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Milkology Review: Is it Worth it?

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Breastfeeding is one of the most natural ways to ensure your child’s health, but getting the hang of it takes time and patience. 

Despite being a rewarding experience, motherhood also comes with its fair share of difficulties- one of them is often breastfeeding your baby. When you breathe a sigh of relief after giving birth and finally holding that beautiful baby, you may not realize that nursing your newborn will likely be more challenging for you and most new mothers.

When I was expecting my first baby, I was prepared for the labor but did not take a breastfeeding class, believing breastfeeding would come naturally. And while it is definitely a natural activity, since it’s also brand new for you and baby- it takes some time to adjust!

The Importance of Breastfeeding Prep

As a mom that struggled for the first several weeks postpartum as I tried to feed by first born, I wish I had known about resources like Milkology. While I don’t think it would’ve fixed my breastfeeding problems, it would have helped me feel more prepared to deal with them. And perhaps, give me more realistic expectations for those first few weeks and months.  

If you are a new mom or a mama-to-be and your nursing experience is not going as smoothly as you have imagined (or you’re not sure what to expect), hang in there as I will share my two cents on all the Milkology courses by Stacey Stewart. (Hint: they’re awesome!)

If you’d rather read books about breastfeeding, see our of my favorites here: The Best Breastfeeding Books. If you are preparing for birth, you can also get access to a breastfeeding class with either of these awesome online birth classes too!

Regardless of how, some type of formal breastfeeding education is a must!

Start with Milkology Free Online Breastfeeding Class

Milkology offers a Free Online Breastfeeding Class for expectant and new mothers to help them address any fears. Once registered, expect to receive five days’ worth of daily educational lectures. This is a great way to get some valuable information and decide if you like Milkology’s format of teaching.

What to anticipate from the course

  • Where to locate your support network.
  • How to get ready for nursing when pregnant.
  • How to increase milk production
  • And much more.

Plus, don’t forget to browse the blog for tons of other useful information.

The 5 Courses That Milkology Offers

Here is the list of featured courses Milkology has to offer. You can choose one depending upon your needs and level up your milk-making experience. 

  1. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class
  2. The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class
  3. The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class
  4. Pump it Up
  5. Master Your Milk Supply

Let’s get started and do an in-depth look at each one.

Milkology- The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class: Is it Worth it?

Most everyone around you will advise you to breastfeed your child (when possible), but nobody will ever tell you how difficult it can sometimes be.

I think this is where a lot of the guilt comes from when moms struggle with breastfeeding or they aren’t able to at all- because we haven’t set realistic expectations for what it takes to breastfeed. This is why breastfeeding education can help immensely.

Here is what Milkology can offer you as a pregnant or new mom:

  • Milkology’s Ultimate Breastfeeding Class is succinct (making you a breastfeeding pro in just 90 minutes). 
  • It is thorough and covers all the little aspects of the breastfeeding process (this type of education is empowering!).
  • You can attend the online breastfeeding class from the comfort of your home without worrying about styling yourself, as we all understand that being a new mom can make it a struggle to come out of your PJs some days. 
  • The class explains common mistakes new mothers make that hinder a smooth breastfeeding process.
  • It tells you the best positions to get an effective latch and reduce pain from awkward postures.
  • Moms won’t have to worry about their budgets while attending the session because it is very reasonably priced. 
  • Explains how to increase your milk supply, weaning details, and much more.

You can benefit from the class if:

  • You are expecting your first.
  • Nursing your child seems like a daily struggle for you.
  • You are nervous about breastfeeding your soon to be born baby.
  • You didn’t have a great breastfeeding experience with your firstborn (and expecting another).
  • You want to discover some incredible nursing ideas and refresh your breastfeeding journey.

Don’t forget the bonuses:

The course also includes a few bonus items to simplify breastfeeding. (Thanks, Stacey!)

  • Use Milkology Ultimate Class Notes as a resource if you cannot fully absorb the material presented in the videos. Read the printout whenever you need it by keeping it with you as a quick reference.
  • The “Little Black Book of Secrets,” another bonus item, offers 50 tips for successful breastfeeding (coming right from a licensed lactation consultant).

Are there any Cons?

Honestly, there’s really nothing bad to say here or complain about.

Since the course consists of 13 video lectures, the biggest issue is finding time to concentrate while taking the course. This might be difficult for any moms with kids running around demanding full-time attention.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class

Leaving your little ones behind for transitioning back to work can be stressful, especially when breastfeeding your baby. You might also be worried about declining milk production, which might end your breastfeeding journey. We’ve got you, mama!

The Back-to-Work Pumping Class by Milkology is a godsend for working moms. This online video course will effectively prepare you for transitioning back to work without interrupting your breastfeeding routine. 

Additionally, the bonus items included in the course make it even more worth mentioning.

