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15 Sweet Things Our Little Ones Do That Make Us Warm and Fuzzy

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Being a parent is not always easy, but it is also full of joy and wonder. Sometimes our little ones surprise us with their sweetness and affection. From their infectious laughter to heartfelt gestures, these moments have the power to warm our hearts. A community of parents shared sweet things our little ones do that bring joy to even the dreariest days.  

1. Blowing Kisses

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This comment proves that fathers hold a special place in their little one’s hearts. A user wrote, “My husband always tucks our daughter in at bedtime. This evening I heard him finish singing to her and praying with her and the next thing I heard was her going “MWAH! MWAH! MWAH!” She was blowing him kisses!”

2. Clever Cookie Swap

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Kids never fail to surprise us with their smartness. A user said, “My three-year-old is a little con artist in the making. She grabs two cookies, one for Mommy and one for me. Ah, thanks, baby, so sweet to share. She eats half (or more) of her cookie and then suddenly swaps it with mine, which has little to no bites. She tells me that this is now my cookie and mine is now hers. So she ate 1.5 cookies, and damn, I’m proud of that little girl for being so clever.”

3. Regretful Toddler

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Decision-making is tough. Someone said, “My three-year-old, when given a choice between two treats, will choose one and then just before she takes the last bite tells me it doesn’t taste that good and that she would like to change her mind and have the other treat.”

4. Mimicking Parents

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Someone writes, “My 13-month-old will grab her stuffed animals, give them a big hug and a kiss, pat them on the butt, and say “nigh nigh!” We must be doing something right.” So adorable!

5. Proud Baby

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A parent shared an emotional yet sweetest moment saying, “My son is 4. For context, he wanted me to do some art for his room. I made him something, and it did come out pretty good. He smiles so big and says, “wow you made that mommy, I’m proud of you for making that.” I wanted to cry so bad.”

6. Mommy’s Best Girl

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A user said, “My youngest is 3 next month and a bit speech delayed. I call her my best girl, and she recently started telling me that I’m “best girl mummy.”

7. Raspberry Wars

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It’s a cute way to bond with your little one. A mom said, “My 9-month-old loves blowing raspberries and honestly started doing it alone. It’s hilarious to hear him blowing raspberries in his car seat or crib. Today I did one on his cheek, and he looked at me and did the same thing, so we spent 5 minutes taking turns blowing raspberries on each other’s faces.”

8. The Best Friends Moment

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Parenting done right! Someone said, “I was having a hard parent day yesterday, and at bedtime when singing to my 3yo son, I started crying. He looked at me, grabbed my face and hugged me, and said “Okay, mama, I here, I here.” I started crying more cause gosh, did that feel so good?”

9. ABCD Hands Up

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Children can turn the most ordinary words into delightful surprises. This person said, “My son confuses what phrases he hears instead of “What in tarnation!” He says, “What in Dalmatians!” And instead of “SFPD! HANDS UP!” (Quote from Sonic movie), he says, “ABCD! HANDS UP!”

10. Favorite Milestones

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A hug from your child heals everything. Yes! One of my favorite “milestones” is when my babies start hugging me back, not just letting me hug them.”

11. I Love You, Mama

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A user said, “My oldest (8) has recently seen me having a bad day and caught me crying in the laundry room. He didn’t say a word, just came up to me, wrapped his arms around my waist, buried his head in my stomach, and calmly said, “I love you, mama” It completely cured my bad day.”

12. Adorable Independence 

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A user writes, “My 2yo asks for help, says thank you to herself, and then responds, “you’re welcome” when she does something herself.” Amazing!

13. You are Beautiful

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A mama said, “While nursing, she gazed up at me, stroked my cheek, and said, “Mama’s beautiful.” I needed to hear that because recently, she asked me to search images of “pink Shrek” and said, “wow, it’s a mama! Just like Mama!”

14. Sweet Secrets

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A user said, “My 3.5-year-old whispers, “You want to know a secret?…. I love you.” Just wow. 

15. Small Things, Big Emotions

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A user said, “I’m 32 weeks pregnant, and yesterday she got herself and me a cup of water, found fun colored straws, and served me on the couch. I was in tears because she not only got herself a cup but thought of me too.”


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