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Yes, you can start a successful home business and work at home

Starting a work at home business is a great way to start controlling your own income but if you’re wondering what profitable businesses there are, we’re going to break down as many home-based business ideas as we can.

Truthfully, we live in a time where there are so many work at home business opportunities, many of them with low start-up costs, that it can be hard knowing which one to start and build. 

As with anything, there will be some work involved in creating yourself a home business but the rewards far outweigh the commitment to growing your profitable business idea.

Think about never having to…

✿ Work for someone else.
✿ Put up with annoying coworkers.
✿ Commute far distances.
✿ Only earn small raises.
✿ Deal with a grumpy boss.

And, above anything else, working from home is FUN.

Well, if commuting to a small home office, making your own hours, and taking on work as you see fit is your kind of fun. 

Plus the earning potential is quite good with your own business because you’re in control – your work from home business can grow into something large or stay small – it’s really whatever you desire.

So, let’s dig in and take a look at some successful work at home business ideas that will help you make the change from employee to self-employed.

First, we will list work at home business ideas broken down by type of business, then we’ll take a look at home businesses that have a low start-up cost, and finally, we’ll review the top 10 profitable business ideas that will give you the most flexibility and earning potential.

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Successful Home Based Business Ideas

list of home based business ideas

Here is an extensive list of work at home business ideas that have been proven successful for many and that you can give a try.

A lot of these work at home business ideas are easy to start but will require diligent work on your part to build them into a successful home-based business. 

Online Business Ideas


Starting a blog is a relatively easy way to create yourself a work at home opportunity. Running a blog is ideal for those who enjoy writing and want to get their thoughts and ideas out to the world. While the earning potential is large for blogging, you will need to roll up your sleeves and do the work. Despite what you may see online – blogging is not an earn money quickly kind of business.


Think of virtual assisting as the new way to help business owners with administrative tasks such as invoicing, data entry, email management, and much more. This work at home business idea is perfect for someone who has a lot of administrative experience but wants to start working remotely.

Click here to learn how to become a virtual assistant in 30 days.

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One of the ways to have a successful home business is to find a niche market and serve it. Starting a Pinterest virtual assistant business is a relatively new idea but is a good example of niching down as a virtual assistant. A PVA helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses using Pinterest.

READ: How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Work at Home

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If you have a skill set you can consider teaching online. For example, you might have a strong command of the English language and could teach it online to children.


Freelance writing is a great way to start working from home on your own terms. Bloggers, brands, and businesses hire freelance writers for different reasons. You can set your rate and make create yourself a fairly profitable business all from the comfort of your home.

Click here to learn how to become a freelance writer in 30 days.

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Similar to freelance writing, ghostwriting is when someone hires you to write pieces in the tone and voice of them. Bloggers will often hire ghostwriters in order to churn out more content quickly.


If you have knowledge that would help people solve a problem you could consider writing ebooks and selling them for income.


Podcasting has exploded in recent years and for good reason. Similar to blogging, podcasting is a way to express yourself and reach an audience online. You can use ads to monetize and if you’re successful, it might just lead to more opportunities. 


Start a YouTube channel and connect it to Adsense to make money.


People love printables and there are numerous prints that you can create and make money with. Everything from planners to invitations to health trackers. Printables are perfect for someone who loves to create pretty things online but isn’t necessarily a graphic designer. 


Love spending time on social media? Why not make money helping businesses streamline theirs. 


If you love the idea of helping people do more in life becoming a life coach just might be your ticket to your own work at home business. What does this kind of coach do? They give advice to clients about different areas of their lives such as health, career, and goals.


Similar to a life coach, a business coach helps clients pursue and achieve their business goals. 


If you’re savvy in an area that you think people will be interested in, create an online course and teach it to them.


Are you an expert on a topic? Consider offering consulting services to businesses and help them make important decisions with the right guidance from you!


Content creators are busy and don’t always have the time to proofread their stuff. Offer to do it as a service and you’ll literally get paid to read all day.


Offering to transcribe videos for business owners is easy home-based work.


If you have an eye for design and like the idea of putting together websites for businesses consider becoming a web designer. There are website builders available now that make designing a website relatively easy. Become an expert with one of them and offer your new talent as a service.


Online advertising takes time to learn and businesses know they need to be using it. A lot of them are quite willing to pay someone else to take care of it. Consider learning about FaceBook ads, PPC, and any other form of online ads.


Want to sell a product online? Consider starting an e-commerce website just make sure to do niche research so that you choose the right market and see success.

Here’s a great article to help you get started.


People are busy and solving what to make for dinner is something people will pay someone else to do. Offer a healthy meal plan service, offer it online for convenience and you can build a successful business from home.

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Service-Based Business Ideas

Most successful home business ideas available today

People are always looking to pay others for a service so that they don’t have to do it themselves. Here are some service-based work at home business ideas to look into starting today.


If you love working with numbers and like to stay organized, starting a virtual bookkeeping business might be your ticket to working from home on your own terms. You can also offer bookkeeping services to brick and mortar businesses.


If you have an eye for design and think creating graphics for businesses to use to grow their business sounds good, starting a graphic design business might just be your ticket to working at home.


