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12 Smart Hacks for Staying Warm and Cozy This Winter

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As autumn bids a wistful farewell, the impending arrival of winter looms on the horizon. Whether you are well-acquainted with the winter season or encountering it for the first time, one undeniable fact prevails—it will bring a considerable drop in temperature. Equipping yourself with essential tips is paramount for not just enduring but thriving during the winter months. Here’s what you need to grasp and implement for a rewarding winter season.

1. A Towel Under The Door

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If your house has a space under the front door that could let in draftiness (even a tiny one), put a towel under it to keep the cold away.

You can do this under every door to prevent the transfer of cold air from room to room. If you want to get fancy, you can find foam inserts that’ll stay in place.

2. Ziplock And Socks For SnowBoots

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Snowboots are essential in winter; they keep your feet from getting cold and wet and ensure your toes do not freeze. Sometimes, the snowboots aren’t available.

If you lack suitable snow boots, wear ankle socks, longer tube or calf socks, and then use a Ziplock bag to cover both layers; then wear normal warm boots or tennis shoes. This will keep the wetness out!

3. Thrift For Warm Clothes

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Winter clothing prices may be on the rise now, and you may not get the best quality in the normal stores. If you want to get better, cheaper winter clothes, target the thrift stores in more affluent areas.

You will be happy you went hunting for decent gloves and thermal underlayers.

4. How To Make Jeans Warm

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Jeans are an excellent choice of clothes for many people and versatile for many occasions, but they will not help much in winter.

This doesn’t mean you store your beloved jeans away until March. If you want to wear your jeans and stay warm, consider wearing inexpensive tights under your jeans.

5. Hot Drinks To Stay Warm

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Hot drinks will be your best friend in the chilly season; it is time to break the lids off the hot chocolate and the teas to stay warm.

If tea isn’t your favorite beverage, stay warm with some hot water with lemon or honey.

6. Seal Windows With Window Sealing Kits

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If your house has not been recently recaulked and you feel the windows may let in some cold, seal them with clear film window sealing kits.

If your hand feels cold when you place it near your window or sill, it’s worth considering sealing it.

7. Warm Rice In Your Pocket

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Stepping out in the cold can be atrocious for your hands. To keep your hands warm when going out for a little while, create small rice-filled pouches by filling old socks and tying them.

Heat these in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds, then use them as pocket hand warmers. Note: Use raw rice.

These days you can find small rechargeable or one time use hand warmers as well.

8. Dealing With Static

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The reduced air moisture in winter can be quite a nuisance as it causes static electricity on carpets and other fabric.

Humidify your house by boiling pots of water on the stove. If this feels wasteful, boil something you will eat later, like potatoes or corn.

9. Augment Heat With The Oven

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You will need a lot of heating this winter, and this can run your electricity bills high.

Use heat sources such as the oven by leaving the oven door open after using it to use the extra heat and turn down your thermostat.

10. Hot Water Bottle in Bed

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Bedsheets can get incredibly cold, and you must warm them up with body heat. A hot water bottle or heated blanket in bed on a cold day is pure heaven.

To make the hot water bottle warm up faster, fill it with warm water as you boil water in the kettle, then empty it and fill it up with the hot water.

11. Dress Warmly Indoors

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There’s a temptation to dress down indoors and turn the thermostat up, but this will end in you spending more on electricity.

Instead, dress warmly indoors and keep the thermostat down.

12. Keep a Winter Emergency Kit In The Car

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You may need to step out of your car and shovel some snow, so always have some shoes that can walk in the snow in the car.

Have winter jackets, hats, and gloves if your car stalls and you need to walk.

It’s also a good idea to have a compact metal shovel, a flashlight, and a first aid kit in your vehicle. These items can be essential not only for your safety but also for the well-being of your family and friends.

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