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11 Words That Are Impossible to Say Without Cracking a Smile

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With an expansive lexicon exceeding 170 thousand words, the English language provides an abundance of choices to articulate our ideas and feelings. Amidst words that may appear commonplace and ordinary, there exists a subset that consistently manages to evoke delight and amusement. Whether it’s the waves of nostalgia they bring, their harmonious sounds, or their distinctive connotations, these words are a pure delight to pronounce.

On an online community forum, users shared their favorite words that always make them chuckle no matter how old they are.

1. Tomfoolery

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Many users agree that the word “tomfoolery” is super fun to say. But did you know that this word originated in the Middle Ages and was used in the form of “Thome Fole” for people of very little intelligence?

Nowadays, tomfoolery not only sounds silly but it literally means a silly thing: foolish or silly behavior.

2. Discombobulate

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“Discombobulate” is another word that sounds totally ridiculous when pronounced. Someone says, “Whenever I think of this word [discombobulate] I always say it like Rowan Atkinson would in Blackadder.”

3. Uranus

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The pronunciation of the planet “Uranus” makes many people, especially kids, laugh. The humor in the word primarily stems from its phonetic resemblance to another word “urine”. But it can also easily be misinterpreted as “your an*s”.

To avoid any comical situations, someone gives the following advice: “If you don’t want to giggle like a 12-year-old, it is permissible to pronounce it the Greek way. Aranus (air-a-nus).”

4. Shenanigans

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It seems that there are two types of people when it comes to the hilarious word “shenanigans”. While some individuals hate it, others say it’s their favorite expression.

One person writes, “I swear to God I’ll pistol wh*p the next guy who says “Shenanigans.””

5. Indubitably

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“Indubitably” is considered an uncommon word in everyday conversation. But if you have seen the famous sports mockumentary called 7 Days in Hell, you know that this old-fashioned word can generate quite an amusement, especially when it’s given as a response to a yes/no question.

6. Flabbergasted

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We are flabbergasted to see how many users mentioned the word “flabbergasted” in the comments.

Probably, most people find this word humorous because of the combination of syllables that includes “flab” and “gast”. Also, this word creates a comical sound when said with emphasis.

7. Pumpernickel

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Several users consider “Pumpernickel” the funniest-sounding word they know. We find it hard to wrap our heads around how a simple thing like rye bread can have such an unusual name?!

8. Dongle

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Thanks to its playful sound, “Dongle” is an unconventional term in technology. One person highlights, “Some guys got fired for saying that [the word “dongle”].”

Whether it’s true or not, it must be amusing to hear this word from the mouth of some serious-looking IT engineers!

9. Hippopotamus

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There are many compelling reasons why “hippopotamus” is a fun word to say. It has a lengthy structure with numerous syllables, its pronunciation carries a delightful rhythm, and let’s not overlook the paradox of a colossal animal bearing such a cheerful name.

10. Jabroni

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“Jabroni’ is also a fun-to-pronounce word that many people use in the form of linguistic play or humor.

For example, one person says that out of fun, they call their cats jabronis all the time.

11. Bumfuzzle

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The word that means “to confuse” is just fun to say. Who can resist giggling?


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