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Genius or Gross- 12 Unique Food Pairings People Love

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Certain food pairings are hailed as matches made in culinary heaven, celebrated universally for their perfection. While unconventional pairings may not be the norm, they can surprise you with their astonishing synergy. Many individuals have chanced upon unexpected food combinations that prove to be delightful surprises for the palate.

In an online conversation, people disclosed the weird food combination that actually tastes good.

1. Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich

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Everyone knows about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but have you tried a peanut butter and honey sandwich? We haven’t, but one Redditor swears it’s an awesome combination.

They share, “Not weird, but I’m always surprised by the number of people who haven’t had a peanut butter honey sandwich.” Sounds delish!

2. Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup On Waffles

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Waffles and syrup are great on their own, but someone discovered something else they can spread that tastes great.

They say, “I feel the same way about peanut butter and maple syrup on waffles. It’s not weird, but the amount of weird looks I get whenever I talk about it is wild.”

Someone adds, “A man of class and culture right there. Most people haven’t had the pleasure of eating melted peanut butter with maple syrup, and that [is] honestly just a shame.”

3. Popcorn Flavors

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Popcorn can be sweet, salted, or with a dash of caramel, but have you tried raisins sautéed in butter and garlic until they plump up, then poured over popcorn?

That is precisely what one online user discovered. They said, “What made you try this? Sounds weird, but [it] could be great.”

4. Thousand Island Dressing on A Hotdog

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The rules say kids use ketchup on hotdogs, and adults use mustard. One adult decided to rebel and ended up with an excellent flavor instead.

They say, “I did it once out of spite for people saying only children use ketchup and adults should use mustard. My response [was], I’ll put Thousand Island on my hotdog if I want, and it’s none of your business. Turned out to be pretty great, and it’s now my preferred hotdog topping.”

5. Popcorn And Dried Pineapple

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We haven’t finished the debate on pineapple on pizza, and there’s already the introduction of pineapple on popcorn.

One user says, “The salty and sweet are great together.”

6. Malt Loaf and Cheese

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One online conversation contributor said, “My mum’s side of the family comes from the north of England, and one of their snack foods is malt loaf/Christmas cake with thick slices of cheese on top. Sounds weird, but it is probably one of my favourite things to eat.”

7. Red Thai Curry and Mac & Cheese

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Macaroni and cheese is enough meal all by itself. Someone discovered that adding some red Thai Curry makes it even better.

Their verdict? “Red Thai Curry + Mac & Cheese = life-changing.”

8. Salt on Watermelon

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Several salad trials have proved that watermelons can be combined with a few different things to make a great combination, including salt.

Someone adds, “Try watermelon with some feta cheese/cottage cheese, balsamic vinegar and some green salads like lettuce/rocket. Best salad for hot summer days.”

9. Sugar Sandwich

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There are many ways to make sandwiches, and adding sugar to pieces of bread is another option.

One contributor says, “Obviously not the healthiest meal, but it’s so damn good. I think some people use sprinkles instead of sugar.”

Someone says that it’s a USSR snack.

10. Balsamic Vinegar and Vanilla Ice Cream

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Balsamic vinegar on ice cream seems like a popular new flavor, and it’s quite good, apparently.

Someone adds, “This is quite common in Italy. If you like strawberries, you can add them. It’s fantastic.”

11. Oreos and Sour Cream

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Here’s a new way to eat your Oreos.

A user says, “[It] tastes like cheesecake for some reason.”

12. Chocolate On Potato Chips

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Almost every flavor has been tried on potato chips, but we didn’t know chocolate was an option until now.

Someone says, “I found chocolate-covered potato chips at Aldi a while back. It must be a seasonal thing because I haven’t seen them since. It’s probably a good thing because they were so ridiculously addictive!”

All these combinations reveal one thing: peanut butter can be used on anything.


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