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17 Outdated Tips from Our Grandparents That Don’t Make Sense Anymore

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The timeless saying suggests that hindsight brings perfect clarity, and advice that once seemed flawless may now appear outdated in a different era. While baby boomers have nurtured remarkable individuals, some of their guidance may not be as relevant in today’s ever-changing world.

An online forum discussed the advice given by Boomers that is technically useless now.

1. Don’t Take Your Vacation Days

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There was a general misconception among Boomers that if you take accrued vacation, you’ll be the first one they lay off.

A contributor says, “I heard this so much growing up that I felt both ill and guilty every time I took a vacation after I finally had a job where I got vacation days. Even if the vacation was for a few days.”

A Boomer adds, I’m a boomer and remember, at a holiday party, employees were trying to top each other over who was losing the most vacation time at year-end because they were too busy to use it. It seemed to be a matter of pride with them. And I remember thinking, “There are our future Vice Presidents.”

2. Stick With One Employer

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The Boomer generation believed having more employers on your resume was not good for you. As a Boomer noted, it’d raise red flags if you had too many previous employers.

A commenter says, “The second part is true to an extent, but it depends on the timeframe. 5 jobs on a resume over the course of 10 years is insignificant, but over the course of 1 year might raise some questions.”

Someone else wonders how you are supposed to move up your career ladder if you never changed careers. They say, “Yep, it’s the only way to truly move up in your career. I’m someone who has been with a different company every 2 years, and it has increased my salary much faster than promotions.”

3. You’re Not Always Going to Have A Calculator

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Mental math was always been applauded, and most Boomers, especially teachers, were not amused by kids wanting to use a calculator for basic math problems.

Someone says, “I was told this when I was in year 7. When was it? 2011! This is like saying the iPhone won’t catch on 4 years after it was released.”

Everyone with a smartphone is smiling now.

4. Online Applications are Terrible

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Boomers believed in showing up in person for job applications.

One online conversation remembers being told, “Stop filling out those online applications. You need to walk into every office in person, ask to speak to the hiring manager, and give them your resume.”

How does that go today? Someone says, “I literally walked in the manager’s office of an Albertson’s and they basically told me to fill out the application online. Every place I walked into to do this they laughed at me and told me to do it online. None of them looked at my application.”

5. Get A Masters Degree in Anything

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A Master’s degree is the master key that opens every career door, according to some Boomers. Online conversation contributors recall being told, “Just get a Master’s degree. It doesn’t matter in what, just having one is all that matters, and everyone will want to hire you.”

6. Work From Home? No way, Child

Remote working is a very new concept and alien to most Boomers. One conversation contributor says, “My Dad is telling me I should stop working from home and go in the office every day.”

Apparently, it shows dedication. But who will see the dedication when there’s no one in the office to see it? Many are working at home in their Pjs and bathroom slippers.

7. Keep All Your Spare Change in Your Car

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This made a lot of sense when spare change could buy gas, but today, it’s only a thief magnet.

Some people say that it’s actually not very bad advice, though.

“I do keep about $50 in my car because once, in 2008, I left my wallet at home and was almost out of gas. I was too f****g old to have to call my sister to buy me some gas. Now I keep cash in the car, just in case.” One adds.

8. Don’t Sit Too Close to the TV

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Most of the babies born to Boomers recall being told to “[Don’t] sit too close to the TV or your eyes will cross permanently.”

Sitting too close to the TV may not be the best thing to do, but it’s not because you’ll end up with crossed eyes.

Someone adds, “It’s almost like they had no idea how things worked…”

With their noses glued to their phone and tablet screens, today’s kids would wonder what we’re talking about.

9. Need A Job? Just Make A Call

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There was a time when the best way to look for a job was to call a company and ask if they were hiring. A user says a Boomer told them, “Why don’t you call up [company] and ask if they’re hiring?”

“…. Tell me you haven’t been on a job hunt since 1983 without telling me you haven’t been on a job hunt since 1983.”

His words, not mine.

10. Don’t Rent, Buy

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A user says that most Boomers believe that “Renting is for suckers.”

Someone says, “My old coworker, who has three houses and is renting out two, would constantly say this. ” “Why don’t you just buy a house?” Never mind, he’s bought up [sic] several places for the price of a McNugget when he first started working, and now everything is insanely high.”

11. Most Of It

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A Boomer says, “Speaking as a Boomer, most of our advice is going to be less than useless. We have fallen below the baseline of competency for modern life. Thank God for grandchildren.”

12. Never Take Out a Loan

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Loans mean debt and doom, right? Not necessarily. If used correctly for a big ticket item that someone truly needs, like a house- it can results in major savings for rent while building equity.

13. Never Get a Credit Card

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Credit cards also equate to debt, right? Wrong. If they are paid every month they’re a great tool for gaining perks for cash back or traveling while also building your credit score.

14. Stop Whining About Student Debt

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Many Boomers are not interested in hearing about the escalating student debt problem and tell their younger counterparts to stop whining and figure it out like they did. When comparing wages against inflation, it’s hard to compare.

15. Just Work Hard

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Boomers worked hard for what they have, but also were working during an economic boom (obviously- hence the name). So telling youngsters to work hard when they’re facing soaring housing prices, student debt, and inflating costs of living- it can feel disheartening for them.

16. Shred Receipts and Important Docs

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In reality, today there aren’t people lurking in trash bins to find our credit card and bill statements. They could much easily hack your info online- so let’s worry about cybersecurity instead.

17. Stop Complaining

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Older generations always seem to think the younger generations have too much to complain about. With rising inflation and plummeting mental health, offering a listening ear is much more helpful.


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