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14 Baby Items That Are Always Better to Buy Used

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Is the expense of raising a baby truly as high as commonly portrayed? While the prevailing belief is filled with financial concerns, its accuracy hinges on personal spending choices and susceptibility to the persuasive appeal of marketing campaigns that encourage fulfilling every parental desire for a successful motherhood experience.

I’m here to tell you kids do not have to be expensive. There are a lot of baby items you can avoid completely, while others you can find super cheap used. If you have a tight budget or hate spending unnecessary money, check out these 14 baby items to always buy used.

1. Baby Clothes

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Buying used baby clothes is a smart choice because babies grow incredibly fast and often outgrow their clothes before they even have a chance to wear them out. OR they destroy them within minutes with a big blowout. By purchasing used clothing, you can find gently used items at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Many parents sell or donate clothes that their babies have outgrown, so you can often find high-quality items that have been worn only a handful of times- so keep an eye out at your favorite local thrift store, garage sales, and online marketplaces.

2. Certain Toys

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Babies and toddlers go through toys quickly as they explore and develop their motor skills. Buying used toys allows you to save money while still providing your child with a wide variety of toys to play with. Although, keep in mind that newborns really don’t need toys, and most babies are happy with exploring household items (keys, kitchen utensils, water bottles, etc.).

Many used toys are in great condition and have plenty of life left in them- look for easy-to sterilize toys. Additionally, buying used toys gives you the opportunity to try out different types of toys (yes, babies have preferences) without making a significant financial commitment.

3. A Library of Books

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Babies and children benefit greatly from reading, and books are a must-have item for their development. Used books can be an excellent option because they are significantly cheaper than new ones.

Many parents sell or donate their children’s books once they have outgrown them, which means you can find a wide selection of gently used books at thrift stores, online marketplaces, or local parenting groups. Buying used books allows you to build a diverse and engaging library for your little one without breaking the bank.

4. Playards or Playpens

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Playards or playpens provide a safe space for babies to play and explore while giving parents a moment of peace. They’re also a great place to sleep at home or on the go when traveling.

These items are relatively expensive when bought new, but you can find them in great condition when purchased used. Many parents use playards for a relatively short period of time, so used ones are often in excellent shape. By buying a used playard, you can save significant money without compromising safety or functionality.

5. Cloth Diapers

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Used diapers?! It’s not as gross as it sounds since they can be easily sterilized.

Cloth diapers are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers. Used cloth diapers are often in good condition, and you can find them at a fraction of the price of new ones. Just ensure that the used diapers have been properly sanitized and are free from any damage.

6. Swings

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Baby swings are a popular item for soothing and entertaining little ones. However, they are often used for a relatively short period of time before babies outgrow them or their preferences change. Some can also be quite expensive.

Buying a used swing can save you a significant amount of money while still providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your baby. Many used swings are in excellent condition and have plenty of life left in them, making them a practical choice for budget-conscious parents.

7. Mini Baths

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Baby bathtubs are easy to find used. Baby baths are another item used for a limited time as babies transition to regular bathtubs. Since they are not used for an extended period, buying a used baby bath is a great way to save money.

Look for gently used baths that are clean and in good condition. Additionally, consider purchasing a bath support or a bath seat, which can be easily cleaned and sanitized before use.

8. Strollers

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Strollers are essential for parents on the go, but they can be quite expensive when bought new. Opting for a used stroller can be a smart financial move. Plus, then you won’t feel guilty if you decide you don’t like a certain style of stroller and want to find a different one (resell it and find another used one!).

Many parents sell or donate strollers that their children have outgrown or no longer need, which means you can find high-quality used strollers for way less. Ensure that the stroller is in good working condition, with functional wheels, brakes, and safety features.

9. Nursery Furniture

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Furnishing a nursery can be a significant expense, but buying used furniture can help you save a substantial amount of money. Cribs, changing tables, dressers, and gliders are all items that you can often find in excellent condition when purchased second-hand.

Look for sturdy furniture that meets safety standards, ensuring that any necessary parts or hardware are included. With a little patience and careful searching, you can create a beautiful nursery without overspending.

10. Baby Carriers

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Baby carriers provide a convenient, hands-free way to carry your little one while keeping them close. Buying a used baby carrier can be a practical choice, as many carriers are gently used and still have plenty of life left in them. It’s essential to inspect the carrier for any signs of wear, check the straps and buckles for functionality, and ensure it is clean and in good condition.

Purchasing a used baby carrier allows you to enjoy the benefits of babywearing while saving money. Plus, it gives you more freedom to test a few out before deciding what you and your baby like best.

11. High Chairs

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High chairs are a staple for feeding babies and toddlers, but they can be costly when purchased new. Opting for a used high chair can be a wise decision, as they are often available in great condition at a fraction of the original cost.

Many parents sell or pass on high chairs that their children have outgrown. When buying a used high chair, ensure it is sturdy, has all the necessary safety features, and can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

12. Crib and Bassinet

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Cribs and bassinets are essential for providing infants safe and comfortable sleeping space. While safety standards for cribs have evolved over the years, it is still possible to find used cribs and bassinets that meet current safety guidelines. You can save money without compromising safety by purchasing a used crib or bassinet.

Ensure to carefully inspect the crib or bassinet for any signs of wear, check for recalls, and ensure that it comes with all the necessary components, such as mattress support and safety rails. Plus, make sure you purchase a new mattress to go with your crib.

13. Baby Monitors

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Baby monitors offer peace of mind for parents, allowing them to keep an eye and ear on their little one from a distance. Buying a used baby monitor can be a cost-effective choice, especially since many parents upgrade to newer models or no longer need them as their children grow.

Look for used baby monitors that are in good working condition, have a clear reception range, and include all the necessary components, such as the monitor unit and the receiver. Additionally, consider models with video capabilities or additional features that suit your specific needs (if wanted).

There are plenty of items to buy used and save big. But there are some things you want to buy new, such as a car seat, crib mattress, and breast pump.

Remember, when buying used items for your baby, prioritize safety and functionality. Thoroughly clean and sanitize all items before use, and ensure they meet current safety standards. By being diligent and informed, you can save substantial money while still providing your baby with essential items.

14. Anything That Can Be Cleaned

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In the end, any baby items that can be sanitized well and reused is up for grabs. Never be afraid to ask friends or families to borrow items they still have laying around “just in case” they have another. That way you can try different things and find what works before baby changes their mind again anyways

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