best high chairs for baby led weaning

Best High Chair for Baby Led Weaning: Top 9 Picks

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Seeing your child reach his milestones brings you tremendous joy as a mother. With that said, you must also decide on a few things for your child at each milestone. One of these is baby-led weaning, which involves introducing solid meals to your baby’s diet when he hits the six-month mark, and you want to make this transition as smooth as possible.

When my first child turned six months old, I knew I had to use the baby-led weaning approach because of its many advantages. It promotes sound feeding habits and hand-eye coordination and allows the baby to explore various flavors and textures at his own pace. And now as a 4-year-old, she is an adventurous eater that loves to try new things!

Because of this, I knew that choosing the right high chair would be important. I was looking for high chairs that were sturdy and simple to clean because of the mess that comes with baby-led weaning. 

If you’re in the same situation as me and searching for the best BLW high chair, keep reading because I’ll list my top 9 picks in this blog along with all the necessary details; including which features to keep in mind and the different types of high chairs you should consider to help you make the best decision for your child’s ease and safety.

Best High Chair for Baby-led Weaning: Top 9

  1. Most accessible to Clean BLW High Chair: Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite 3-in-1 Convertible High Chair
  2. The Best Wooden High Chair for Babies: Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray
  3. The Best Aesthetically Pleasing Adjustable High Chair: Tripp Trapp High Chair from Stokke
  4. Best Affordable High Chair for Baby-led Weaning: Ikea ANTILOP Highchair with Tray 
  5. Best Dishwasher Safe high Chair: Boon GRUB Dishwasher Safe Adjustable Baby High Chair 
  6. Best All-rounder High Chair: Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair
  7. Best Foldable High Chair: Primo Cozy Tot Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair & Toddler Chair
  8. Most Fun Chair for Baby-led Weaning: Infantino-Grow-Convertible-High Chair
  9. Best Space Saving High Chair: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

If your baby is almost six months old, it’s almost time to start introducing solids into their diet. And there’s a good chance you’re trying to decide between baby-led weaning vs. purees, so to clear up any confusion, let’s first know what baby-led weaning is.

What is Baby-Led Weaning?

Baby-led Weaning or BLW is the approach to initiating a relationship with solid food for your baby that starts with finger foods instead of purees. In BLW, the baby must be at least six months old and be able to sit, preferably with little support. The baby, by this stage, usually shows an interest in adult food and is ready to start digging into baby-safe foods (aka- ones that are soft enough). However, it is recommended to consult with your pediatrician before you begin the baby-led weaning process.

Contrary to popular belief, BLW is not a new trend. Parents have employed this strategy for many decades. However, with recent research, we know it’s an effective method to start kids off on a healthy lifestyle, which will carry over as they grow into children and adults.

Mothers who practice the baby-led weaning route realize what a blessing it is to know that their child can self-feed without much supervision and in appropriate quantities. In addition, the baby gains an appreciation for food and typically favors nutritious foods, lowering the risk of obesity and the disorders that result from it.

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What to Look for in the Best BLW High Chair?

Below are the features you should remember while choosing the best high chair for baby-led weaning.

  1. Easy to Clean

Your baby will spend most of his time on a high chair feeding himself, and you will be spending time wiping it down. You wouldn’t want one that will require much time and effort to clean. Ensure the high chair has a few nooks and crannies that you can easily access if the food particles get trapped. For a hassle-free experience, you may also choose a high chair that is dishwasher safe. Additionally, if you buy a high chair with a cloth cover, make sure it is easy to remove and washable. However, I won’t recommend using a high chair with a lot of fabric. You’ll want to choose one with a wood, plastic, or metal frame because nothing is quicker and more effortless to wipe down than that.

  1. Sturdy and Safe

You always want safety for your children, and selecting the best high chair is no different. To avoid falls or injuries, ensure the high chair has a safety strap that is simple to fasten and unfasten. It should be able to carry your baby’s weight without tripping over. An ideal high chair features a three- or five-point safety harness. Additionally, ensure the chair has no tiny openings where a baby’s delicate fingers could snag and get hurt. 

