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Get Over Yourself: 13 Things We Tend to Overcomplicate for No Good Reason

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The beauty of life is in its simplicity, but trust humans to complicate even the simplest of things. Much of our problems and anxieties stem from overthinking the non-issues and making giant waves out of little ripples.

An online forum contributor asked, “What seems complicated but is actually dead simple?” There’s great serenity in taking things easy, and here are a few things you should not be breaking a sweat over.

1. Internet Wars

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The internet is full of trolls, and hiding behind anonymity is their strength. Not having arguments with people over the Internet is not very hard.

An online forum contributor says, “It can be tempting to respond to stupidity and/or something that makes your blood boil, but it’s very easy to resist the temptation. You get absolutely nothing from arguing with people over the Internet, whether you win or lose.”

2. Saying, “I Love You”

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It’s baffling how many people struggle to tell people they love them. There’s never a wrong time to let your loved ones know that you love them, and it’s not that complicated.

A user says, “[I] Came here to say this. When I was younger and had a crush, the idea of TELLING THEM was WORLD CRUSHING lol. But now? As an adult? Psh, I don’t care. I’d rather just speak my feelings and see if they’re reciprocated than spend time pining and wondering if it’ll ever be.”

People who aren’t told they’re loved a lot will struggle with saying it to their loved ones as well.

3. Being Perfect

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Unsuccessfully striving for perfectionism has killed more dreams than incompetence. Don’t wait until you can do the one thing you want to do perfectly, just do it.

An online user says, “I struggle with this. I sometimes put off doing something because I don’t know how, and when I do get myself to do it, I will criticize myself because it’s not perfect.”

4. Disagreeing Peacefuly

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There will always be someone who doesn’t think your ideals or ideas are great or even right; raising your voice at them doesn’t have to be your go-to reaction.

A user shares, “It blew my mind when I realized that disagreeing and just calmly discussing it without screaming and getting personally offended was an option.”

Many marriages would be healed if this notion was realized early enough.

5. Minding Your Business

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Good gossip is hard to pass up on, but half of the world’s problems would be solved if we all learned to not be involved in other people’s lives without invitation.

An online conversation contributor says, “Just chill. Life is a lot less stressful if you stay in your lane.”

6. Meditation

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Sitting still in a noisy world is difficult, but that’s probably because we have unduly complicated meditation.

A user shares, “I think a lot of people have this false idea that “meditation” has to be while sitting down only and trying to “empty your mind”. Realistically, if you don’t let yourself get distracted easily, you can meditate while going for a walk playing a game or almost any relaxing type of activity. For me getting into a “calm” state or activity makes meditation way easier and more helpful.”

7. Losing Weight

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Body weight is not a light matter. People have made money, legally and illegally, trying to help others lose their weight.

A contributor shares, “You want to lose weight? Consume less calories than you burn in a day. You don’t need to work out, although it cannot hurt. Look up what someone your age and gender typically burns in a day, and stay under that.”

Someone adds, “Losing weight is SIMPLE, but it sure… isn’t EASY. I successfully lost 60 pounds by doing exactly what you said, but I also incorporated cycling.”

It’s not complicated; it’s just not easy.

8. Following a Recipe

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We aren’t all good cooks but we can whip up a good meal with proper instructions. That’s what a recipe is: instructions. An online user says they don’t understand how someone can mess up a recipe if they follow the instructions to the letter.

Someone agrees, “You’ve had a lot of disagreement, but I, for one, completely agree. I’ve never followed a recipe and had it fail on me. What I can’t do, though, is be creative, I leave that to the professionals.”

9. Doing Your Taxes

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It’s annoying that the government takes your money and then requires you to tell them how much they took, and in a not-so-simple way. Some people seem to think that it’s not that complicated.

Turns out we should have just paid more attention in school.

10. Having Information At Your Finger Tips

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You do not have to fret if you’re in a place where you’re needed to do something seemingly complex. Always seek the information you need; you’ll look smarter in the long run.

An online conversation contributor says, “For example, I am not an IT professional, but I am good at fixing computers because I can “speak Google”. 90% of the time when a friend or family member asks me for tech support, I just google the question.”

“Google is your friend” is not an insult. You just need to know the right questions to ask Dr. G. The only exception is googling your symptoms; see a doctor for that rash.

11. Self-checkout Lines

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Life is becoming a DIY affair in many aspects, and check-out lines are becoming more popular. Unfortunately, some people, especially the older generation, aren’t finding them very easy or personal.

An online commenter says, “Self-checkout lines. Get your s**t together, boomers! It’s not that hard. ” (Sorry, dad.)

12. Talking to People

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Starting a conversation is a great hurdle for many people, and texting is even harder. If you haven’t typed several paragraphs and deleted everything eventually, you may not understand.

One online user says, “I get anxiety about it [texting]. I write and re-write the wording. I worry about looking like an idiot. Or I procrastinate actually sending it.”

The best approach to this is to just hit “send”. People don’t bite. [Most people, anyway.]

13. All Matters of Ovens

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If the COVID era of quarantine taught us anything, it’s that anyone can bake. [A banana bread, at least.]

Someone in an online conversation says, “You really just measure the stuff and follow the directions. Most people I talk to act like it’s sorcery.”

Try it before deciding that you’re not good at it.


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