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15 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Swing: How It Helps Moms & Baby

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This week Amy Vincent is back to share some insight on why she loves baby swings. With my first, I had a rocker/swing combo and my daughter loved it… so I can totally vouch for them as well! Enjoy 🙂

A baby swing is a must-have for any new mom. They help by soothing babies and giving parents the chance to take care of their other children or get some much-needed rest themselves. But what are the benefits of having a baby swing? Read on below as I list 15 reasons why you need one in your life!

why you need a baby swing

1) A baby swings gives your child stimulation

As an infant, it’s important to provide them with physical stimuli to develop motor skills and cognitive abilities. In order to do this, you should hold them often and give them time in a swing where they can be stimulated by the movement that simulates natural motion like rocking or swinging from side to side. The best way for babies to experience these movements is in a baby swing.

2) A baby swing can be used for more than just naps 

One of the most common misconceptions about swings is that they are only good for a nap. While it’s true babies will sometimes fall asleep in them, you might also use them as an entertainment system by dangling toys over their head or even playing music to help soothe your child.

Editor’s note: Baby swings are not recommended for unsupervised sleeping of any kind due to risk of SIDs (especially once they know how to roll). Read the instruction manual for your swing and talk to your baby’s pediatrician if you are concerned about any risk. 

3) Swings help with a baby’s development

The swinging motion of the swing helps to soothe your child, and it also provides stimulation for their senses. If you’re unsure about what type of sensory input is best, you can get ideas from Amy A. Vincent’s Blog as she reviewed plenty of baby swings depending on your little one’s needs.

4) Swings are also a great way for parents to get things done 

Having a baby means your days can be very hectic and never-ending. This is where the swing comes in handy because it allows you as the parent to do everything from finishing up chores to getting dinner ready without running around after your baby trying their best not to be put down.

5) Swings are also a great way for babies to learn 

The swinging motion of the swing that mimics being in the womb teaches your baby how to sleep, and it stimulates their senses, which leads them towards learning about new things.

6) Swings are a safe place for your baby to nap 

Babies can be very unpredictable when it comes to sleeping, and you never know if they’ll want to sleep in their crib versus the swing. This is why having an automatic baby swing that rocks back and forth on its own, depending on how much pressure is applied, can help your little one get a good night’s rest without any worry of them rolling off onto the floor or getting tangled up with loose blankets.

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7) Swings are soothing for fussy babies

If your little one seems to be in a mood or is just having a bad day, putting them on the swing can help soothe their fussiness. The gentle rocking motion will ease out all of that tension and irritability while giving you some much-needed time to get things done around the house.

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8) Swings can be used as a makeshift nursing chair

If your little one needs to eat or is just finished feeding, but you don’t want to put them down and let go, the swing can serve as an impromptu nursing chair. This will allow us, moms, some much-needed hands-free time while we get things done in another room!

9) Swings are fun for kids 

Believe it or not, swinging is actually an excellent form of entertainment for children ages 0-12 months old with some toys dangling around from above (or if you want to get really fancy, try installing a fishing line so that there are even more things swaying).

10) Swings are helpful for children with colic

You know that pesky condition called “colic”? Yeah, it turns out swings help relieve some of the symptoms associated with this problem too! This makes me happy because I often hear from moms who think their baby has colic, but really they’ve never even heard of it before, so if your little one seems extra fussy on an off day (or all day), a baby swing will help relieve colic.

baby swing benefits

11) Swings are a lifesaver for parents

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that has helped my sanity as a parent, it is the magic of swings. There are few things more enlightening than hearing your child giggle and squeal with delight while they swing back and forth in front of their own eyes.

12) Swings help babies to learn how to move

Baby swings can help prepare children for these tasks by allowing them to practice moving their little bodies side-to-side (which mimics crawling). This means that even though they’re not on all fours yet, they’re still getting a little bit of the practice that will make crawling and walking easier when it does happen.

13) Swings help infants to sleep better 

Babies often have trouble falling asleep or waking up at night because their internal clock hasn’t quite figured out what time it is yet. By putting your baby in a swing before bedtime, you can actually give them something else to focus on, which might help calm them down and feel more relaxed about going to sleep. This means less crying (for both parents and child), more restful nights for everyone involved, and a result of happier babies all around!

14) Swings are perfect for helping toddlers become independent

Toddlers love swings too! But unlike babies, they’re more likely to try and get out. The swing allows them to practice balancing on their feet while also giving them a chance to learn about waiting for things that take time, like going down slides or watching an object go up the big slide at the park!

But in this post, I am only talking about indoor baby swings. If you have a heavy or large baby, you need a swing for big baby. You can get some ideas by following the link.

15) Swings are one of the best ways to keep your baby occupied 

Whether you need some time alone or just want something new for your little one to play with, there’s no better way than putting him in a swing so he can happily watch everything around him. It’ll make life easier when it comes time for diaper changes too!


Thanks for reading the post about the importance of baby swings. We hope this article has helped you learn more about baby swings. To sum up, we just want to mention again that baby swings are a great way to keep your little one occupied and provide some much-needed time for yourself! If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to help!

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