  1. Comfortable and Cozy

The best high chair should be comfy and not make your baby feel tired while sitting. It should create a 90-90 seated position, which means that the knees and feet are placed flat on a footrest making a 90-degree angle. It allows unrestricted air passage and blood flow while keeping your child in a position that reduces the risk of choking. A perfect feeding position for your child!

  1. Durability and Longevity

Choose a high chair that will grow with your child because your infant uses one when they are six months old and may continue to do so until they are two years old or older. Many sturdy options are available that you can convert into a booster seat or an adult seat later as your child grows. Carefully read all the instructions to adjust the chair according to your developing toddler’s needs.

  1. Size and Design

Pick a high chair that complements your space the best. You will want to buy a booster-style seat that hooks onto the table or counter or one that you can strap onto one of your chairs if your kitchen or eating space is small. Consider a foldable high chair that you can conveniently fold and stow when not in use if you have a smaller space. 

Another aspect we moms want in high chairs is aesthetic appeal and decor compatibility. The good news is that you can get baby-high chairs in various sizes, hues, and styles to best suit your requirements. 

  1. Versatility

Another essential feature that you need in your BLW high chair is it should have a removable tray and seat height adjustments. This way, you can carry the chair to the family table so the baby can enjoy mealtime with the family, and the tray makes it easier to catch any food that might fall off. 

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The Best Chair for Baby Led Weaning: Top 9 Picks

  1. Best for Cleaning- Ingenuity SmartClean

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The ingenuity trio 3-in-1 high chair comes with wipeable material and a dishwasher-safe tray making the cleaning process a breeze. Additionally, the convertible design is 

what makes this high chair a special one. You can get this as a full-size high chair for baby-led weaning at six months, and it can be transformed to a booster to a toddler chair. (what else you could ask for?). 

As for safety, the five-point harness ensures that your little one is secure and can enjoy his food in peace. The tray is removable, making it easier to clean, and has four locking positions to adjust the needs of your growing baby the right way. Not just that, the seats and tray are dishwasher safe. You can wipe down the seats after every feeding or choose to put them in the dishwasher. 

Another notable feature of this BLW high chair is that it can cater to the needs of two kids at once. Use the booster for one child and the toddler seat separately for another. The feeding chair also has a comfy pad to ensure the child’s comfort. 

What I Like Most

  • Sturdy and easy to assemble
  • Super convenient to clean
  • Grows with the baby
  • Removable and dishwasher-safe tray
  • The simple and excellent design fits in any home setting
  • A soft seat and footrest add more comfort.

What I Don’t Like

  • It can’t be folded, taking up a lot of space.
  • Buckles and straps may be hard to remove for washing.

Get the Ingenuity High Chair HERE

  1. Best Wooden Chair- Abbie Beyond Wooden High Chair

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Abbie Beyond high chair is one of the best wooden high chairs because of its versatility and durability. In less than 20 seconds, the high chair’s simple design enables easy conversions from a baby high chair to a toddler seat or a regular dining chair for all ages! The chair grows with your baby; you can use it from when your kid is six months old until he weighs up to 250 pounds. 

The ergonomic design permits height adjustments and footrests to support the child when he is small, ensuring safety. You can remove the tray and use the chair as a traditional dining chair when you want your baby to enjoy mealtime at the table with the rest of the family. The high chair comes with a three-point safety harness and can be transitioned to a five-point harness depending on the needs. 

Meal times with infants can be notoriously messy, so this chair comes with a dishwasher-safe tray cover. Moreover, waterproof soft cushions can be easily wiped clean and remain dry after accidental spills. Another remarkable aspect is that because of its sturdiness, occupational therapists suggest this high chair to kids with special needs.

What I Like Most

  • Height adjustments are simple and quick.
  • It comes with three and five-point safety harnesses 
  • Adjustable footrest for tiny babies and toddlers
  • Easy to clean seat pad and removable tray

What I Don’t Like

  • Smaller nooks and crannies where the food can get stuck
  • The tray is sometimes tricky to remove
  • Seat height can’t be adjusted.

Get the Abbie Wooden Chair HERE

  1. Best Looking- Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

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This Stokke Tripp Trapp chair is one of the most popular baby items among parents due to its timeless and stylish design. However, it is a little pricier, especially if you want to get your hands on the accessories you want to go with your chair. A five-point harness is also included in the chair to ensure the infant’s safety. So, regarding versatility and durability, I believe this chair is worth the money.

