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The Q&A Burnout: 14 Questions That Drive Us Crazy

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Each of us is a complex individual with our own unique tapestry of quirks, talents, and challenges. However, when those closest to us fail to grasp a particular aspect of our lives, it can sow the seeds of confusion and doubt. A barrage of repetitive questions may ensue, leaving us feeling exasperated and drained from having to explain ourselves over and over again. This ongoing cycle of fielding inquiries and clarifying our circumstances can be incredibly taxing.

Users of an online forum share the most annoying things they’re sick of explaining repeatedly.

1. Shouting Louder Doesn’t Help Me Hear You

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A user shares, “That being deaf really means, I can’t hear you at all. All the shouting doesn’t help me to hear you.”

Another writer agrees, following up to say: “That being deaf really means that I can’t hear myself either, my tone of voice, or tell how loudly/quietly I am speaking, so please stop getting mad at me for it.”

2. Introverts Aren’t Lonely

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“That I’m not lonely or sad, I just like to spend time by myself.” Shares a user. Many others agreed, saying they are just introverted, like to be home, and are usually alone, enjoying some quiet time for their own mental health.

3. I Can’t Hack All Your Electronics

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This man’s story is full of funny assumptions that are probably all too common for anyone working in tech.

“I am in IT. That does not mean I can single handedly make a game or large scale software. At the same time I also cannot hack the pentagon or “release” encrypted files from another hacker. Also side note, while I was reinstalling windows for you, I did not break your toaster and radio on opposite sides of the house, and have no idea how to repair them or your microwave. K thanks bye.”

4. Research Stats Are Easily Skewed

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“Correlation doesn’t equal causation.” Shares one user. Just because two things are correlated does not mean that one causes the other, even though some authors will try to skew the data in their favor for whatever they’re promoting. Data nerds get exhausted explaining this when people use “stats” to explain their points.

5. Always Reboot Your Computer or Home First

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Another man working in tech is tired of the same simple explanation, “That rebooting a computer actually fixes most f*****g problems. We can also check when the last time you rebooted so stop f*****g lying to me Kathy!!!!” Others agreed and noted that most phones also need to be rebooted often for optimal performance.

6. Lack of Understanding Doesn’t Mean It’s Not True

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Some people choose not to believe a scientific fact simply because they don’t understand it (and no, we’re not talking about theories here). “Just because you don’t understand science, doesn’t make it not true.” Share one user. Another says, “I can explain it to you; I can’t understand it for you.”

7. No Harm, No Foul

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“Just because you don’t see what harm your actions cause others doesn’t mean there’s no harm done.” Shares one user. People’s ignorance and constant commenting can sometimes be baffling.

8. Self-Movie Dates

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“That I enjoy going to the movie theater by myself especially if it’s a film I’m looking forward to seeing, and I don’t have to wait for anyone else to come with me.” Share one user. Others agree, wondering why it matters when you’re literally watching a movie in silence anyways.

9. We’re NOT All Bipolar

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Downplaying mental illness can feel frustrating for those suffering from real issues. One user shares, “I’m bipolar. To people that naively tell me “everyone is a little bit bipolar” Long drawn out sigh. No, no. I can assure you, they are not.”

Related to depression, another man shares, “Depression is not “just being sad”, and depression does not equal weakness. F*****g tired of battling this stigma.”

10. Evolving Pregnancy Facts

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This woman is spot on, talking about how medical recommendations change over time. She shares, “Specifically with pregnancy. I’m tired of explaining to friends and family members that me drinking coffee or having caffeine won’t kill my baby, or me lifting something heavier than 25 pounds won’t kill me or my child. It’s simply annoying to literally be pregnant, be actively going through an experience with new medication and be getting updated facts, and have people who gave birth for the last time 15+ years ago tell me I’m a bad mother for doing things my doctor has said is perfectly fine.”

11. What Do You Actually Do?

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Many users shared their frustration with people’s constant confusion about their job. Even after trying to explain, people seem more confused. Sometimes it’s easier to make something up or say you’re a teacher.

12. Why Don’t You Just…. ?

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We all have the tendency to oversimplify other people’s issues. Sometimes it’s helpful, but most of the time it’s not. Why don’t you just… try this, buy that, move there… it’s not always that simple!

13. Why Don’t You Get a Job?

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For any people that would like to work more but can’t due to a disability, this question is frustrating.

14. Why Can’t You Lose Weight?

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Everyone has their secret to losing weight that they think everyone should follow. But it’s never that easy and the same things don’t work for everyone. So oversimplifying is annoying.


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