending time with your dog, reading, cooking, or crocheting, why don’t you indulge in these activities and take a few photos of yourself when enjoying your hobbies? Regardless of your hobby, this way, you can have some great photos that truly represent your personality.

6. Have matching outfits with your partner

The next one on our list of maternity shoot ideas is having matching outfits with your partner. It’s a classic concept that can perfectly represent the harmony between you and your partner. All you have to do is to choose the same clothes with your boyfriend or husband (for example, clothes in the same color or with the same patterns) and have fun while taking the photos. You can choose themed shirts with fun or cute sayings too. 

7. Compare your bellies

If you are looking for something funny, consider comparing your pregnant belly with your partner’s “non-pregnant” tummy. 🙂 In case you already have kids, they can also participate. You will love the result!

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8. Be spontaneous and take some candid photos

You don’t necessarily need professional poses for having great photos. Sometimes being spontaneous can bring the same or even better results. Try to take some candid photos while you are simply resting at home, spending time with your partner, etc. This way, you can capture the moments of a loving relationship and harmony.

9. Take some photos in the nursery

maternity picture ideas

If the baby’s nursery is ready, you can take advantage of the beautifully designed setting. A perfect place for taking some cute maternity pictures!

10. Be romantic: kiss

If you would like to focus on your relationship with your partner, the best is to capture some feelings. You can kiss, or you can ask your partner to kiss your belly. These gestures represent warm feelings and show that you love and support each other. Of course, if you already have kids, they can also join and kiss or hug your baby bump.

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11. Include your pets

In case you have pets in the family, you should not forget about them. They also deserve a little spotlight, especially now that very soon, they will get less attention because of the baby. So try to get your cats and dogs in those photos, you won’t regret it.

12. Pose with baby clothes and toys

maternity shoot ideas

You can take great photos while posing with baby clothes and different kinds of toys. You can use, for example, some baby shoes, tiny baby T-shirts, onesies, a teddy bear, or other toys. When it comes to your clothes, you can opt for a dress or even some nice, cozy pajamas. Choose a color of pajamas or dress that contrast the baby clothes you’ll be holding for an extra pop. 

13. Get sporty

Are you and your partner fans of the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, or some other team? Then show your love of sports in your maternity photos as well. Wear a T-shirt or a hoodie with your favorite team’s logo, and hold a baby jersey in your hands! It will look so lovely!

14. Make it funny

During pregnancy, you can experience some crazy food cravings and other quirky habits. You can also include them in your photos for later laugh-worthy memories. Whether you are craving ice cream, pickles, mangoes, or some weird food combinations like Cheetos dipped in yogurt, you may want to keep these memories with you after your baby’s arrival as well. Looking back at these pictures, you will find them extremely funny!

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15. Take a milk bath

maternity shoot ideas

The next idea requires a lot of flower petals. You can create a stunning photo if you take a milk bath while being surrounded by petals. These kinds of maternity photos are quite trendy nowadays. Looking at the result without any doubt you will say that it’s worth the effort!

16. Choose a stunning scenery

If you have a big open field, forest, or lake near you, it may be a good idea to take some photos there. You can wear a beautiful dress (or even a gown) that shows your belly. In breath-taking scenery, only amazing photos can be taken! 🙂

17. Sit on your front steps

By sitting and posing on your front steps, you can make your pregnancy photos look extra homey. It is also a comfortable choice for you because you don’t have to travel a lot to find a perfect spot for the photo shoot.

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There you have it. Now you are ready to get your maternity photoshoot done. Hopefully, you found these pregnancy photo ideas inspiring and you will take many stunning photos that you will love. Thankfully, these days anyone can take a decent photo- and even edit it- with a smart phone. If want them to look professionally polished- also consider hiring a photographer- you won’t regret either option! 

But keep in mind that you should not stress so much about the photos. The important thing is to enjoy the whole process: your pregnancy and the photo shoot itself as well. The photos are only extras! 🙂

Which maternity shoot ideas did you like the most?

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