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Mompreneur Series: Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

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Welcome to the Mompreneur Series!

I got the idea to write this series after speaking with so many moms who wanted to start their own businesses and work from home but didn’t know how to get started.

If you’re a mom who has thought about being their own boss, this series is for you.

The short story is that it’s very possible to transition into a work at home mom instead of one who leaves to commute to a job or has been staying home and taking care of the kids only.

(Which honestly is one tough job, mama!)

It’s not news that there are numerous ways for moms to earn an income these days – the struggle is knowing which one to pursue.

So, the Mompreneur Series will look at 6 working at home opportunties to help you decide.

As you’re reading through the series, keep in mind that with a little hard work and perseverance you can design your mom life the way you want.

So, let’s look at how you can start a lucrative VA business shall we?

The Mompreneur Series has been published in full 😀

Post 1: Become a Virtual Assistant

Post 2: Become a Freelance Writer

Post 3: Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Post 4: Start a Mom Blog

Post 5: Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

Post 6: Set Up Your Very Own Etsy Shop

Let’s be mom boss friends! 🙂 Let’s chat everything mom boss and designing life as we want it, shall we? Plus, I’ll send you over the Side Hustle Worksheet for Moms to get you started, sound good?

how to figure out what kind of side hustle to start

What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a virtual assistant

It’s probably a good idea to define exactly what virtual assistant is so that you know right away if it’s something you would be interested in.

A VA is someone who uses their skill set to help business owners and entrepreneurs with tasks they simply can’t get to.

Think of a virtual assistant as a new age secretary, administrative or executive assistant who has the ability to complete tasks from the comfort of home on their own schedules.

Depending on skillset and proficiency, virtual assistants earn a solid income – according to this article VA’s average about $15.57 USD/hour.

Remember, that’s an average which means there is potential to earn much more depending on your goals.

Starting a VA business is ideal for moms who:

✿ Want flexible, part-time hours.
✿ Want to use the skills they already know.
✿ Want to replace their income or increase relatively fast (how fast can only be determined by how much you put in).

What Exactly Do Virtual Assistants Do?

Virtual assisting is a general term for someone who performs business tasks that entrepreneurs want off their plates.

VA’s can also specialize in a certain area like email management or Pinterest strategy and management.

You can be hired on a regular contract for a specific skill set or on a general basis as needed.

Here’s a sample list of some of the things a virtual assistant may be responsible for:

  • Writing and sending emails
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Answering customers on social media
  • Answering phone calls
  • Returning phone calls
  • Creating a daily schedule
  • Data entry
  • Providing customer service support
  • Updating and/or maintaining a website
  • Tracking invoices and/or expenses
  • Invoicing customers
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Organizing resources for a business owner
  • Tasks as needed

Basically, a virtual assistant can perform any duties that do not require them to physically be in an office.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant

What does a virtual assistant do

You have two options if becoming a virtual assistant sounds like your ticket to working from home: 

  1. Join a virtual assistant company
  2. Start your own virtual assistant business

Which one are you more comfortable with?

Do you want to run your own business by setting up a website and finding clients?

Or does working for a company that sends you VA opportunities sound good?

I think you have an entrepreneurial spirit so I’m going to elaborate on how to start a virtual business but if you want to get your feet wet, send your resume to and see if you fit any of their client’s criteria.

It might be a good way for you to test if VAing is the right work at home venture to start.

How To Become A Virtual Assistant With No Experience

If you want to start a VA business but you’re worried you don’t have any experience, don’t let it stop you.

You literally have to start somewhere, okay?

Plus, you more than likely have a skillset that people will pay for and if you don’t, there are plenty of platforms that offer inexpensive courses to help expand your knowledge base.

(Check out to get started!)

Here is the quick-start action plan for starting your virtual assistant business:


Sit down and write out a list of skills you have and know business owners will be seeking.

STEP #2 

Brainstorm a virtual assistant business name that makes you happy and buy the domain name.

PRO TIP: Make sure to get the .com version


Put together a portfolio site and list your services.

Think of it as your very own resume website.

Here is my simple tutorial for starting a blog.


List your website and services on popular websites where business owners go to find virtual assistants.

Here’s a list of some to get started:


Join Facebook groups where bloggers hang out and when appropriate introduce yourself and relay what your virtual assistant business offers.

(Bloggers and online business owners are often looking for help with tasks so it’s GREAT place to get started).

STEP #6 

Attend business networking events and hand out business cards to attract bricks and mortar companies. offers affordable options for designing your business cards.


Keep at it!

It will take some time to build your business, so have patience.

Remember anything you do is bringing you closer to being your own boss!

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Let’s be mom boss friends! 🙂 Let’s chat everything mom boss and designing life as we want it, shall we? Plus, I’ll send you over the Side Hustle Worksheet for Moms to get you started, sound good?

how to figure out what kind of side hustle to start

Virtual Assistant Training

There are numerous VA courses available if you’d like to jumpstart your business and have a resources to help guide you.

Sometimes, it’s nice having all the important information in one place, you know?

Here are some great training websites I found: 

The Pros and Cons of Being A Virtual Assistant

the pros and cons of starting and building a virtual assistant business


✔Set your own schedule.
✔Take on as much work as you can handle.
✔Work in your pajamas 🙂
✔Set your own hourly rates.
✔Work with who you want.
✔You’ve created your own job! Bravo!


✔You may find some tasks boring
✔You’ll need to be disciplined when working at home to make sure client work gets completed.
✔Make sure you don’t take on too much work or you may burn out.

That wraps up how to start your own virtual assistant business so you can work from home on your own terms.

You now know what a virtual assistant is, how to become one, the pros and cons of being a virtual assistant and what to do if you don’t have any virtual assistant experience but would still like to start a VA business.

I hope I’ve provided an understanding of how you could become a work from home virtual assistant and work on your own terms.

Do you have any questions?


Make sure to share them in the comments!

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Let’s be mom boss friends! 🙂 Let’s chat everything mom boss and designing life as we want it, shall we? Plus, I’ll send you over the Side Hustle Worksheet for Moms to get you started, sound good?

how to figure out what kind of side hustle to start

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