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11 Cool Things from the 90s That Today’s Kid Won’t Get to Experience

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The 1990s frequently elicit nostalgia among millennials, conjuring memories of their youth, whereas for baby boomers, it harks back to their professional years. Nevertheless, upon reflecting on that era, numerous aspects of life may appear remarkably unconventional to today’s Generation Z. A recent online community has unearthed intriguing historical facts from the past that would undoubtedly leave Generation Z astounded and provoke deep contemplation.

Pre-90s Hitch Hike

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One of the users described the difficulty before the 90s regarding the malfunctioning of cars. He wrote, “Before the 90s, if your car broke down, you had to hitch hike to a phone to call a tow truck.” Imagine the adventure and uncertainty as strangers offered to help!

Free Cinema Entries for Toddlers

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Someone wrote, ”My dad told me toddlers used to be able to go to the movies for free. I didn’t believe when he first told me.” Fun Times!

Affordable Living

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In the ’90s, you could survive on a single salary. One user said, “That you could afford a home and raise a family with an “average” job pre-2000s.”

“My mom built a house with minimal help from my dad, all while working as a teacher. Imagine that today.” Another user said. 

The Web on CDs

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In the past, accessing the internet was a far cry from the seamless connectivity we experience today. Someone writes, “Access to the internet came on CDs you got in the mail.”

Old School Hagstrom Maps

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Ahh, the pre-GPS era. Someone said, “Old school Hagstrom maps. Cross Country Road-trips took a lot more logistics and thought. If you missed a turn, you had to figure out where you were before getting back on track.”

Limited TV Universe

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People found their entertainment fix within a limited selection, eagerly awaiting their favorite programs on a set schedule. Someone wrote, “We only got about 10 tv channels.”

Someone added, “Television shut down for the night at 1:00 a.m., and there is no cable yet.”

Sailing the Rhythms

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Someone wrote, “Sea shanties [folk songs] were actually meant to keep the crew in sync, improving work efficiency. Not for fun.”

The Internet Was a Dystopian Concept

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Someone shared, “The internet wasn’t a thing, let alone it being a magic thing in the sky you can just get anywhere.”

Lost and Found Adventures

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In the older days, childhood held a sense of adventure, unlike today’s world of constant supervision. As a child, a user said, “You would go outside to play. At least once, you’d get lost. Having no phone, map, etc, you would have to ask for help from strangers. This was often variable in quality as they didn’t have phones or maps, so they might not know where your street was in town.”

Odd Road Rules

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One of the users shares his experience a few decades earlier. A user said, “During the 70s, certain countries implemented a special driving rule during the oil crisis. Cars with even-numbered license plate cars could only drive on even days while odd-numbered license plate cars could only drive on odd days.”

Listening to the Radio

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A user from GenZ wrote, “My dad told me people used to sit around a radio at night and listen to it. Sounded so alien to me.”


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