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12 Silly Questions That Feel Impossible to Actually Answer

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Some questions appear deceptively simple until they are asked, leaving you in a state of bewilderment. Life rarely unfolds along a straightforward path, and the simplicity of things can often be misleading based on appearances.

An online forum communication starter asked, “What question sounds dumb but is actually hard to answer?”

1. How are you?

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Few questions have elicited lies like this one. As a greeting, this sounds relatively easy to answer. But getting an honest answer to this question is as easy as catching an eel with our bare hands.

An online commenter says, “Most people just blindly answer “I’m fine, you?” It would actually be difficult to honestly describe to the person how you’re doing emotionally or physically that day.”

Another person agrees, “German here. I hate this question. I’m not ok, but I don’t want to whine. On the other hand, I don’t want to lie. So, I quickly changed the subject.”

2. How Old Were You When You First Knew Your Name?

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This sounds like a question a child would ask a mom, but who really remembers when they first knew who they were?

An online user says, “I had a nickname as a kid that was just a cutesy baby name, nothing to do with my real name. my family called me that exclusively. I learned my real name on the first day of kindergarten when my momma dropped me off.”

Well, at least someone remembers.

3. What Is Pain?

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Doctor visits can be quite confusing when you try to describe the kind of pain you’re feeling. It’s even worse if someone asks you to describe what pain actually feels like.

It feels, umm…painful? You know when everything feels alright? Not that.

4. How Do I Become Cool?

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What is cool?

Someone says, “Are “cool,” “popular,” and “likable” all the same? I don’t think they are, but all three can work together. There are several replies alluding to being popular or likable, but that doesn’t necessarily make you cool.”

What is cool to one person or in one context may be totally off in another. Self-confidence and kindness are sure ways to be coll anywhere.

5. Describe Water

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It’s a clear liquid; you probably have one in your hand right now, but how do you describe it without sounding like a little Einstein?

We can say how it’s made, H2O, 2:1 ratio, but really is it?

An online user says, “But what is water? It’s a difficult question because water is impossible to describe. We just don’t know.”

At this rate, do we know anything?

6. What Is time? Does It Actually Exist?

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If you are looking for a question that will give you a migraine, this is it.

A user says, “Why does time always flow forward and never backward? No physical laws of which I’m aware require that it do so.”

“”Time is what you measure with a clock,” which is either the smartest dumb thing I’ve ever heard or the dumbest smart thing. I’m not sure which.” He adds.

It’s 12:55 PM. That’s enough to know.

7. Where Do You Want To Eat?

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We all know where we want to eat until we’re asked where we want to eat. Then, our brains turn to fuzz.

8. How Long Is The Present?

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“The present does not exist. Therefore it’s a construct we decide on. It’s arbitrary. Moreover, the lights you see, the sounds you hear, the things you feel, were all produced sometime before you registered it.” A user answers.

9. What Does Color Look Like?

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How do you describe a color to someone?

“I’m colorblind and have a lot of difficulties with red and shades of red. I straight up don’t see “purple.” What does it look like?” Hmm, good question.

10. What’s For Dinner?

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This qualifies to be the most challenging question most mothers have heard, and the answer is never easy.

11. What Is Love?

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Many people grapple with this question at one point in their lives, and it means different things to different people.

12. What Happened?

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When a relationship or situation goes south, it can feel impossible to pinpoint where the problem began.


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