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12 Skills Kids Master That Stump Adults

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Kids are naturally better at some things. Who knows- maybe it’s their nativity, lack of fear, small size, or the fact that their brains are little sponges.

In a recent forum thread, adults discussed all the things that kids are pretty darn good at, while the adults around there are mediocre at best. Let’s review.

1. Learning a New Language

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There are a lot of things that help children quickly retain language in a way that adults can’t do.

“Children do much better with immersion than adults, so they’ll end up being perfectly fluent after a few years without actively working for it.” Says one user.

I have firsthand experience with this one with a husband whose first language is not English. When we visit the in-laws, I’m always amazed at how quickly my 4-year-old picks the language up, chats with her cousins, and makes friends like it’s no big deal. Meanwhile- I’ve been trying to learn for 10+ years and still can barely form a sentence.

2. Ah, So Cute

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Have you ever noticed that kids can say whatever crazy or off-the-wall thing they want, and it will usually be met with laughter? This is definitely not true for adults, thankfully. Kids can just get away with it.

“Saying heinous sh** and getting away with it.” Says one user.

3. Innate Curiosity

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It’s amazing to see a child immersed in a new activity. They are in the moment and learning something new thanks to their huge amount of curiosity. Somewhere along the way, many adults start to lose this curiosity that is so strong in childhood.

4. Made Out of Rubber

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Kids’ bodies are amazingly resilient. Often, when they fall down they thankfully aren’t seriously hurt. Plus, when they break a bone or damage other tissues, they heal quickly.

When an adult falls down? They tend to hit hard and have a long road to recovery, depending on what they damaged.

“The extreme range of durability of a 9 year old vs a 90 year old baffles me. Falling over is fun for one, a potentially life ending or ruining incident for the other.” Says one user.

5. Everyone is My Friend

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Seeing kids interact at a local park or museum is so fun. There’s no judgment or anxiety; most kids are happy to make new friends on the spot and get busy playing. On the other hand, most adults like to keep to themselves in new situations around people they don’t know (or maybe it’s just me).

6. Watch Me!

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Kids love to see what kind of space they can fit in? A box? You betcha. The tunnel at the park? Absolutely. As for adults? I often find myself explaining to my daughter that I don’t fit there, partly because of my size and partly because of my inflexibility.

7. Getting Creative

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Who needs a TV or toys when there are kids around. They come up with the darndest activities out of thin air. For example, we spent 20 minutes on a swing yesterday while my daughter “flew” us to Mexico for vacation.

Another fun idea a user shares is “Determining whether a taco or a hot dog would win in a race.”

8. I Can Hear You Loud and Clear

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When kids get excited, they only have two volumes- loud and screaming. And telling them to calm down doesn’t usually work. I can’t even keep count of how many times my excited kids have yelled directly in my ear.

9. Those Are Some Big Emotions

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Kids are learning to regulate their feelings and emotions as they grow and mature. In an ideal world, the adults around them show them how to express and manage their emotions. Yet, the truth is that most adults are pretty good at shoving their emotions down deep until they erupt.

This is why some people would argue that a kid’s ability to express their feeling in a moment without hesitation or fear of judgment is a better way of expressing them than most adults.

10. That’s Some Good Form

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If you’ve ever watched a child learn to crawl, walk, and run- you know how amazing it is that their little bodies instinctively know what to do. Many young kids are amazing at keeping good form, like squatting and running. Somewhere along the way, some adults get stiff, injured, and have a hard time doing things like squatting or lifting without struggling.

11. Being Carefree

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Kids have an energy to them that makes them unstoppable. It’s usually palpable, and seeing kids interacting with the world in a carefree manner is so fun. They aren’t jaded or worried about social norms just yet like their adult counterparts.

12. Living in the Moment

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“Kids are so much closer to the ground, so they can see all the flowers and mushrooms and bugs and are a lot more in tune with the world around them,” says one user.

There’s nothing better than getting lost in the world around you- rather than tuning it out like many adults do that are concerned with the time, their phones, and other projects swirling in their heads.

Although not all kids have such a beautiful start to life, the ones that are allowed to blossom and explore are destined to mold the world any way they’d like.


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