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The Best Experience Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

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Choosing gifts for our family members and friends is never easy. Going from shop to shop, looking for the perfect Christmas gift can be exhausting (and may not even be possible this year!). This holiday season surprise your loved ones with the best experience gifts and long-lasting holiday memories.

I can’t imagine a worse feeling than realizing that those who are most important to you have never used the gift you have chosen for them. Has this happened to you? For me, it feels like a punch in the gut!

That’s what I love about experience-based gifts. I can avoid giving gifts that people don’t use because I give experiences and not potentially useless stuff.

Also, it makes the decision easier when I have no idea about what I should give to someone.

Let’s dive into the best experience gifts so you can give a unique experience this year!

experience based gifts

Best experience gifts for adults

Alice’s Table Gift Card

best experience gifts

Alice’s Table (not an affiliate link) is such a lovely initiative.

If you buy a gift card, your loved one can choose from the many events offered by Alice’s Table.

For the chosen event farm-fresh flowers will be delivered to the home of the person you want to surprise. Then in an exclusive virtual masterclass, Alice will teach her how to create a beautiful arrangement in a vase.

Depending on the events, there are many opportunities from creating wreaths to decorating a floral foam.

Alice has a masterclass for kids as well, so your children can also enjoy the arrangement of flowers.

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America the Beautiful National Park Pass

Christmas experience gifts

For your nature lover friends or family members, the America the Beautiful National Park Pass may be a great choice. (Not an affiliate link, just my favorite gift of all time!)

More families than ever have chosen to get out and explore more of their own backyard. So what a perfect way to support that for a small fee!

The Pass is valid for 1 year and covers the entrance fees to all National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands for one car.

They can even visit show stopping parks like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone for free!

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Hello Fresh Gift Card

Hello Fresh

The joy of cooking can bring the whole family together. Therefore, I like that I can give fun cooking experiences to the people I love.

The Hello Fresh Meal Kit contains great recipes and the fresh ingredients they will need to prepare the meal.

It is possible to choose from different plans, such as Family Friendly, Quick and Easy, Meat and Veggies, or even Pescatarian.

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Wine Subscription Box

best experience gifts

Everyone has at least one friend who loves wine. I’m sure they would appreciate Vinebox’s gift options (not an affiliate).

You can choose from 6 months (2 boxes) or 1 year (4 boxes) subscription. Every box delivered to their home contains 9 different kinds of wines.

After the arrival of the box, the real wine-tasting experience can begin!

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Date Night in Box

Date Night in Box is my personal favorite.

With Date Night in Box, you can give a complete date night experience for a couple without the need of leaving the house. And this one may be a great advantage now during the pandemic!

Depending on the theme, the box includes interactive activities, snacks, accessories for a good ambiance (for example candles), and recipes. The good mood and the long-lasting memories are guaranteed!

The boxes are delivered monthly. (Note- there are also options for family fun too!)

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Cloud 9 Living

Cloud 9 Living is one of the best experience gift ideas because it is comes with a wide variety of options.

If you know that you would like to give an experience gift but you can’t choose from the many opportunities, you can buy a gift card at Cloud 9 Living.

Cloud 9 Living offers a lot of experiences, for example, adventure, flying, driving, spa, sightseeing, getaways, etc. all over the country.

Surely, the recipient of the gift will find something interesting among the offers.

Home Workouts

If you are looking for a great gift for a fitness-loving friend, then BeachBody On-Demand was made for you!

There’s a reason that Beachbody is one of the top home workout platforms on the market. It has a great variety of options to keep your friend or family member totally psyched about their workouts!

Plus, online home workouts are very useful now when in many countries gyms are closed because of COVID-19.

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Escape Kit

escape games

Escape rooms can be among the most exciting Christmas experience gifts for a whole family- and now they you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

Escape Kit’s real-life escape games make all the family members and friends work together. They will need their best problem-solving skills to escape from the room. But at the same time, they will have fun as well.

Get an Escape Kit this holiday season (you can choose different themes and age groups!), and bring some adventure to your relative’s life!

Airbnb Gift Card


For endless opportunities, buy an Airbnb gift card for those who are important to you. (sign up with this link and you’ll get up to $65 off your first stay!)

Airbnb offers not only places to stay during a vacation, but also unique activities with the participation of local experts both online and offline. For example, you may find cooking lessons, surfing, dancing, songwriting, etc. all over the world.


best experience gifts

Imagine that your favorite singer or actor is wishing you Merry Christmas this year. It would be a huge surprise, wouldn’t it?

With Cameo (not an affiliate link), you can give this unique experience to your loved ones as well. You can ask their favorite celebrities to create a personalized video.

Cameo also has its own Santa, so if you would like a message from Santa, you can get it.


Best experience gifts for kids

We Craft Box

experience based gifts

The We Craft Box is perfect for a day of crafting with your little ones.

Children will love these boxes as they have different themes for getting their creative juices flowing each month.

The founders of this box are passionate about inspiring creativity in our kids- and I couldn’t think of a more fun way to encourage this!

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Think Outside Boxes

Think Outside

Think Outside (not an affiliate) is such a great way to get the children away from the screens. They can discover the outside world with the help of these boxes.

The monthly delivered boxes contain outdoor gears, educational booklets, and resource cards. Kids can explore nature through many activities.

The boxes have different themes, for example, navigation, star gazing, or shelter building.

For ages 4-8 with parental guidance and participation, kids from 9 years can use the box independently.

Amazon Book Box

Amazon Book Box

Subscription boxes are always a good choice for children because it feels so good to see them waiting for the arrival of the new box every month.

Every Amazon Book Box contains 2 hardcover books or 4 board books depending on the kid’s age. Hardcover books for ages 3-12, and board books for 2 years old children or those under 2.

Perfect choice for book-lover children!

Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box

best experience gifts

The Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box offers the opportunity for 6-12 years old children to learn new skills (coding, problem-solving, persistence, and typing) while having fun. Every month new coding projects are delivered in the boxes.

Every box contains a “Grownup Guide”, so you can help your kids solve the exercises. Also, there is unlimited email support which can be super useful!


Will you give experience gifts this year? If yes, what?

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