The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Course Highlights

  • Again, this course is online, so you can watch the lessons without leaving home; no need to come out of your PJs.
  • Discuss what pumping supplies you should use to pump milk without hassle (not all pumps are created equally).
  • The course involves guidelines for the safer storage of milk and preventing it from getting wasted.
  • Four valuable ways to build a freezer stash of milk, so your little one doesn’t run out of breastmilk when you are away.
  • Strategies to maximize your milk expression and what you should do in case of milk supply dropping.
  • Guidelines to talk with your employer to help you continue your breastfeeding happily and smoothly.
  • The class also mentions your legal rights while pumping milk at your workplace.
  • The best thing about Milkology courses is they’re super affordable rates. This makes it easy to enroll and ensure your back-to-work process is as smooth as possible. 


   The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class by Milkology

For some women breastfeeding on tap is not an option for various reasons, such as pain, latching difficulties, or baby preferences. However, if they have a milk supply, they can feed their baby if they are willing to pump. When you breastfeed your baby from pumped milk only- this is called exclusive pumping. And a surprising number of women do it- and it takes a special level of dedication too.

Exclusively pumping your breast milk isn’t nearly as efficient as a baby’s suckle. So, it isn’t as easy to maintain a good supply if you are pumping. If you are unable to nurse your child but, at the same time, want to provide him with breastmilk, Stacey offers an Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class to make the process simpler.

This step-by-step class comprises 11 online videos- informative enough to make you a pro at exclusively pumping in just 90 minutes, Milkology claims. 

Highlights of the Course

  • Getting to know and choose the best pump for your pumping needs.
  • Concentrating on increasing milk production by utilizing two straightforward tactics
  • Storing milk effectively to lock in all the nutrients.
  • Specifies how frequently and for how long you must express yourself.
  • Provide advice on how to make this procedure less unpleasant as well as emotional support (often the hardest part of exclusive pumping).
  • The training covers what to anticipate regarding baby weight, diaper output, etc.

Pump it Up Class by Milkology

Want to level up your milk pumping game while saving time and money? This Pump, it Up class, is for you. Being a mother is a full-time job, but if you are an employee thinking of rejoining your work after maternity leaves or need some time away from your baby occasionally, this course will help you pump up more ounces of milk. 

Highlights of the Course

  • The course consists of five simple lectures that walk moms through step-by-step instructions for pumping 50% more milk.
  • Highlights the mistakes that women make that affect the production of milk.
  • Things you should include in your diet to increase the amount of breastmilk you produce.
  • Excitingly, the course comes with unique bonuses, such as a printable PDF with all the advice you need for starting bottle feeding and valuable instructions for milk storage.
  • I immensely enjoyed the breastfeeding superfoods recipe book, which included delicious recipes, another bonus item.

      Master Your Milk Supply Course by Milkology

When you breastfeed, many women constantly worry about whether their baby is getting enough milk, adequately fed, and all his nutritional needs are being met. Let’s say goodbye to those fears with a ‘Master Your Milk Supply Course.’ 

What to anticipate from the class

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Is Milkology Right for Me?

Any form of breastfeeding education can help you in your journey. Milkology is an easy and digestible way to get this information. Now that we’ve reviewed each course, you may be wondering which class is best for you. Let’s quickly review so you can pick the right one:

  • The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class- for anyone that wants an intro to breastfeeding and prepare for nursing a baby.
  • The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class- for moms that will have to return to work while they’re still breastfeeding their babies.
  • The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class- any mom that wants to pump and feed their baby efficiently with less stress.
  • Pump it Up- any mom that plans to pump and wants to maximize their milk output (for work, date nights, etc.).
  • Master Your Milk Supply- any mom struggling with milk supply or that has a fear of not providing enough milk.

Remember, Milkology Offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Given the information you now have about the Milkology breastfeeding classes, I hope you can choose the one that will work best for you and your child. Moreover, Stacey is so sure that her classes will transform your milk-making experience.

If not, Milkology offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the class. So there’s no risk involved to try one out.

The Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastmilk is the perfect food for baby, with just the right balance of nutrients and antibodies. Plus, it strengthen the immune system and helps keep baby healthy well into their lifespan.

According to experts, moms should exclusively breastfeed their infants for six months, then continue to do so while introducing a few new items to their diets. However, according to CDC estimates, while most newborns (84.1%) began nursing, only 58.3% of babies continued to do so at six months.

Why is this? Most likely from lack of support and stress.

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Breastfeeding Education is Key to Success

Breastfeeding education ensures that you are going in the right direction with your nursing journey. It helps maintain that connection with your little bundle of joy while providing him with the best nutritional needs. According to the World Health Organization, “breast milk is the best food for all babies, including premature and sick babies. To ensure proper and adequate breastfeeding, mothers must be provided effective training”.

In a perfect world, support should come from your partner, doctor, pediatrician, and friends. Plus, you should always consult with a lactation consultation if you have any concerns. But, this doesn’t always happen. Having a resource like Milkology can be a great supplement too- and its a lot more efficient than “Googling” everything.

What breastfeeding resources do you recommend? Have you tried Milkology? Did you like it? I’d love to hear!

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