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12 Moms Share the First Thing They Said to Their Sweet Babies

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The journey of communication between a mother and her baby is a distinctive and personal experience for every woman. Some mothers initiate conversations with their little ones as soon as the pregnancy test reveals those two lines, while others may opt to wait a few months before direct interaction. Additionally, there are those who choose to reserve their first words for the special moment they cradle their newborn in their arms.

On an online forum, mothers openly shared the first words they spoke to their babies, offering a peek into a world of heartwarming and often amusing initial interactions. Let’s dive into these touching and humorous moments!

1. Sorry

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One mom tells the community a heartbreaking story. She was 11 weeks pregnant with her baby when suddenly she started bleeding. As she thought she had lost her baby, she told him “Sorry that I failed you”.

Fortunately, it turned out she didn’t miscarry, and her baby was actually alive. Thus, after that, she reassured her little boy with these gentle words: “Don’t worry we will survive this, I love you.”

2. How Do We Tell Your Dad

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Another mom didn’t wait too long to talk to her baby. Right after she saw that the pregnancy test was positive, she said the following: “Well okay then. Now how are we gonna tell your dad?” – Needless to say, the baby was not planned!

3. Don’t Make Me Puke

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Experiencing morning sickness during the first trimester can be incredibly challenging for pregnant women. Desperately seeking relief from persistent nausea and vomiting, one mom-to-be was asking for mercy from her baby. She said, “Don’t make me puke again, little one!”

4. Not Today

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Another pregnant woman had a quite similar experience. Struggling with the unwanted symptoms of pregnancy, her initial words were the following: “Not today; we have things to do so we can’t be throwing up in the grocery store parking lot.”

5. I Love You

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One mom shares an adorable story. She was already 3 months pregnant when she found out she was pregnant. She started crying, then immediately told her bundle of joy, “I love you so much.”

6. Not Another Set of Twins

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After having twins in a previous pregnancy, a mom had something hilarious to say when she discovered she was pregnant again: “There better just be one of you in there this time.”

7. You Are Loved

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One mother-to-be explains that the very first words to her baby occurred in a terrifying moment. A few days before her first ultrasound she began bleeding very heavily. Being afraid of losing the baby, she repeated these affirmations: “You are loved, you are protected, you are wanted, you are happy, you are healthy, you are growing.” It seems that these positive affirmations helped as in the end the baby was just fine.

8. Hi, Baby

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Someone writes, “I think the first thing I ever said to my bump was “hi, baby.” The first thing I said to him in “the real world” when he was born was “HOLY SH**” because the sensation of him flying out of me was so wild.”

9. Be Nicer Than Your Sister

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A mother-of-two shares the first things she said to her babies. While to her first child she whispered gently “Hi, I’m your mama and I already love you” to the second one she said something much more practical. Her surprising first words were these: “You better be nicer than your sister.”

10. You Are So Pretty

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In the eyes of a mother, her own baby is the most beautiful thing in the entire world. Nothing proves this better than this mom’s first manifestation to her little one: “Omg you are so pretty.” She explains why she told this first to her baby boy: “Because he was and still is the most pretty boy I have ever seen in my life. And I know all babies are beautiful but I swear, ours came out of the belly like he was 2 weeks old, perfectly pink and so so so cute, with his eyes full open and a perfect blond little head. And I was expecting a wrinkled greenish blob, but no.”

11. Please Stop

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Baby kicks during pregnancy can be both adorable and exhausting. However, one expectant mother has been clearly fatigued from internal kicks when she expressed her wish to her child with these two simple words: “Please stop.”

12. Get Out Of My Body

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A person writes, “The first thing I said to my baby, like actually directly to my baby, was when I gave the final push after like 5 hours of pushing, I shouted in frustration “GET OUT OF MY BODY” and the boy shot right outta me.”


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