The chair grows with your baby, beginning at his birth. If you buy a newborn set, you can safely use it for your infant until he reaches 20 pounds. The adjustable positions create a nest-like environment for your little one. 

Next, when your baby reaches his six-month milestones, and you need to transition him to a high chair, for this stage, you will need a Tripp Trapp chair and a baby set. This high chair is suitable for babies from six months until three years. 

Then when your baby no longer needs a high chair, you can remove the tray and use the chair as a traditional dining chair where your child can sit with everyone else and enjoy his meal.

The maximum weight this high chair can hold is up to 300 pounds. Moreover, if you buy a complete set, it comes with a Tripp Trapp chair, Baby Set & Classic Cushion, plus the Stokke Tray. The Baby Set has a harness, backrest, rail, and extended gliders. You’ll have to purchase the tray that fits the chair separately. 

What I Find Most Likeable

  • Aesthetic appeal fits any environment
  • Flexible and strong
  • Durable; can be used for years to come

What I Don’t Like

  • Overall expensive- you must purchase the accessories separately, increasing the cost.
  • Cleaning the safety harness straps might be challenging.

Get the iconic Stokke Chair HERE

  1. Most Affordable- Ikea ANTILOP High Chair

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This Ikea high chair is your finest choice if you need a sturdy chair for your baby and want to stay within your budget. In addition to being economically priced, the chair has a simple design that is pleasing to the eye and makes cleaning easier. All you need to do is wipe it down after each feeding, or even take the tray off and wash it in the sink or dishwasher.

Another great feature of this chair is that it is easy to disassemble, and you can carry it anywhere you want. You can use this high chair until your baby is three years old, and the chair can hold about 30 pounds of weight.

When your kid no longer needs a high chair, remove the tray, and bring the chair to the dining table so your baby can accompany you at mealtimes. However, the chair does not have a footrest, which most kids are fine with. Overall, this chair is best suited as the second chair to be kept at grandmom’s place or outdoors. 

 Things I Like the Most

  • Easy to assemble/dismantle 
  • Affordable
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Easy to clean

Things I Don’t like

  • You have to take off the legs to store it
  • No foot rest attached
  • Seat height is not adjustable
  • It comes in only one color, not suited to every home decor
  • It can’t be used beyond the toddler years

Get Your IKEA chair HERE

  1. Best Dishwasher Safe Chair- Boon Grub High Chair

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I knew for a fact that this revolutionary Grub high chair by Boon has to be on my list of best high chairs for baby-led weaning. Not only is this chair appealing to the eyes and converts to a toddler chair in a flash, but you can also put the whole seat (Yes, WHOLE) and tray into the dishwasher. The pad is also washing machine friendly, and there are no crevices to catch the food particles adding to the mess. Seriously, cleaning a BLW high chair has never been this easy. 

The chair grows with your baby with an adjustable tray and five points adjustable footrest to give your child comfort and safety. Also, when your child is ready to transition to a toddler seat, the Boon Grub comes in handy. This three-in-one convertible high chair can be used from six months to six years, holding up to 50 pounds. 

Plus, the chair has a bib hook at the back to keep clean bibs ready for your little one. 

Things I Like The Most

  • Ease of cleaning, Dishwasher safe
  • The three-size setting from six months to six years
  • Modern, stylish design

Things I Don’t Like

  • A little pricier than some models
  • The tray is hard to remove with one hand.

Get Your Boon High Chair HERE

  1. Best All Around Chair- Graco Blossom Baby High Chair

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Graco Blossom 6-in-1 highchair is well-known among parents because of its safety features, highly convertible adjustments, and unmatched convenience. The chair grows with your family with infant to toddler seat adjustments depending upon your growing child’s needs. 

This high chair for baby-led weaning is unique in its multiple seating options from infant to toddler; the innovative design allows two babies to use the chair simultaneously. The Graco Blossom chair seamlessly transforms from an infant high chair to a toddler high chair, an infant booster, a toddler booster, and a youth chair. 

The leather seat pad is reversible so that you can choose between two colors according to your liking. The pad is also wipeable and machine washable for easy clean-up. Moreover, the tray is removable and dishwasher safe; the chair also has a pull-out tray insert that is super easy to clean. To fit your baby’s age and needs, the chair offers a three-point and five-point safety harness. 

