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11 Ridiculously Random Things People Actually Own

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Whether we get bored, nostalgic, or drink, sometimes the most random items end up in our homes as mementos or decorations. Then, they stick around because they’re memorable or just plain funny.

A Redditor asks, “What’s the dumbest thing that you own? And the answers range from quite random to hilarious.

1. Bobble Heads

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What’s the function of a bobblehead? This useless novelty item is for pure entertainment, often in a car.

One user shares, “A bobble head of Barack Obama. I call it my Barack O-bobblehead.”

2. A Beer Lamp

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One user shares a funny story about how he spent some money get got at 18 from a Pell Grant. “One of the dumb things I bought was a Miller Highlife lamp. At the time (I was around 19) I drank a lot of Miller Highlife, and I thought that would be the coolest thing ever. The stand was a highlife bottle, and the lampshade had the highlife logo on it, which rotated. Tacky as f**k.”

He goes on to share that he still has it despite his girlfriend, now his wife’s best efforts. Now it stays as a memory of his you and dumb years.

3. A Ryan Seacrest T-shirt

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A Redditor shares that her parents waited in lin for hours at a mall once to get a t-shirt hand signed by Ryan Seacrest, all so they could bust out laughing at Christmas morning when her and her sister open their presents and wondered why this was their gift.

She says, “That’s the moment I realized that my parents were awesome. They waited in line for over an hour and spent nearly $100 on a f***ing joke.”

4. A Yodeling Pickle

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One user shares, “I own a yodeling pickle…..drunk me should stop shopping.” Another said they have the same thing, and that it is often mistaken as an adult toy, which she finds is easier to explain than the fact that she has a yodeling pickle. Those darn targeted ads!

5. A Decorative Lunchbox

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“A pink lunch box with Eric Roberts’ face and him riding a white stallion with a castle and an owl in the background. Never used it for anything, it just sits on my shelf and looks over me.” Shares one user. Others admit to commodity lunch boxes that aren’t used much too.

6. A Red Ticket

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“A little red paper ticket (like the kind that spits out of arcade games) in my wallet that says “keep this ticket.”” Shares a user. Because, just in case!

7. Every Tooth

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“I am 60 yrs old and have kept all of my teeth; from the ones that fell out naturally when I was a kid, to the ones that I have had pulled out by the dentist. They are in a little plastic container that is shaped like a tooth….weird huh?” Explains one Redditor.

8. Diplomas

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“I own a piece of paper that tells me I achieved something.” Whether for work, school, or a sport, these don’t mean much in the real world for most people.

9. Trophies

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“I own a trophy that tells me I showed up to some of the practices.” Share another user. How many of us have these sitting around somewhere collecting dust still?

10. Racing Pigeons

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“A couple of toy pigeons you can wind up and they walk along and you can race them. They’re racing pigeons.” Shares a Redditor. Why not? These sound fairly entertaining.

11. HD-DVD Player

“HD-DVD player for the 360. I bought it for full price about a month before it was announced that they would be discontinued.” Shares another user. Many others sadly agreed that they also have these now-useless contraptions.


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