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18 Low-Key Jobs People Admittedly Love

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For many people, our careers play a significant role in shaping our identities. Some jobs are considered enjoyable, while others may be seen as a form of compensated hardship. However, what is often overlooked is the deep satisfaction felt by individuals involved in what are conventionally considered the most mundane occupations in the job market.

In an online forum, someone sought to know what jobs are much more fun than people think, and you’ll be amazed.

1. Research Scientist

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For some, being a research scientist may feel like chewing gravel, but there has never been a better job for one online conversation contributor.

They share, “A lot of people think, ugh, science; but I love being a research scientist. It’s like having a giant puzzle and you have to get clues from other people and plan how you’re going to solve your bit of the puzzle.”

Someone else agrees, “I was looking for this. I am a scientist too and I love research. Any little thing you find is so exciting!”

If you say so, Einstein.

2. Kindergarten Teacher

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Five and six-year-olds can give you an aneurysm with their screaming, erratic temperaments, and a million whys.

A user says, “There’s a misconception that Kindergarten is chaos, and when someone visits our classroom, they are surprised.”

I stand corrected. Apparently, they can also be the best people to work with.

Another user who’s a Grade 1 teacher says, “I get to sing songs all day. I make the lamest “dad jokes” and get a room full of laughter. I blow their minds several times a day with learning new concepts. I get to go outside and play.”

3. Teaching In General

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There’s no illusion that teaching takes a lot of energy and passion, and it’s a calling many don’t have. Those who do, however, swear that life never gets better than chalk, boards, and crayons.

One teacher says, “I have such a blast at my job. It can be really hard and is a lot of work, but I love it. It’s so fun.”

Another one agrees, “It’s a sh**-ton of work, but it’s a lot of fun. I wore a pink tutu on Friday. I’m going to a science museum this week. I read with ALL the voices. We get to paint, use glitter, plant stuff, sing and dance.”

4. A Librarian

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Working surrounded by the smell of old and new paper, real and fictional stories, and silence, it’s not hard to see why this is fun.

One user says, “When people come to you and ask questions they genuinely care about, it’s so satisfying to be able to point them in the right direction.”

The Librarians, however, warn that if becoming super-rich is your goal, you may have to rethink becoming a Librarian.

5. Consumer Insight

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If you love research and data analysis, this may make you very happy.

One online commenter says, “It’s fun knowing what people think of certain products, why and how they think that way. It’s like doing those React videos on YouTube, except you decide whether the reactions should influence your business or not.”

6. Product Management

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A user working as a product manager says it’s fulfilling. If you love interacting with people, finding problems, and figuring out how to solve them, you’d be happy here too.

They add, “I would do it for free if I didn’t need money, but the pay is pretty decent too.”

7. General Contractor

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Working with your hands is something some people look for in a job, and being a contractor gives you just that.

One user shares, “The work can be difficult at times, but working with your hands and having an end result you can be proud of and people pay for is satisfying. I’d call it fun most days.”

You will be tired but happy.

8. Elderly Care

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One user says, “Honestly, old people are the best.”

Someone agreed and said that working, especially with people with Dementia, is the purest thing they have ever seen.

There’s a lot of laughter, repeated jokes, and birthdays celebrated over and over again.

9. Settlement Worker

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One of the best jobs yet is helping displaced people re-organize their lives and settle in a new country. This is the fulfilling life that one online conversation contributor lives.

“I help newcomers … find a job, rebuild their careers, get their credentials evaluated, apply to university. Most of my clients are refugees and have lost so much, and I love helping them get the resources and networks they need to work and also contribute to Canada as well.” They share.

10. Construction

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A career in construction feels like a lot of sweat, blisters, and sore muscles. Do you know that it’s also good for the mind? If you’re feeling low, you just need to get a sledgehammer and knock things down.

Someone in an online conversation says, “I’ve been doing demolition for about a year now. Despite the dust and jobs where you carry debris down some stairs, every day is enjoyable and a great stress relief.”

11. Hotel Maid

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Fulfilling and fun mean different things to different people, and for one hotel maid, it’s in all the taboo things they get to see.

They say, “You get to see tons of naked people, you find all sorts of cool stuff (drugs, s** toys, etc.), and you get to keep all the booze people leave behind.”

No judgments here.

12. Barista

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A shocking number of the grown-ups you meet daily are fueled by coffee; it makes sense that this would be one of the best jobs out there.

A former Barista says, “My favorite job ever was my barista job in college. Something about the repetitive and manual aspect: all of the clicks, whirs, and whooshes were really satisfying. And being the best part of everyone’s morning was also awesome. I was godda** good at it too.”

13. Private Jet Pilot

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We don’t need a lot of convincing; this sounds pretty fun.

This job involves lots of travel, meeting new people, hefty tips, and few working hours.

If you take away the jet love and the silent prayers that you don’t crash into the Bermuda Triangle, what’s not to love?

14. Waiting Tables

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If there is a job that teaches numerous human values all at once, it must be waiting tables at a restaurant.

One user says, “I learned about teamwork, prioritizing, dealing with difficult people and challenges in a difficult environment that benefited me my entire future professional career and personal life and made a ton of friends.”

Someone else says, “Waiting tables truly did more for me as a person than 4+ years of college.”

Plus, there’s the free food.

15. Firefighter

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Thinking of a job where you’ll hate retiring? Firefighting is where the action is.

An online forum commenter says, “My dad was a fire captain and loved it. Retired without ever having to leave. His pension was f****g outstanding.”

“For real best job (sic) you could have. I just started my career about 2.5 years ago. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.” Someone adds.

16. Professional Chef

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When it comes to being a chef, victory is sweetest when the battle is toughest.

One pro chef says, “The hours are long. Service is busy and stressful. The pay is low. But I find it so satisfying. There’s nothing like the first sip of a cold beer after getting your a** kicked for hours.”

17. Entrepreneur

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While takes a special drive and perseverance, starting something from scratch and seeing it grow is a very fulfilling feeling- no matter what niche.

18. Tour Guide

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Showing people around the city or lands you love can be a joy for the right person. What better way to get out every day and meet new people.


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