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As a pregnant mom, you know it’s just the time to give yourself lots of pampering and take care of your growing belly (and baby). With that in mind- What could be better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday?!! (Especially since it can all be done from the comfort of your own couch!) I love me some good deals on items that I need anyways (like all the baby deals for black Friday) or to get all my holiday shopping done on a practical budget.

Here are some of our favorite deals – all aimed at moms-to-be. A lot of these are must haves for pregnancy regardless of whether it’s Black Friday or not. So you’re in luck getting them at historically low prices! 🙂

Our FAVORITE Black Friday Deal!

mama natural birth class

The Mama Natural Birth Course @ 25% off!!!!

Feeling nervous about your upcoming birth? The unknown can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be with the right preparation. Trade anxiety for confidence to get the best birth experience possible.

This is both a reader favorite (and one of my favorites too!). It was such a great way to prepare for the birth of my second daughter a few months ago. I can’t recommend it enough. 🙂

And it’s not just for mamas wanting to go natural or in a birth center. This course is the gold standard when it comes to online childbirth education. Seriously! Over 20,000 expecting mamas have already taken the course with phenomenal results.

Here’s why you’re going to love this birth course

  • It’s 100% evidence based, 100% online AND it’s FSA / HSA / HRA-eligible. 
  • Thousands of mamas have completed the course and gone on to have successful unmedicated childbirths 
  • It will help you show up to birth with a sense of calm and peace so you can achieve the birth of your dreams 
  • Plus much, much more…


AND Mom Blog Life’s Own Amazing Deal!!

The Ultimate Pregnancy Printable Bundle @ 40% off

the ultimate pregnancy bundle

We are offering our top selling printable bundle for 40% off (that a $10 discount). This is our biggest discount of the year so don’t miss out on getting this deal for yourself or a friend (printed and put in a folder is a great holiday gift for any expecting mom). You don’t need any code, just make sure you purchase between 11/26 and 11/30 at 11:59 pm EST.

This bundle includes over 50 pages of value packed information for everything from baby prep and labor prep to baby shower games and pregnancy nutrition. And the Mom Blog Life community is raving about it for how much this secret weapon in their hand to help them prepare!


Other Birth Class Deals

A birth class was hands down the best investment I made with my pregnancies to help me prepare mentally for the birth of my girls. Seriously though, I can’t imagine having given birth without the insight and confidence I gained (you can read about my recent birth story here!)!!

Not sure which class is right for you? I have a full article that reviews each here.

KOPA Prepared Plus Online Birth Course @ $50 off

kopa birth class

I LOVE this class taught by a mom of 6, labor nurse, and Lamaze certified birth educator. This KOPA class was the one that I utilized the most with my most recent birth. It’s packed full of practical tools for natural pain relief (even if you plan to get interventions- you will still be laboring at home!). I used her breathing techniques throughout my labor and I’m so thankful I had the knowledge and practice that she offered. AND, her Plus class is packed with tons of useful bonuses for pregnancy nutrition, postpartum care, baby care, and more.

It’s my personal favorite and I found it worth every penny! And you can get $50 off with code: kopa-black-friday


Birth It Up Series @ 25% Off with Bonuses

birth it up

This is a great basic review of birth, interventions, insight and more. All created by a very sweet mom and labor and delivery nurse, Liesel Teen. It’s the cheapest class out there that still packs in all the valuable information you need. Plus, it has tons of awesome free resources and lifetime access so that you can review it again if/when you have another baby (most offer only a 1 year membership). She even recently updated all of the class content. Plus, it now includes a section on baby care too (a must have!). You can choose from 3 different series: Natural, Interventions, and C-section.

Don’t forget to use code: BLACKFRIDAY. And if you purchase by 9 PM EST on Saturday (11/27) you will get e-cookbooks for both Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.


Pulling Curls Online Prenatal Class for Couples: 15-20% off!

pulling curls couples class

If you plan to get interventions and want a quick paced review of everything- this course is for you. Hilary is always updating her course and offers the best insight for hospital based births with interventions. She as a fun, sassy, no BS kind of personality that many people love. She’s offering 15% off all her courses (no code needed). Mom Blog Life subscribers have special access to an additional 5% in their BF/CM email- so watch our for that!! (Not a subscriber? Opt in here.)

