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Would Your Rather- 21 Perplexing and Random Life Questions

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“Would you rather” prompts are fantastic conversation initiators that resonate with individuals of all ages. Ranging from innocent inquiries to those imbued with a more mature sense of humor, they frequently result in hearty laughter. Regardless of the tone, these questions compel us to ponder on subjects that might otherwise linger unexplored in our thoughts.

An online forum community shares the hardest questions they’ve been asked; get ready to laugh!

1. Human Anatomy Changes

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One user shared, “Would you rather have a horizontal butt crack or a vertical mouth?” Most of the community opted for the butt since it can be covered. But they agreed it’d be awkward with things like going down a slide or walking. One user had a good point that a vertical mouth would be perfect for eating tacos.

2. Don’t Be a Door

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One user shares, “One night while I was out to dinner with [my niece] and her mother, she asked me, “Uncle, would you rather be a door or a window. I thought it over for a moment, and for no particular reason said, “I guess I’d rather be a window.”

Without missing a beat, she goes, “Hmm…You seem more like a door to me.” Then flat refused to explain why. Haunts me to this day.”

3. Land or Ground Speed

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“Would you rather have the ability to effortlessly run at 100 mph, or fly at 10 mph?” While many people were tempted by flying, others thought it’d be cool to walk on water (possible at over 70 mph) and cut down commute time.

4. Apples and Oranges

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This question is very random, and both choices would be very inconvenient, making it hard for people to choose. “Would you rather have to pay for everything in pennies or have to use a pogo stick as your only method of transportation. This includes walking; if you want to get up off the couch to go get a bag of chips from the pantry, you have to pogo there.”

5. Favorite Things

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“Would you rather never enjoy music again, or never enjoy food again?” This is a tough one, no matter which way it’s sliced.

6. Worser Evils

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“Would you rather be constantly sticky all over your entire body, forever. Or constantly itchy all over your entire body, forever. I simply cannot choose.” Shares one user. Yuck!

7. Limb Length

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“Would you rather have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs?” Most agreed that having short legs would be easier to adjust to than the opposite.

8. Bodily Functions

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“Would you rather poop a pineapple or pee a grape?” Asks one user, to which one user says they don’t want to play this game anymore. No, thank you!

9. Attic Talk

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“I think this is a pretty popular one, but it’s “would you rather find a person or 1000 cockroaches in your attic?” Says one user. Most agreed it depends on the person, but likely they’d be easier to handle than a bunch of cockroaches.

10. Disappointing Responses

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One user admits his disappointment that most of the questions in the thread involved pain rather than fun and fantasy. To which was perhaps the best reply of all: “Would you rather, never see this question on AskReddit again, or continue to be disappointed by the mostly painful answers and find the uncommon, enjoyable and fun gem of a reply?”

11. Super Powers

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Would you rather have the ability to speak fluent dinosaur languages but only to inanimate objects, or be able to fly but only while wearing a giant, inflatable penguin suit?

12. Guac Dilemma

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Would you rather have a bottomless bowl of guacamole but no chips, or an endless supply of chips but with only one tiny dollop of guacamole? Why the torture?!

13. Sneezes vs Hiccups

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Would you rather have the hiccups for the rest of your life but be able to make musical tunes with them, or sneeze every time someone says your name, but get a burst of confetti with each sneeze?

14. So Random

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Would you rather have the ability to understand what animals are saying but only when they are gossiping about humans, or have the power to make any food taste like your favorite dessert, but you can only eat it while doing the chicken dance?

15. Clown Questions

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Would you rather have a permanent clown wig or a permanent red clown nose on your face?

16. Singing Escapades

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Would you rather be forced to dance the Macarena every time you hear music, or have to sing “Happy Birthday” to strangers on the street when you meet them?

17. Group Encounters

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Would you rather sneeze loudly every time you meet someone new or have your laugh sound like a donkey’s bray?

18. How to Speak

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Would you rather have to speak in rhymes for a day or only be able to speak in movie quotes?

19. Eating Struggles

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Would you rather only be able to use a fork as your eating utensil or wear socks on your hands for a week?

20. Gag Worthy

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Would you rather have to eat a whole stick of butter or a spoonful of baking soda?

21. What to Wear

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Would you rather have to wear your clothes inside out for a week or backward for a month?


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