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16 Closet Hacks for Dressing to Look Slimmer and Feel Great

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Individuals come in all shapes and sizes, and while every body is beautiful, there are times when you may want clothing that accentuates your figure and conceals specific areas. In situations where immediate weight loss isn’t a feasible solution, choosing clothing that creates the illusion of being a few pounds slimmer can be an effective alternative.

Here’s how to dress in a manner that imparts a slender and flattering appearance.

1. Darker Denim

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Darker colors tend to have a slimming effect compared to lighter shades. If you’re a jeans person, choose dark-wash denim for jeans or skirts over whites and bright yellows.

2. Wrap Dresses

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Wrap dresses and skirts are in fashion, and they’d do an excellent job to flatter your figure. A wrap dress will create a flattering silhouette by cinching the waist and emphasizing the smallest part of your body.

3. Choose Vertical Seams

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The seam direction on an outfit can make all the difference when it comes to how big or small it makes the wearer look.

Clothing with vertical seams can create long lines that have a slimming effect. Look for dresses, pants, or skirts with strategically placed seams and avoid horizontal ones.

4. Flared Jeans Instead of Pencil Jeans

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If you’re looking for a style to balance out your curves, choose hipster jeans (flowly) as opposed to pencil-bottom jeans.

Flared or bootcut pants can balance out wider hips and thighs, creating a more proportionate look.

5. Wear High Rise Pants

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Low-cut jeans that end right at your waist may leave more skin hanging, while high-cut jeans that stretch over your hips and stomach tend to cover more skin.

High-rise pants or skirts can create the illusion of longer legs and a smaller waist.

6. Wear the Same Color Top-to-Bottom

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Opting for the same color for both your top and bottom establishes a continuous vertical line, creating the illusion of a slimmer appearance.

7. Use Strategic Color Blocking

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The best way to camouflage areas you want to minimize is by hiding them in plain sight. Incorporate color blocking by using darker colors on areas you want to recede and lighter colors on areas you want to accentuate.

8. Wear Pointed-Toe Shoes

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They don’t only look elegant, but pointed-toe shoes elongate the legs and create a more streamlined appearance. This makes you look taller and slimmer.

Avoid shoes with rounded toes, as they can make your legs look shorter, which works against the plan to look a few pounds smaller.

9. Invest in Good Undergarments

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This might be an excellent time to invest in lovely corsets and high-waist knickers.

Well-fitted bras and underwear can provide support and enhance your natural shape, contributing to an overall slimming appearance.

10. Select the Right Sleeve Length

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Sometimes the upper arms get a little bigger than we’d want, and we need to choose the right clothes to camouflage the flabbiness.

Choose sleeves that hit the slimmest part of your arm, typically right above or below the elbow. This can create a more slender arm appearance.

11. Strategic Ruching

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Ruching is the act of gathering clothes up to make them look pleated.

Ruching creates a ripple-like effect that can camouflage areas while providing a stylish and a flattering look.

12. Wear Heels

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A good pair of heels will give your outfit the glam it needs and add a bit of height to your legs. This improves overall posture, contributing to a leaner appearance.

13. Choose Well-tailored Pieces

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There’s the temptation to wear bigger clothes when you’re feeling like your physique is on the wider side of the scales. However, getting well-tailored clothing that fits well and accentuates your body shape can give a polished and slimming effect. Plus, you’ll feel great!

14. Balance Proportions

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If you’re wearing a loose top, pair it with fitted bottoms, and vice versa. Balancing proportions can create a more harmonious and slimming overall look.

15. Use Accessories Strategically

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A well-placed belt can define your waist and create a more hourglass shape. Long necklaces can create a vertical line that adds to the illusion of height.

16. Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

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Avoid spandex and other clothes that tend to stretch. Selecting fabrics that drape well and offer a bit of stretch is preferable, as clingy fabrics can draw attention to specific areas you may want to minimize rather than conceal.


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