>>>> GET 15% OFF THE CLASS HERE <<<<

Other Favorite Classes for Pregnant Mamas

Many of us spend a lot of time preparing for birth and getting items for baby. But what happens when they actually get here? A lot of us forget to prep for the whole post birth scene 🙂 I know I did with my first! I was like- oh crap, I have this tiny human to take care of now and I’ve never done this before- ha! Thankfully, motherly instinct kicks in. (And my mom was gracious enough to take my calls at all times of the day with questions.)

A few quick tips from these industry favorites can help you get started on the best possible foot!

The Mama Natural Guide to Newborn Essentials

I watched this class before my second daughter and there was a lot of information I wished I’d had with my first! Simple tips (and printables) on sleep schedules, feedings, common health issues, and more from experts in each field. (The sleep tips were a live saver for me for sure.) It was just the right dose of information from trusted experts, without feeling totally overwhelming.


The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class by Milkology: 30% Off

breastfeeding class

This the best breastfeeding classes I’ve taken.  Breastfeeding might be natural- but it certainly isn’t easy for most new moms (I personally was NOT ready for how hard it was!) This class covers all the basics in an easy to digest format with lots of great resources for further reading and questions to help you start your breastfeeding journey as smoothly as possible. She also offer classes individually on exclusive pumping and pumping for working moms!


Wondering if you need a birth class? Check out the awesome benefits here!

Get some basic newborn newborn tips here.

The Milky Mama’s Postpartum Plan @ 30% Off

milky mama postpartum plan

When that beautiful baby is born it’s important to take time to rest, heal, and bond. Yet, at some point you’ll probably start wondering what you can do to get that baby weight off (when you’re ready). This mama’s program is a great straightforward way to get on track with nutritious meals that boost milk supply and exercises that restore strength to the core and pelvic floor.

I personally love all of her unique and yummy smoothie, soup, and salad recipes (because I tend to get bored and reach for things that aren’t so healthy when I can’t come with an idea.) Don’t forget to use the code BLACKFRIDAY for 30% off!



We can’t close out a Black Friday/Cyber Monday article for pregnant moms without talking about some awesome products that are on sale this week! I included ALL of my favorites that make life as a pregnant mama just a little bit easier 🙂 

The Perfect Pregnancy Plan @ 30% Off

perfect pregnancy plan

This program bundle covers both optimal nutrition and exercise during pregnancy (something I know I struggled with big time when I had nausea and fatigue!). It’s formatted into easy to follow categories that you can read at your own pace. Again, I love Allie’s recipe ideas best! They helped me finds foods that actually sounded good that were also beneficial for my growing babies. Use code BLACK FRIDAY for 30% off!


Earth Mama Organic Sitewide 30% off Sale

Earth Mama Gift Guide for Everyone

I absolutely love these products! Their eczema lotion has been a game changer for my 2 month old’s skin. And my 3 year old loves their foaming soaps during bath time. This year they have thoughtfully curated boxes for pregnant moms, mamas, babies, winter health, and more! Again, we love their baby soaps and eczema cream for keeping away those bumps when a baby is snuggled up against me in the carrier quite often.

>>> GET 30% off during the 3 day Cyber Monday Sale <<< Use code SpecialDelivery30

Undercover Mama: 50% off sitewide PLUS buy one get one

Black Friday BOGO! 50% Off site-wide (prices discounted on site) plus Buy One Get One FREE with code BOGO at Undercover Mama

I need some nursing tanks BAD so I will definitely be shopping this sale (all the ones I bought with my first daughter are super worn out!). The undercover mama has amazing maternity and nursing tanks, dresses, and shirts in tons of colors. They also offer coverage for when you need to pump in public or if you’d like to wear your regular bra (with the underwire cut out) through pregnancy.


Amazon Site Favorites

Of course, Amazon will have a lot of great deals throughout the month and specifically for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To see my favorites that you can snatch off your registry (or add to your registry)- look at my Favorites List here.

Don’t Miss Out!!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday only come once a year! Sure, there will be other sales. But most companies save their best deals for this time of year. Don’t drag your heels and miss out on a product that can make pregnancy a little bit easier (because, pregnancy and motherhood are awesome- but also a lot of work!).

What is your favorite deal we listed above? What else would you have added for pregnant moms?!!

Note: I am affiliate with all of these programs and get compensated at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting Mom Blog Life by purchasing your favorite products! 🙂