Tips for setting up a small office at home

6 Tips To Help You Set Up A Small Home Office

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You NEED To Set Up a Small Home Office

When I first started working from home I used to work on the couch or at our dining room table.

It wasn’t long until I realized I needed a dedicated small home office where I could put all my stuff and actually accomplish some work.

Now, I joke with my friends that I’ve achieved the “corner office” at the tender age of 37, haha! 🙂

Yes, that’s right – I’ve carved out my very own corner of our guest room to use as my “office”.

If you’re in the same situation as I was – your home probably doesn’t have space for a nice big office.

So you need some tips on how to set up a small home office.

If space is your issue, then I’ve compiled 6 awesome tips to help you set up a small home office in your house.

These tips are ideal for work from home moms who carve out their own corner office in the bedroom, guest room or basement. 🙂

6 Tips To Help You Set Up A Small Home Office

If you’ve read my post about living on one income successfully, you know my hubby and I are very good with our money.

We don’t overspend and a lot of times we work with what we have.

One way we make our dollars stretch is living in a house we can more than afford.

It’s cute and cozy and I love the fact we brought our daughter home to this house. 🙂

BUT, it does come with some drawbacks – a big one being no room for a designated office for this blogging work from home mom.

So, we set up a small home office in our guest room (picture to come, I promise!)

Here’s what I felt I needed to create a functional small home office:

1) Some Natural Light

Choose to set up your small home office near a window so you can have natural light.

When I first started scoping out my “corner” office, I took a good hard look at our basement.

But it’s SO dark down there with only one small window.

The thought of working in the basement utterly depressed me.

Not the right move to make if I wanted to be a PRODUCTIVE work from home Mom.

So, tip #1 is to make SURE you have some natural light where you set up your small home office. 

Having natural light will help you feel good which means you’ll be productive when you sit down to work 🙂

I set up right under the window in our guest bedroom and I LOVE it.

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2) Get A Desk That Fits Your Space

Sure, it’d be nice to have a big desk with lots of space, but it’s not practical when you’re setting up a small home office – especially if you’re carving out that corner office in a room that also has another function.

My desk is just over 3 ft long and has 3 drawers for storage.

It fits nicely in the corner of our guest room (Or future room for our daughter once we add to our family – so I will have to set up a small home office somewhere else in the house – stay tuned! 🙂 )

Here is some budget-friendly desk inspiration so you can see what I’m talking about as you set up YOUR small home office!

Small, Efficient Desk with Shelves!

I love this desk that has shelving attached to it – ideal for placing in the corner of a room or tucked out of the way.

TANGKULA Computer Desk Modern Style Writing Study Table with 4 Tier Bookshelves Home Office Compact Multipurpose Workstation(Black)

Cute Desk with a Drawer


Linon Home Decor Titian Laptop Desk

You could put this desk anywhere and the drawer is perfect for storing your important papers.

If you can – add shelving above the desk to get even more storage space!

This desk is ideal for that ‘corner of the room’ space that would make a great small home office!

Wall Mounted Desk

Mecor Wall Mounted Floating Desk, Home Office Computer Desk with Storage Shelf, White

If I had to set up a small home office all over again, you better believe I would be looking at this wall mounted desk option.

Talk about space saving!

I know once we expand our family, I’ll have to change the location of my office.

Something tells me we’ll be saving for this really awesome wall mounted desk!

3) Use Wall Mounted Shelving Instead of Filing Cabinets

Set up a small home office

Since you’re using a small space for your home office, it’s a good idea to capitalize on the space above your desk by installing wall mounted shelving.

Go “up” and use the real estate above your desk.

I chose to use bracket mounted shelving because I wouldn’t have to worry about overloading the shelves with my stuff. 🙂

Another good reason to use the real estate above your desk?

Your toddler won’t be able to reach and pull down everything!! 🙂

Need some wall shelving inspiration for your own small home office?

Check these out:

Rustic Looking Wall Mounted Shelves

DIY CARTEL Industrial Forged Steel Floating Shelf L Bracket w/Lip - Made in The USA - Raw Steel/Metal - Wall Mounted Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Shelf Brackets - 2 Pack

Who doesn’t LOVE the rustic look?

This rustic shelf is BEAUTIFUL and adds feminine appeal to any small office space.

Wall Mounted Shelves with an Industrial Feel

Homissue 4-Shelf Rustic Pipe Shelving Unit, Metal Decorative Accent Wall Book Shelf for Home or Office Organizer, Retro Brown

Love the industrial yet rustic look?

These shelves look sturdy and stylish.

Perfect for any small office space.

4) Get A Cork Board and White Board In One

I always worry that I’m going to forget to do something important because it’s been pushed to the bottom of my paper pile.

So it was just plain smart to get both a whiteboard and corkboard in one to keep me organized.

I’m the kind of person that needs the person who needs the important stuff right in front of my face so I stay on top of it.

Are you like that?

Then you’ll probably find the white/cork board combo an absolute asset!

Being a work from home Mom boss who balances her business and mom duties is tiring, so make it easy on yourself!

Cork Board/White Board Combo

XBoard 36 x 24 Inch Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Combo Board, Whiteboard & Corkboard with Aluminum Frame, 10 Colorful Push Pins & Marker Tray Included

With the cork board/whiteboard combo, you have the best of both worlds.

I love writing important tasks on the whiteboard and pinning important papers to the cork board so I know where they are.

5) A Comfy Chair Is A Must

It’s not news that sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for your health – but I’m sure you’ll agree as a mom, it’s nice to actually sit down to work, haha! 🙂

I invested in a comfy chair and it’s been the best thing I’ve done.

That’s where you should spend some money.

Making sure the chair offers the right kind of support is important to your health!

Here’s the chair I chose:

Furmax Office Chair Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair, Computer Ergonomic Mesh Chair with Armrest (Black)

6) Add Some Of Your Fav Things

I’m a HUGE nature lover so I have numerous plants in funky pots in my office space (well actually throughout our whole house too!)

There’s something so inviting and relaxing about greenery – I actually think it makes me more productive.

Plants make me happy 🙂

What makes you happy?

What makes you smile?

What warms your heart?

Maybe it’s a framed photo of your family or drawing one of your children made.

Whatever it is, make sure to have these items throughout your workspace.

Working from home can be challenging at times and you’ll need these things to help you relax and smile.

Plus it’s nice to personalize your small home office and show off your personality – it’s your space after all 🙂

In case you love the idea of funky houseplant pots, here’s a few for inspiration:

Concrete Hanging Planter | Polka Dot Design Succulent Pots | Round Plant Holder Container | Cactus Pot with Brown Cord Hanger | Indoor Outdoor Decor | 23 Bees (3 Pack x Shades of Nature)

H Potter Planters Succulent Flower Pots Indoor Outdoor Set of Two

That wraps up my tips to set up a small home office 🙂

Get creative, make it your own and get going on setting up your very own small home office!

Let me know how you set up your small home office!

I love to hear and share small home office inspiration.

If you have a photo, share it below!


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  1. Great post, I needed this because I will begin using my guest room as an office starting Monday and I as excited as I am I was a little nervous about the “flow”. Thanks!

    1. Awesome! Let me know how setting up your home office goes. I found setting mine up so much fun! Now it’s almost like my own sanctuary where I can escape and get my work done!

      Thank you for reading!
      Elaine xx

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