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First World Problems: 15 Mild Inconveniences That People Absolutely Hate

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We can all agree that many of the things that we find annoying in the Western world are pretty laughable. Yet, that doesn’t keep us from getting annoyed when we face certain inconveniences (it’s human nature). In reality, of course, we are blessed to have such problems.

A Redditor asks, “What mildly inconvenient thing annoys you?” The answers are pretty hilarious and relatable. Keep reading to see what the community said.

1. Dropping Things (And Having to Pick Them Back Up)

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“When I drop something small onto the floor and have to pick it up. I’ve completely turned into my father. I usually roll my eyes, sigh as I bend down to pick it up, and then growl angrily when it takes a couple of tries to actually pick it up.” Says one user.

2. Dropping Things

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We’ve all been there. Other Redditors share that they also grunt when they have to get up from bending over, sitting down, out of a car, etc. They admit it’s not overly hard, just super annoying to have to bend over.

3. Hand-Washing

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When did hand washing get so complicated with automatic everything? “When a motion sensor sink turns off before I’m done with it.” Says one community member. The same goes for automatic toilets flushing mid-pee, rogue soap and stubborn paper towel dispensers.

4. Hand-Washing

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Additionally, some people can’t even get started with good hygiene. “I can’t even get those stupid sensor sinks to work I’m not joking. It’s like it doesn’t read that I’m there. I can wave my hand in front of it every which way and 9 times out of 10 it literally will not work.”

5. Wet Arms

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One user writes, “Washing your face in the bathroom sink and the water trickling down your arms towards your elbows.” This is especially true when a long-sleeved shirt gets wet or runs down a sweatshirt arm. Ug.

6. Wet Arms

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Other Redditors agreed that wet arms such, but that washing the face is a whole other annoyance. “I can’t wash my face over the sink without literally flooding my entire bathroom counter. and soaking my shirt. Noxema and Neutrogena commercials lied to me about how easy and fun it is to wash my face. WRONG.”

7. A Low Battery

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“Charging your phone and sleeping then find out that it wasn’t charging overnight and it’s about to die.” The worst!

8. A Low Battery

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One user recommends always having a power bank for times like these. However, other Redditors say they forget to charge those, too. Doh!

9. Getting Tangled

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“Getting wired earphones caught on a handle and having them ripped out of your head. I instantly rage.” I guess this is why wireless headphones are so popular these days?

10. Getting Tangled

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In addition to headphones, another user shares, “same with some loose piece of clothing that get catched by a handle.”

11. Self Checkout

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Who hasn’t been traumatized by the self-checkout lane? “Please remove item from the basket, please add item to the basket, please wait for assistance.” Says one user. So true- and annoying.

12. Self Checkout

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Many Redditors go on the share all of the possible interactions to be had with self-checkout stations. With many reporting, they can hear the voice of the strict lady in their ear.

13. Ads Everywhere

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“Having to wait 3 extra seconds for YouTube ads everytime I want to watch a 30 second video.” Those three seconds can feel like a lifetime.

14. Ads Everywhere

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“Even worse when it’s two 15 second unskippable ads.” Share another. Seriously.

15. Just Sitting Down

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“Leaving something in the other room and remember I need it after I sit down.” Say one user. The question is, is it worth getting back up for?

16. Just Sitting Down

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Similarly, another user shares: “sitting down and your drink/remote/phone etc. is just slightly out of reach so you have to stand up again.”

17. Slow Walking and Stopping

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“Slow walkers and people who stop walking in the middle of a crowded area and don’t move despite people being behind them. Head to a wall or seat and check your phone there, don’t just stop walking in the middle of a crowd.” Says one writer. Many people agree and note the worst spot for this is in a busy grocery store.

18. Slow Walking and Stopping

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Many people agree and note the worst spot for this is in a busy grocery store. “Its like everyone is [out] of their f***ing minds. No one has any peripheral vision and has the same thousand yard stare standing in the middle of the aisle trying pick out what cereal they want.” So true.

19. Being Too Nice

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“People who are so polite that they are rude. If we come to a four-way stop take your f***ing right of way and quit waving at me you p***k! Everyone is waiting now, because you fancy yourself a nice guy.” Just follow right of way rules and move on!

20. Being Too Nice

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“This. literally see this everyday with people who are sitting at a 4-way stop waving people through and completely confusing everybody else because they didn’t go their turn.” Shares another user. Just know the rules, and carry on.

21. A Half-Stuffed Nose

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“Having nasal congestion in one side of my nose and not the other.” Seriously, what’s up with that?

22. A Half-Stuffed Nose

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Some people respond that at least they’re not completely stuffed, prompting a Redditor to say: “That’s what makes it “mildly inconvenient” instead of super frustrating.”

23. Slow Checkouts

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“Getting in the wrong (slowest) checkout line.” Says one user. Sometimes its hard to tell which one will move quicker until its too late.

24. Slow Checkout

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“I ALWAYS get in the line where someone wants to pay in change, needs to cash a check or doesn’t know how to use a card reader. Every. Time.”

25. I Can’t Hear You

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This is a common situation with my 4-year-old. “When someone tries to talk to you when your in another part of the house and there’s not a chance in h*** you can make out what they are say, so you have to scream “I can’t hear you” at which point they proceed to repeat themselves at the exact same volume and you’re expected to suddenly be able to hear it. Usually by this point you’re the one that has to stop whatever you’re doing to go find them to ask [what] they are saying.”

26. I Can’t Hear You

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On the other hand, one user shares, “Or when you have bad hearing (like me) and don’t even hear anything. So suddenly the other person storms into the room and yells ”why are you ignoring me??”” Is he doing something wrong when he literally can’t hear? Not really.

27. Dried Sauce

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“When ketchup and other sauce gets rock hard around where sauce comes out the bottle. I have to make sure its clean after I use it every time.” Otherwise, the nasty dried stuff gets in your food!

28. Dried Sauce

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Other users can relate; one shares, “In my family that’s called “smeebage.””

29. Speaker Phones in Public Places

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“People who listen to things in public areas without headphones. PLEASE I do not want to hear whatever sh***y tiktok you’re watching.” People agree that the same goes for having a conversation on speakerphone.

30. Speaker Phones in Public Places

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Another Redditor agrees and shares: “Or playing phone games with the sound on.” Seriously, use headphones or mute that, please.


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