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10 Things Men Learned About Women Only After Having a Female Roommate

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Women can occasionally seem enigmatic to many men, and perhaps even universally so at times. When a man engages in close relationships with vocal mothers, female roommates, romantic partners, sisters, or interacts with women in various capacities, he might unexpectedly gain valuable insider perspectives that he hadn’t anticipated.

A hilarious forum thread shares the shocking things men learned about women over the years. Keeping reading for a good laugh.

1. The Hardships of Pregnancy

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We all hear cute stories about feeling a baby kick in a mom’s belly for the first time. But as that baby grows, it can lead to some serious abuse to the mom’s insides. Constant kicks to the ribs, bladder, and other internal organs is no cakewalk- and witnessing it had some men freaked out.

“I knew from being told that it could happen, but the first time I really saw it was while I was talking to a colleague when her kid pressed his foot out so far that it looked like a scene from a horror movie.” Says one user.

2. Disclaimer: Women Can Be Crass

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When a group of women get together and start chatting with each other, some men are surprised to find the topics are often similar to men’s. Yes, (some) women also talk about their sex lives.

One man says he learned a lot when living with three female bartenders, “They were unbelievably messy, and some of the discussions they had about sex and men I had not heard, even in the Army.”

3. Medical Frustrations for Females

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This one isn’t something women do, but it is definitely shocking. More women have been speaking out about being written off when they are dealing with health-related issues. The following comment summarizes this perfectly:

“My wife kept telling me these stories about her doctors and specialists not taking her seriously. I’ve never experienced this. I just say what’s wrong, point to a thing or explain a thing and then we get a treatment plan. It’s quick but I always just thought it was efficient and not dismissive. I thought she was describing the same thing from a different perspective.

So she says why don’t you come with me to my next appointment? And I says sure let’s do that. Holy s***. It was like watching an ape try to figure out IKEA furniture. “Uh, well, hey I don’t know uh I guess you could try a chiropractor – I don’t really know what they do but uh that’s what some people do.”

AND THAT WAS THE APPOINTMENT. Ladies, how you go through life with this bulls*** I have no idea.”

4. Truth: Some Women Are Quite Messy

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There is this unspoken assumption that women are cleaner than men. But this is definitely just a stereotype, and some women have noticed.

“Man, the first time I visited a woman’s university dorm room, I was shocked.” Reports one man.

“Bruh it’s wild! My wife would spill sh** on the kitchen counter and just leave it. I finally got fed up and asked her to clean up after herself when she spilled. So then for a while she’d just throw a dish rag on top of the spill and just leave that. I was straight at a loss lol I don’t understand what’s so hard!” Says one husband.

5. A Nice Thought Goes a Long Way

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One man reports he’s always surprised by how happy his wife is with small gestures- even if it’s a $1 card or a $9 bouquet of flowers from the grocery store. He says he can’t believe it’s so easy to make her happy, but he’s on board if that’s what it takes.

6. All the Hair: Women Are Part Wookie

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What’s with women and clogged shower drains? One man says, “Women are part Wookie; how else can you explain all the hair that ends up in the drain.” Another man points out it’s not only the drain; he finds hair on the rugs, his clothes, his food, etc.

7. Yes, Women Go Number Two Too

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Some men like to hold women on a pedestal. So when they realize they are humans and need to use the toilet daily, it throws them for a loop. Of course, women poop, but some men don’t want to think about it (apparently).

8. Women and Showers

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Women’s bathing habits tend to be a bit more complicated than men’s. “How many different kinds of showers they take! Just a quick rinse vs. full body scrub vs. scrub down WITH shampoo vs bath vs …” Says one man. So true!

9. Women Almost Always Stick Together

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One man shares he’s always shocked at how women take each other’s side by default.

“I’ve seen girls [help] each other moments after an argument or warn one another about stuff like a network or take the woman’s side in an issue between a man and a woman by default even in situations where, had the genders been flipped they’d have no trouble laying fault with the guy. I don’t really see this same gendered support system with men.”

10. They Fill All the Space

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Some women love to keep their homes filled with thoughtful decor- many men would consider it clutter. “If there is an empty shelf or window sill it will be filled with a vase, candle or some random ornament.” Say one user. Another says, “Plants, don’t forget the plants.”


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