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13 Beauty Trends That Many People Actually Find “Ugly”

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As spectators of the ever-evolving landscape of beauty standards and fashion trends, we bear witness to an incessant cycle shaped by the march of time and the ebb and flow of generations. Prepare for the unexpected as some individuals boldly resist and diverge from current norms, fearlessly confronting the established standards of today. The crucial question that emerges is this: Are these beauty trends objectionable or captivating? The ultimate judgment rests in your hands.

1. Blindingly White Teeth

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“Unnatural extreme white veneers. Many celebs get them even if they had overall nice teeth before.” No, your refrigerator white teeth do not look natural.

“I also hate it when my dental assistant discusses the slight off-white various shadings of my teeth with my dentist, right over me, while I’m lying there in the chair. My teeth are natural, and in good shape. They’re not yellow, or green. They’re just not paperwhite.

I’m like, are you discussing this like it’s a bad thing, or are you trying to sell me on teeth whitening? I’m starting to feel a little self conscious about my teeth here, folks.”

2. Fake Photos

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“Photos where the skin has been edited so heavily that it’s lost all texture and character. People aren’t plastic. Stop it with that sh**.”

“I retouch images for a living for high end fashion brands and I know exactly what you mean. It’s crazy how people believe the imagery they see of top models aren’t retouched.”

3. Extra Lipstick

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“When people do their lipstick way past their lip line to make them look bigger. It just looks weird imo but you do you.”

“My daughter keeps telling me how well her friend does it and I keep saying it is not a new thing and it never looks right. Also, tattooed lipliner – just no.”

4. Celebrity Surgeries

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Not only do celebrities get extensive surgical work done, but they tend to have more money and are seen in photos more often- so we notice. Many people point out how ridiculous the Kardashians look these days. “It’s like there’s only a single surgeon churning out the same bimbo clone #5 option. Like it’s the default setting on a piece of bugged vault-tech.”

5. Buccal Fat Removal

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Also known as cheek fat removal. “There’s a trend in female Kpop idols (I’m not sure if it’s in South Korean culture as a whole–I know idol culture can be magnified quite a bit) to remove the fat from their cheeks, so their faces don’t look so round and “fat”. Every single woman I’ve seen do it goes from looking gorgeous to looking vaguely alien. The round face seems to be seriously looked down upon, which is a damn shame.”

“Buccal fat removal has hit the western media too. Miley Cyrus, Anya Taylor Joy, and Natalie Portman are probably the most criticized for it.”

6. Cheek Filler

woman getting work done cheek filler botox
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On the opposite end of the spectrum is making the cheeks look fuller. “Filler in general, but especially in the cheekbones. I am genuinely so confused why so many girls want to look like they’re having an allergic reaction. It’s almost painful to look at, it looks like their face is swollen.

I’ve never in my life looked at someone and thought, hmm their cheekbones are too flat.”

7. Extra Plump Lips

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Other than cheeks, lips are another popular place for filler injections. “Yup. Especially when combined with fake tan, fake t***, fake nose, etc. I feel bad for people that do this to themselves, but also disgusted by it.”

8. Fake Anything

Young woman feeling disgust and showing refuse gesture
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Many people are perplexed why natural bodies became “ugly” to some people, requiring endless surgeries and makeup. “People need to stop promoting the unnatural look. It’s terrible for young girls/teens and f***s their self esteem so hard. People in real life simply do not look like that.”

9. Drawn Eyebrows

woman with a lot of makeup model
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“Drawn on eyebrows creep me ** out. Why do they always have to look surprised.”

10. Frozen Botox Faces

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“The frozen look – which might look nice for posed selfies, but in person there’s a real uncanny valley feeling about it. Seeing young women, especially in their early 20s getting botox in their foreheads is so unnecessary and strange looking.” Embrace those facial expressions and wrinkles!

11. Cartoon Eyelashes

woman model eyelashes
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Over-the-top extra thick lashes are a turn-off for many people.

“Everytime I try to wear them, I look like Janice from the muppets.”

12. Orange Skin

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Would you rather be white and natural or look like a giant carrot? It’s a personal choice, but many find orange skin to look plain silly.

13. All the Fake Stuff

Side view of brunette beautiful woman with long straight healthy hair
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When did it become normal to load up on fake add-ons? Someone talks about their co-workers having unnaturally white dentures. He goes on to say, “I think he also wears the full eyeball contacts to enhance how white the whites of his eyes are. Between that stuff and the beard toupee he looks like a mannequin.”


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