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18 Ridiculous Warning Labels That Prove Some Humans Struggle with Common Sense

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Despite being acclaimed as the most intelligent species, the prevalence of warning labels on everyday products challenges this reputation. Common sense dictates avoiding obvious risks, yet the growing necessity for these warnings hints at a different narrative. The expanding array of cautionary labels might suggest that our cognitive decisions sometimes teeter on self-imposed peril.

A user asked, “What only exists because humans are dumb?” You won’t be feeling very smart after this.

1. Don’t Ingest Bleach

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You’d think anyone old enough to buy and use bleach would know that it should not be consumed. But we have to be reminded not to drink it anyway.

2. Don’t Hammer Yourself

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If you hit yourself with a hammer hard, you’ll break a few bones; It could be fatal depending on which part you hit. That’s common knowledge, right?

An online user says it’s baffling that humans need “warnings on hammers saying this object can cause damage if you strike yourself.”

Why would a sane human strike themselves?

3. Don’t Take Medicine You’re Allergic To

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If you know you’re allergic to a particular drug, the rationale is that you’d not take it.

A user says he saw an ad that said, “Do not take [drug name] if you are allergic to [drug name].”

He asks, “Why the hell would anyone knowingly continue to put a drug in their body if they knew or realized they were allergic to it?”

Does anyone have this answer?

4. Don’t Tie A Giraffe To A Pole

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Do people keep giraffes as pets? That’s a tall order.

An online user says, “In Georgia (US State), it is illegal to tie off your giraffe to a telephone pole.”

5. Don’t Believe You Can Fly

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A tag on a Superman Halloween costume said, “Wearing this costume does not enable you to fly.”

Thanks for that heads-up; I didn’t know humans couldn’t fly.

6. Peanut Allergy Warnings On Jars Of Peanut Butter

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What does a jar of peanut butter contain? You guessed right, peanut. Have you read the sticker on a peanut jar?

A user says it reads, “NGREDIENTS: Peanuts. WARNING: Contains peanuts.”

Breaking news.

7. Don’t Stop On The Tracks

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If someone stops on the tracks long enough, that might be the last tracks they stop on.

8. Uses of a Motorcycle

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How many things can a motorcycle do? If you buy a motorcycle, the assumption is that it’s a means of transport.

A user says their dad’s motorbike was labeled, “This is a motorcycle and only to be used as such.”

9. Chainsaw Warnings

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A user shares a shocking warning on chainsaws, “Warning signs on chainsaws that say “do not attempt to stop blades with hands or genitals.”

It’s confirmed humans can’t be helped.

10. Silica Packets Warning

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Every silica gel packet has the conspicuous warning, “Do not eat.” 

Why would any human with the ability to read want to eat silica?

11. Cat in The Microwave

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Apparently, someone thought it wise to dry their cat in the microwave. The kitty didn’t survive.

An online user says that there came a disclaimer on a microwave that says, “You can’t dry your cat in this.”

We don’t deserve animals.

12. No Appliances in the Tub

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Have you ever noticed that toasters and blow dryers have a warning for the bath tub? Who makes toast or does their hair while bathing?

13. Don’t Insert Here

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These days, cleaning pods for clothes washers and dishwashers now have a warning label again insertion. Um, seriously?

14. No Driving Allowed

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Some sunshields have a warning: Do not drive with sunshield in place. I wonder how far that person got before they crashed.

15. On a Baby Stroller

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Caution: Remove child before folding. The poor children that learned this the hard way.

16. On a Bag of Marshmallows

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Warning: Contents may be fluffier than they appear. How does fluffiness become dangerous? Our interested is piqued.

17. On a Packet for Protection

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Caution: Not suitable for use as a water balloon. If they’re using it for it’s intended use, that’s smart. Water balloon? Not so much.

18. On a Packet of Nuts

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Warning: Contains nuts. Seriously, we mean it.


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