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Work-From-Home Mom: Tips to Dress in Style

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For me, working from home can make my days and tasks blend together most days. Staying in my pajamas all day is tempting, but really doesn’t help me get into “work mode.” This is where dressing for the part can do wonders. That’s why I love this week’s post from Gabi Bellairs that is all about dressing for success, even when you work form home.

Work From Home Mom: Tips to Dress in Style

If you’re a work-from-home mom, you know that you’re never off the clock. You’re either on the job doing your official work, or you’re on the job as a mom, with very little in-between time for yourself. It’s why most busy moms rarely have time to think too hard about their hair, makeup, or outfits. Sure, you could wear your pajamas every day, but there is not very much lounging on the couch happening. Trying to get work done with kids running around is rewarding, but exhausting. 

Comfort is important, but there is a fine line between wearing cozy sweats every day and feeling frumpy or unkempt. You don’t need to get fully dressed up in office-ready attire each morning, but feeling put-together will help you feel more motivated and ready to tackle everything on your to-do list. The key is to fill your closet with simple, but comfortable, staples that you can easily throw on and still look great. We’ll share some tips for looking stylish while you work from home with minimal effort. 

Versatile Pieces 

When you’re shopping for clothes, look for pieces that you can imagine wearing in a variety of settings. As a mom who works from home, you are likely always on the move- from logging hours on your laptop to running a quick errand to cooking dinner to maybe seeing friends at night. With all that activity, it’s important to fill your closet with clothes and accessories that will also look appropriate in each setting. Think solid neutrals that pair with everything in your wardrobe, flexible fabrics that move with you, and timeless cuts and fits that will never go out of style. Here are a couple of our favorite options:

A Little Black Dress

little black dress

A little black cotton dress can be dressed up or down throughout the day. You could pair it with sneakers while you run errands with the kids or with heels if you’re going to a meeting at some point. Throw a blazer on top for more formal events. Grab a jean jacket for more laid-back occasions. The little black dress is a timeless wardrobe staple that every woman should have in her closet because of its incredible versatility. 

Loose-Fitting Jeans

Jeans are a pretty polarizing topic. Some women live in them, while others haven’t worn a pair in years. To most work-from-home moms, jeans just don’t seem to be the most comfortable option out there. Times are changing, though, and thankfully skin-tight skinny jeans are no longer the most popular style out there. 

Consider adding a pair of loose-fitting jeans (appropriately named “mom jeans”) to your closet. Typically made of more structured denim, these pants offer support while remaining just baggy enough to give you room to breathe. Pair yours with knitted sweaters, graphic t-shirts, or crisp white button-downs if you need to dress up a bit.

A good pair of jeans can last you years. Find at least one or two pairs that fit you perfectly, and you can interchange them throughout your week to create endless looks

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If you’ve fallen into a sweatpants rut, it’s ok– it happens to the best of us. When you’re working from home most days, it can seem silly to spend more than 10 minutes getting ready in the morning. Instead, you’re more likely to reach for those old sweat pants you’ve had for years and pair them with a t-shirt you took from your significant other’s dresser. 

If you refuse to sacrifice your cozy go-tos, consider investing in nice athleisure options to elevate your aesthetic. You’ll feel cute and confident, and it’ll be easier to get in that workout during your lunch hour. We recommend focusing your collection on the following:

Leggings, Yoga Pants, Fitted Sweaters

The athletic clothing industry has exploded over the last decade, which means yoga pants, stretchy t-shirts, and hoodies are all very trendy at the moment. They’re perfect for the work-from-home mom who doesn’t want to get dressed up every morning, but who also doesn’t want to look like she just crawled out of bed. 

The athleisure options on the market range from high-end brands, like Lululemon, to more affordable options from places like Target. Whatever your budget is, cute yoga pants and a matching zip-up jacket will make you feel a million times better than old, stained sweatpants. They’re perfect for running around, working, exercising, and taking a power nap, too.

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Give Your Face Some TLC

work at home mom success

Most work-from-home moms would laugh at the idea of putting on makeup every day. You might be thinking, “Who has time for all that?” We know beauty routines are not your first priority in the morning, but taking at least five minutes for yourself will not only leave you looking refreshed, but you’ll feel more composed too. 

As a working mom, you basically have two full-time jobs, and you’re probably tired a lot of the time. What you may not realize is that you may look pretty tired too. Consider taking a couple of minutes in the morning to wash your face and put on 3-in-1 foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer. Carry mascara around with you to quickly throw on before a meeting. These little beauty steps don’t take much effort at all, but they can make a huge difference in how you carry yourself throughout the day.

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Take Care of Yourself

As a work-from-home mom, you might be overwhelmed most days. Juggling work and kids is no easy task, and clothes may be the furthest thing from your mind. But, style isn’t just about superficially looking good– your style tells the world about who you are and how they should interact with you. When you feel good about yourself, it’s clear to the world that you value yourself, and that they should too.

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