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21 Life Choices That Seem Ridiculous At First Glance- But Are Actually Quite Smart

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Assessing a situation solely by its outward appearance doesn’t always unveil the complete narrative. At times, what may seem like an imprudent decision can unfold as a remarkable breakthrough, much like the inception of WiFi. It’s easy to pass judgments on others’ choices based on surface impressions, yet some of these decisions might significantly enrich their lives, revealing their true value only when we take the time to inquire and understand.

It’s time to drop the prejudices and seek to understand these seemingly dumb choices and see the possible smart aspects.

1. Wearing Sunscreen In Winter

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Wearing sunscreen is the only rule to being out in the sun, even when you can’t see the sun. Unfortunately, many people look at sunscreen as unnecessary, or they may think it’s a beauty thing they aren’t dumb enough to sign up for.

Someone says, “Wearing sunscreen in winter. For some reason, a lot of people think that when it’s cold, the sun is no longer an issue, so they’ll make fun of you for wearing sunglasses and sunscreen. The sun doesn’t just stop working because it’s cold out, Debbie!”

As one user says, “No matter who you are, you aren’t tougher than the sun.”

That includes men.

2. Sunscreen Anytime

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Winter may not seem as obvious, but there are still plenty of people forgoing sunscreen in all seasons- putting their skin at risk.

3. Hats Outdoors

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It may look like a fashion statement to most and even a little too much for others, but wearing your hat outside is one of the smartest things you can do.

A user says, “I wear a big wide-brimmed hat outside. My husband calls it my old lady hat. I call it my “don’t want to get skin cancer” hat.”

Look like an old lady, live longer, your choice. [There are some really cool sun hats, though.]

4. Sun Clothes

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Similar to hats, long-sleeved swimsuits and shirts may not seem “trendy”- but your skin will thank you.

5. Sunglasses In All Seasons

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It’s pretty easy for us to judge others on their outfits when we think they’re being a little ridiculous. But one of the things smart people know is that the eyes are to be protected in all seasons, even when we think it’s not necessary.

One says, “I moved to a winter environment for the first time in college. I learned the hard way about getting sunburned while surrounded by snow.”

Someone adds, “My college roommate told me I was weird for wearing sunglasses in the winter. Like?? The sun is still in the sky! The snow reflecting the light is also blinding!”

6. Earplugs In A Concert

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The decibels produced in a concert are not meant for human ears—that’s why the musicians themselves wear plugs.

Bringing your earplugs to a concert or anywhere you expect loud music or noises is a good choice.

One online user says, “I’ve only been to 2 concerts in my life, but the speakers are seriously no joke, especially if you’re right next to them. [I] practically had this constant ringing in my ears for the rest of the night after a concert. [I’m] definitely gonna be bringing earplugs to concerts in the future.”

Smart resolve. Also, you hear and enjoy the music more when the noise has been drowned out.

7. Earplugs for Reducing Overstimulation

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Ear plugs have so many cool functions these days- and are not just for “dorks” trying to drown out the noise. These days, earplugs can be designed to filter out certain noises to help a person who struggles with overstimulation to feel more calm.

8. Honesty in Sales

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A salesman has one job: to make a sale. But is that all, really? People erroneously oversell their products and exaggerate what they can do. One online user says this may not be the most brilliant move, although it’s the common ‘smart’ practice.

A business analyst told a potential client that although they could add value to them, their product had a smaller capacity.

He says, “He thanked me for my honesty. We did end up doing the job for them, and they liked us enough to sign a support contract. The added bonus was that the development was a breeze since the smaller project was in our wheelhouse!”

9. Pants In Socks

Hikers looking at view Zion National park
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It may not be a pretty sight, but it’ll be a big help if you tuck your pants in your socks, especially during a hike; this keeps bugs and mites from crawling up your trousers.

10. Other Practical Outdoor Gear

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Outdoor gear can be seen as silly but is oh-so useful. Lightweight pants with zip of shorts? Check. A sun hat that covers the neck? Check. We’ll see who’s laughing when there’s a sudden change in weather.

11. Mispronouncing Words

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It may not pass as a choice per se, but its mispronunciation is common.

We may laugh at people who mispronounce words, which may look dumb. However, an online user says that someone mispronouncing a word means they read it. And reading is an awesome habit.

12. Taking Time To Answer

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You’ll probably look very smart if you have answers to most things at your fingertips, but it’ll be a worse look if those answers are wrong or ridiculous.

Taking time to respond to something may seem dumb, but it’s pretty clever.

13. Taking Time to Do Anything of Importance

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In our fast-paced world, everything is expected to be instant. Taking your time to enjoy, be present, or do something correctly is not dumb- even if you may appear “slow.”

14. Crocs

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There’s no debate about it—crocs are ugly. It seems pretty off that a grown-up would choose to wear Crocs, and it’s not usually a pretty sight.

Some garden croc wearers, however, swear that choosing Crocs over other more appealing shoes is sometimes the best decision.

One says, “My Crocs are simultaneously some of the ugliest and most comfortable shoes I own.”

15. Comfy Shoes

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The same goes for any shoes that offer comfort without little attention to “style.” For many, having healthy, comfortable feet is more important. I’d say that’s pretty smart!

16. Old Cars Affordable vs Newer Expensive Cars

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A car is no longer a luxury; it’s a basic need for most people. The choice of car make and model sets people apart, especially when money is an issue.

Driving an older [working] car may look a little foolish, while others are driving sleeker, newer models. However, if that car is within your budget, you’re the smartest motorist on the road.

17. A Car Without Debt

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An online conversation contributor says, “Driving a beater you can afford instead of a new car you can’t” looks dumb, but it’s pretty clever.

18. Ignoring Arguments

Angry Stock Trader Shouting
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Don’t argue with a fool; people might not notice the difference. Walking away from a potentially explosive conversation may make you look weak and unable to stand up for yourself, but it’s the most incredible show of self-control and self-respect.

Someone says, “[It] takes some discipline. I know a few really dumb people I just have to walk away from sometimes.”

19. No Comment

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Sometimes, there’s no valid reason to say anything to someone just looking for attention or spewing nonsense. In this case, saying nothing is a perfectly acceptable and smart answer.

20. GPS For Familiar Routes

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Why would you need a map for a familiar route, especially one you take almost daily? One online user thinks it’s a dumb-sounding smart way to get around.

They say, “GPS for your daily commute to work. Superficially it sounds dumb because obviously you know how to get to work. But any modern GPS is going to be traffic-aware and so can route you around any slowdowns that aren’t normally there.”

21. Meditating

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Watching someone sitting quietly and apparently doing “nothing” looks weird, and people who aren’t yogis will not understand how important and smart it is.

If something is dumb but works, then it’s not dumb.


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