What I Like the Most

  • Simple to clean
  • It is possible to seat two infants at once.
  • The unique 6-in-1 convertible feature
  • Detachable tray with one hand

What I Don’t Like

  • Complicated buckling system 
  • Heavy design
  • It cannot be folded for storage and has quite a large footprint

Get Your GRACO chair HERE

  1. Best Folding Chair- Primo Cozy High Chair 

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The Primo Cozy Deluxe High Chair is ideal for baby-led weaning for its accessible clean-up features. The chair can be transformed from an infant high chair to a toddler chair in less than a minute. Moreover, the sleek, foldable design is a dream come true for small spaces. The chair can be folded down to 10 inches when not in use. 

It comes with a three point harness for safety purposes. The chair also has an adjustable feeding tray that you can easily fold down to get the baby in and out of the chair. The feeding tray is dishwasher-safe for smooth cleaning and has three adjustment points to ensure that the child fits easily in the chair. The chair is designed with no hidden nooks and crannies to trap the food. 

What I Like the Most

  • Accessible to clean, dishwasher-safe feeding tray
  • Compact foldable design, easy for storage and travel
  • It can be used as a toddler seat
  • Adjustable footrest and tray
  • It comes with a built-in cup holder

What I Don’t Like

  • The tray is not removable, making it hard to get the baby in and out of the chair. 

Get Your Primo Chair HERE

  1. Most Fun Chair- Infantino 4-in-1 High Chair 

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Due to its convenient cleaning features, the adorable Infantino high chair with a fox theme is perfect for baby-led weaning. This chair is unique because of its 4-in-1 features, and you can use a high chair with a recliner function for your baby from 3 months- much earlier than a regular high chair. Plus, it effortlessly transforms into a highchair for six months+, to a toddler booster, and eventually into a cute toddler chair. 

I prefer this chair because it makes messy meal times super fun because of the dishwasher-safe meal mat, easy-wipe-down tray, and seat with non-fabric, easy-to-wipe-clean foam. The fox-themed design is super-adorable and eye-catching for babies and adults.

A cushioned padded seat ensures baby’s comfort and is easy to wipe clean for moms. The best part about this chair is the dishwasher-safe meal mat and removable food tray. Plus, no wobble design and footrest for comfortable positioning. 

What I Like the Most

  • Easy to clean
  • Adorable design that your child will love
  • Suitable from 3 months to toddler years
  • Great value for money

What I Don’t Like

  • The chair can be challenging to store in high chair mode.

Get Your Infantino Chair HERE

  1. Best Space Saving Chair- Fisher Price SpaceSaver

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Are you looking for a chair with all the great features of a full high chair that doesn’t take up much room? You need this Fisher-Price space saver for your child. You can use this high chair from when your baby learns to sit up until he begins eating solids on his own. The chair is convenient to use on any kitchen chair and great for tiny kitchens or even travel.

A big dishwasher-safe tray and tray liner are included with the chair, making cleanup simple and reducing food spillage. The seat pad is quite comfortable and machine washable. It’s a win-win situation because the chair also features a five-point harness.

What I like the Most

  • Lightweight, foldable seat
  • Ergonomic design with three recline positions
  • One hand removable tray
  • 5 point harness
  • Machine and dishwasher safe features

What I Don’t Like

  • The tray is a bit large to put into the dishwasher.

Get Your Fisher Price Chair HERE

Best High Chair for Baby-Led Weaning: Final Words

Now, you should know what to look for when buying a high chair for your baby to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition to baby-led weaning. Most importantly, your child’s safety is paramount so always look for safety features in any baby equipment, including their high chair.

Since we did all the research for you, now all you have to do is carefully consider what option is best for you and give it a try. Baby-led weaning is a gratifying and priceless milestone for your child, so make sure he feels safe and secure during his mealtimes. 

Furthermore, although using a baby high chair can make things simpler, I don’t think it’s a requirement (just a suggestion and fun way to give yourself a break!). Even now, your infant can practice eating on your lap in front of the table. Ultimately, I only suggest choosing what works the best for you and your child. 

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