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So Simples They’re Dumb Not to Use- 17 Things That Make Life Easier

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In the course of our daily routines, we often come across a multitude of meticulously crafted innovations aimed at improving our comfort and ensuring our safety. These advancements not only benefit us individually but also extend their impact to those around us. Yet, within our societal framework, a distinct subset of individuals deliberately opts to eschew these progressions, whether due to a lack of awareness or a deliberate act of resistance. The motivations behind these choices vary widely, sometimes diverging from rational decision-making practices.

An online forum user asked, “What are people stupid for not using?”

1. Sunscreen

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It’s simple–the sun hurts your skin. You need protection.

An online user says sunscreen “Is the #1 way to combat aging [is to] start daily wear early enough in life. No amount of injectables or plastic surgery can fix sun damage better than sunscreen can prevent it on the front end.”

Another adds, “As someone constantly battling skin cancer, I agree.”

Grab a tub, Penelope.

2. The Library

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Libraries are grossly underrated. One user shares, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.”

Someone adds, “(The library was) my saving grace on rainy Saturdays as a kid. Got dropped off at the “liberry” and spent hours there.”

A user says, “Libraries are also a good place to find resources for assistance. Ours even has a social worker who can help folks get connected.”

It’s an easy way to have fun and get smart while at it.

3. Car Signals

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Few things are as annoying in motoring as driving behind a driver who doesn’t use their signals.

A contributor says, “It’s a turn signal! It’s right in the name! You’re ‘signaling’ information that isn’t clear through normal observation. Once you’re turning, I kinda know the information then.”

A clearly irate motorist adds, “The piece of s*** who turns it on AFTER turning into the turn lane can burn in the fiery pits of he**.”

It’s a signal; how else are we supposed to know your next move?

4. Sunglasses

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A user says, “This (sunglasses) is the easiest thing to prevent macular degeneration you can do!”

Someone bemoans, “I’ve started wearing exclusively UV-protected glasses and sunglasses over the past decade, but I’m secretly terrified I did too much damage in the 30 years before then.”

Protect yourself and look cool while at it? Sign me up!

5. Dashcams

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Accidents happen fast, and no one ever wants to claim liability.

An online user advises, “Get proof. Whether it’s to clear your name or report a menace to society.”

Someone shares, “I’ve lost literally everything I owned and become incredibly bitter towards society and police for an event that a dash cam would have saved me in.”

6. Back-up/Cloud Storage

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Technology has moved us from spring files to cloud storage, but are people using it as much as they should?

A user says, “A relative lost 3 years of memories recently.” They hadn’t backed it up in the cloud.

A user who recovered hundreds of photos they thought were lost advised, “So yeah, back up your s***, people!”

7. Dental Floss

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Do you floss often?

A commenter says, “If you don’t floss often, go floss right now and then smell your dental floss. All that stank was on your teeth!”

One reader who didn’t floss regularly adds, “I currently have gingivitis and had multiple cavities before I was ten. I completely support this (flossing).”

Only floss the teeth you want to keep.

8. Bidets

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As far as hygiene goes, bidets are little superheroes.

A commenter says, “(The bidet is the) greatest invention of humankind, right up there with fire, agriculture, the steam engine, and ChatGPT.”

“This one, for real. I developed an IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), and it (the bidet), quite literally, saved my a**).”

9. Helmets

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If you can’t avoid activities that could crack your skull, having a helmet on would be a good idea.

“I went to school with a guy who wouldn’t wear a helmet when we all went longboarding. Said he didn’t like the way it felt. Leaving out the gory details, he is close to forty, and his mom and various CNAs help feed, dress, bathe, and toilet him now.” An online user shared.

10. The Internet

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A user comments, “Some i***ts just don’t think before they ask questions ONLINE. Use your resources.”

“Those people constantly on social media asking questions that they could google the answer for…stop it. You obviously can access the internet.”Another user adds.

Make Google your friend.

11. Seatbelts

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Seatbelts save lives.

A user narrates, “You can’t give me a single good reason as to why you should be driving around with no seat belt. After losing a very good friend in a car accident that could have been prevented if he had just been wearing his seat belt, this is a hill that I am willing to die on.”

12. Restaurant Apps

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Did you know having a restaurant app helps you order ahead, customize your orders, and gives you rewards and deals? An online user shared that information.

Another user says, “The app for (a certain restaurant) moves the line faster to order ahead of time, say you’re there, and just drive on through.”

Someone adds, “If you’re going to eat at (a popular restaurant), their app ALWAYS offers 30% off every order. I haven’t paid full price in years, plus the free food rewards rack up so quickly.”

Now you know.

13. Taking Vacation Time

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Some people find it honorable not to take any time off for some reason. Yet it’s an important part of self-care- and why not? Even if it’s a staycation, take it and don’t let your employer make you feel guilty.

14. Protection

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This is such a simple solution to preventing life-changing consequences!

15. Libby or Hoopla

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Someone writes, “Why buy an ebook on kindle, when you can get the same book from a digital library that only requires you to have a library card.” Good to know!

16. Free Tax Software

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A man shares, “All the alternatives to TurboTax that are both cheaper and sometimes even free.” One viable option mentioned was Free Tax USA. Apparently they’re just as good, if not better- and FREE.

17. Food Stamps

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It’s common for people to feel like it’s a failure to accept food stamps or other benefits. Someone writes that actual reality, “If you qualify than you aren’t taking from someone who needs it you ARE a person who needs it.”


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