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14 Silly Things People Do to Pass the Time When They Are Home Alone

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The notion that we are defined by our actions when no one is watching holds profound truth. Sustaining happiness frequently involves discovering small, personal delights for those moments of solitude. Many individuals harbor peculiar idiosyncrasies that might amuse or bewilder others, yet within their own context, these quirks are perfectly sane.

In a recent online discussion, people shared the unusual habits they believe only they engage in, and the anecdotes make for an entertaining read.

1. Remembering Cringy Moments

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What do you do when you remember the moments when you did things you now aren’t very proud of? There’s a cringy episode in everyone’s past, and one online user resorts to singing whenever they remember them.

Another user adds, “I always say “ughhhhh… anyway” in exactly the same way. And always out loud.”

Someone adds, “I always say “Oh, come ON!” out loud, like I’m complaining to my brain for being an a**h*le and reminding me of my cringy moments.”

2. The Imaginary Mental Committee

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It’s a good thing to seek advice before making a decision, and for some people, that advice is from the committee members in the head.

One user says their word trait is, “When I need to make a decision, I consult an imaginary person in my head who is a combination of everyone I know, and they give me advice that I’m really giving myself.”

3. Lawn Mowing Champion

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Lawn mowing can be pretty boring, but one online contributor has the perfect attitude booster when mowing their lawns.

They say, “When I mow the yard, I pretend I’m on ESPN, and two sports announcers in my head are commenting on how excellent I took that turn and the precision movements of my mowing.”

4. Number Plate Memorizer

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Everyone has little driving quirks they practice while on the road, some useful and some they hope will be useful someday.

For one user, theirs is memorizing the number plates of the cars ahead of them.

They share, “When a car drives past me, I try to remember the number on that plate; there’s no reason for that; it just automatically happens.”

Someone adds, “I like to do this and imagine it’s somehow really important, like I find out later in the day the car is wanted as part of a criminal plot.”

5. Flying Emails

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Sending emails is a mundane task that many find rather unexciting, but one online conversation contributor has found the perfect way to make email sending dramatic.

They share, “[I] save all my emails as drafts and then release them in one giant wave!”

6. Dealing With Anger

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Proper anger management is a sign of emotional intelligence and maturity. One online contributor found the best way to deal with anger without causing conflict.

“When I’m angry at someone, I’ll write up an email to them expressing how I feel and save it as a draft. It makes me feel like I’ve done something but not actually instigated an argument that will give me anxiety.” They narrate. Just make sure you don’t accidentally hit send!

7. Counting Stairs

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How do you keep your brain busy when going up or down a flight of stairs?

One user finds himself counting the stairs. They say, “I count (in my head) the number of stairs I’m going up. Don’t know why. Don’t count them going down… only going up.”

They aren’t alone. Someone else says, “I’m also a counter!! I don’t realize I’m even doing it, and then I’m at like 20, and I think, “Oh, there I go counting again!””

8. Hiding From Cars

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One online conversation contributor narrates the mail-picking ritual, and she may as well be a cat.

She says, “When I go get the mail, if I hear a car coming, I run in the house real quick so they don’t see me and then look through the blinds like I got away with something.”

9. Silk Comforter

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Just like some babies get a lovey for comfort, an online user admits to having a silk cloth to touch whenever they need comfort.

“I have a weird stress reliever where I take a piece of silk fabric and rub it between my fingers. I went through a lot of sh** as a kid, and at the daycare, there was a random piece of cloth. I don’t know why, but I am attached to that thing, and it’s almost like an addiction at some points. I’ve usually always had a piece of silk somewhere. I know it’s weird, but for whatever reason, it helps a lot, so it’s kind of been my little secret for years now.”

10. How To Mark a Soda Can

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It’s easy for people to take your food or drink, unknowingly or otherwise. One user found a great way to mark their soda can so there would be no confusion.

He says, “I squeeze my soda can ever so slightly so that I know that it’s mine. Growing up poor with a lot of siblings tends to make you a bit competitive.”

11. Cooling Your Heels In IKEA

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Most people go to IKEA for the furniture, but one man has made it the place where they cool down after a run.

One user says, “I am almost certain that I am the only person who, after going on my daily 5k run, cools down by walking the whole path through the IKEA showroom and marketplace. I only started this a couple months ago when we moved to a new house about ten minutes walk away from an IKEA. I find it very calming and stimulating, though.”

12. Greetings, Pigeons

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People express their love for animals in various ways. One man’s way of acknowledging pigeons is by talking to them in French.

“Whenever I see a pigeon, I always say “ah bonjour Monsieur Pigeon!” [I have] absolutely no idea why I do this, particularly as I have zero connections to France.” He says.

13. Out-Of-Body Mirror Experience

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Mirrors reflect us back to ourselves, but one Redditor learned to stare at a mirror for so long that they feel like they’re not in the room.

They share, “I used to look at myself in the mirror until everything stopped feeling real. Like I’d contemplate that the person looking back was a different person. Kind of felt out of body. It’s honestly hard to explain.”

14. Strange Phonecalls

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Faking phone calls is something most kids do as a play, but one adult has carried the game to adulthood, and it’s pretty serious.

They narrate, “I pick up random objects and answer them like a phone. The caller (usually a police) always wants to talk to my cat, and I argue that my feline friend does not speak common tongue and it often escalates in a heated but brief exchange. No matter how firmly I state my point, they always keep calling.”

It’s weird and amusing.


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