We live in a busy world and there are many people who have a hard time fitting it all in so cleaning can fall by the wayside. Offer cleaning services and you’ll be able to make your own working hours.


House sitting is a great way to earn part-time income on your terms. People will pay you to look after their house while away on vacation.


Love snapping photos of people? Why not offer a photography service to others. You can offer to travel to photo sites or set up a studio in your home. This work at home business idea is relatively easy to get started. 


If you have children of your own or just love kids in general, you can start a home daycare – a service that is always sought after. 


People who commute far distances to work are often gone for numerous hours. Offer to walk their dogs for them. This is a great way to earn some income and get some exercise too. 


Offer affordable dog sitting and you’ll have dog owners lined up for your services. This home-based business is a good idea if you love dogs.


Continuing on the pet services theme, if you happen to love dogs, you can offer grooming services out of your house. 


Offer to cut people’s lawns is a good way to earn part-time income.


If you have a green thumb, offer gardening services to homeowners. A good market to look into would be helping the elderly tend to their gardens.


If you love planning events, consider starting a wedding planner business – you could earn between $5000 to $10000 per wedding.


If you’ve mastered playing an instrument offer lessons. If you can sing you could also offer those services.


Organizing services are in high demand these days, so if you wouldn’t mind helping people out, you can earn quite a nice income from this business idea.


Create eye-pleasing resumes for people and you’ve got yourself a great work at home business.


If you’re good at a subject offer to tutor others who need help. This can be online or in person and range from everything to a chemistry tutor to a photography tutor. 


While this business idea doesn’t mean you’ll be working at home, it can be flexible on hours and lucrative.

Check out the following services that are looking for drivers:

Skip the Dishes
Uber Eats

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Product Based Business Ideas

work at home business ideas

There are a wide variety of product-based businesses these days that don’t require you to have a brick and mortar location. Here are some of the best product business you can work from home at.


If you’re unsure of what dropshipping is, it’s when you sell products, then order from the supplier and have them shipped directly to the consumer. Dropshipping eliminates the need to have the products on hand yourself. 

Read this article to learn more about it.


Do you love making crafts? Have you thought about opening your very own Etsy shop and selling them for profit? Going this route could be a very lucrative work at home business idea.


What is a print on demand business? Say you have printable sayings or designs, you would then print them on a product of some kind. A popular print on demand business is t-shirts. Do some research to see what the possibilities are and whether or not it’s really a viable business idea.


Upcycling what others no longer want is a unique way to start a work at home business. It’s also a feel good business – by reusing you’re helping keep items out of the landfill. 


If you’re good at baking, consider starting a business. You may want to think of a niche market for this business idea. One example would be to bake cakes for weddings or other special events.


Have a knack for painting pictures? You can sell your one of a kind creations for profit.


If you love to cook and can package your meals, you could sell them as a service or stand alone product.


Making clothes for others is a unique work at home business idea but if you consider yourself a fashionista, there is good money to be made from this venture.


Designing invitations to big events is something that never goes out of style. This home business idea is similar to graphic design or creating printables and selling them. 


There are numerous network marketing businesses around and, if you put in the work you just might have a successful home business on your hands.

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Home Business Ideas with Low Start-Up Costs

Work from home at your own business

Now that you’ve seen how many work at home business ideas there are, it’s time to see which of the business ideas have low start-up costs.

Below we take a look at three work at home business opportunities that can be started for less than $1000 and give you an idea of what you’ll need to invest in to get the business off the ground.

There are numerous work at home business ideas that can be started with minimal investment so we really had to choose our top 3 that seemed interesting enough to appeal to many budding entrepreneurs.

(Keep in mind, as you build any of these businesses, you may have to invest more money in to keep them growing – costs below include resources we recommend).


Business Startup Cost: $300 or less

There is not a huge investment in starting a blog. However, investments will need to be made for blogging education to help you build a successful blog. Courses for building an email list, content creation, blog design, social media, and more. 

You can get started though for well under $1000 and add courses as needed.

Resources recommended to get started: 

Blog by Number – so that you have a step by step guide to start and grow your blog.

Siteground – trustworthy hosting for your blog.

Elegant Themes – so that your blog looks good.


Business Startup Cost: $600 or less

You can set up a virtual assistant business with little investment. All you need is a list of services and somewhere to display them, preferably your own website which can be started cheaply.

To start on the right foot and quickly, consider investing in a course that has all the information you need to be successful in one spot. 

Resources recommended to get started: 

Become a Virtual Assistant in 30 Days Course – all the information you need to start a virtual assistant business in one spot.


Business Startup Cost: $500 or less

You’ll need to set up a portfolio website to send potential clients to check you out. 

Resources recommended to get started:

Write to 1k – taught by a freelance writing expert.

Writers Website – get your freelance writing website set up quickly with no headaches.


As you can see there are numerous profitable work at home businesses that you can start today.

The key is to research any of the business ideas that caught your eye so you can see which ones are viable for you to start. 

Make sure to select the home-based business idea that makes the most sense to your lifestyle and gets you excited – that way you will stay motivated and do the work that’s needed to start and grow a successful business. 

Which work at home business jumped out at you? 

Which business will you be starting?

Share your ideas below!